30 Cool Reasons Why Best Friends are Better Than Boyfriend

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One of many things we need is to have a perfect best friend. She can do many, many things that make us consider that she is our lost sister. We can't imagine how our life would turn out to be if we doesn't have one. No boyfriend, no worry. But no best friend is the world's biggest worry. You may fight with them often but there are always Things to Say to Your Best Friend After a Fight. Sometimes she makes you so angry that you think of the Good Ways to Get Revenge on Your Best Friends but all the wreaths are gone when she does the Ways to Get Your Best Friends to Forgive You.

She is just too special and important, and here are the reasons why best friends are better than boyfriend.

1. You Can Tell Her Your Darkest Secret - And she would keep it for herself. When no one understand why you like a guy who is already have someone else, she is the only one does.

2. She Shares Similar Interest with You - He will never get it why you like Harry Styles that much. But your best friend does! She doesn't even mind to go through the night watching his concert with you.

3. You Can Borrow Each Other's Clothes - She's like your second wardrobe and your personal clothing store.

4. She is the Best Shopping Partner - Your boyfriend might look sulk when you shop for hours, but she will shop together with you!

5. She Accept You for Who You Are - No one else might have mind, but she's okay with that.

6. There are Literally No Secret - You can talk anything with her like the size of your breasts and why you have cellulite lines all over your thighs.

7. She Will Never Get Bored with You - Even though you spend hours in silence and say nothing, the company of each other's is enough.

8. She Understand Your Codes - No need to talk, you only need a glance, a wink, or a mention on Instagram. She will understand what you mean.

9. She is Your Best Love Historian - From your first love, your one sided crush, to your dream boy. She memorized them all too well.

10. You Can Badmouth Together - Not only boyfriend, but no other people could do this with us. We are all judging other, but it's more fun when we do it together.

11. Her Compliments are Truth - She told you you look pretty not because she wants you, and she will said you look terrible when you are.

12. All Girls' Thing - It's impossible to get massages at spa together with him, or doing pedicure to each other's feet.

13. She is the Walking Cosmetics Store - Running out of lipsticks? Forget to wear your eyeliner? She got them all in her bags.

14. You Can Be Yourself - Even in front of her parents, you can go crazy as you want. You don't have to impress them as they love you equally.

15. Imagine You Date Her Brothers - She probably be thrilled of the chance you both become real family!

16. Call Her Whenever - She won't be surprised when you appear at her doorstep at midnight. Her home is also yours, right? 

17. She Doesn't Mind with Repetition - You have said you're happy like the 100th time, but amazingly she doesn't get tired at all.

18. She Doesn't Care with Your Face - She probably saved your worst selfie in her phone, and you don't get tired to send her more.

19. You Can Eat As Much As You Want - No need to eat moderately with her. She doesn't care about your scales.

20. Your Fashion Critics - Don't forget to ask about her thoughts whenever you try new clothes. This is why she makes good shopping partner.

21. She's with You Through Ups and Downs - When you are going a rough time with your boyfriend, she is with you all the time.

22. She Knows How You Feel - Always. You don't need to say anything, she knows your deepest heart already.

23. You're Never Offended - No matter how rude you talk, she won't be offended. And vice versa.

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24. She Was There When You're Sick - Who will pull your hair back when you puked hard because of your stomachache? Even more she cooks you porridge to make you feel better.

25. You Get Crazy Together - This is the most fun part. She doesn't mind to help you throwing eggs to your ex's window.

26. She Calls You Crazy - And you told her the same thing. None of you leave each other's side, instead you both are really crazy.

27. You Understand Each Other's - And the most is when you get in your period. She is the only one understand no matter annoying you are, she knows exactly what it feels.

28. Her Lie is for Good - When your boyfriend lies to you, he might cheats. But when your best friend lies, it's for your own good.

29. She Knows When to Stop You - As she is the sole witness of your love history, she will stop you from doing the same mistake.

30. She Never Judge You - For your best to your worst, she doesn't judge you. It's more fun to judge others together.

So those are the reasons why best friends are better than boyfriends. We can live the years without boyfriend but we can't stand a day without our best friends. She is our perfect partner in crime, and probably the best thing we could ever ask for.

You may be amazed of how she is well matched with you, try to check your Zodiac Signs Best Compatibility for once. If you already find your perfect match, keep them well forever. She is probably the only one who knows the Ways to Make Best Friend Feel Better whenever you are down.

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