10 Reasons Why A Taurus Friend is The Best Friend to Have

Last updated on April 4, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Have you ever felt super grateful for having the best friend ever in the whole world? Sure, all signs have its own positive and negative qualities, but your best friend is most likely a Taurus. Here are 10 reasons why a Taurus friend is the best friend to have!

1. Taurus will give you good advice

In times of trouble, you can call Taurus for some advice. Taurus is known for being practical, systematical and full of common sense most of the times, so they will not beat around the bush in giving advice. Taurus are able to separate rational and emotional thoughts, and they can channel both when it comes to problem solving.

2. Taurus are loyal

It's astrologically-proven and well-known that Taurus is the most loyal zodiac sign. It will take some time for a Taurus to trust you, but once they do they can be your ride or die through thick and thin. Taurus will have your back and protect you when they considered you as an important person in their life. They will prioritize you and spare their time for you, but do remember that sometimes Taurus also needs their personal space and some "me time".

3. Taurus are reliable

If you're important for a Taurus, they will be there ready to help you when you're in a difficult situation. Ready to save you, Taurus is a friend you can count on to be dependable. Hey, here's for more about Reasons Why A Taurus Has The Strongest Love in The Zodiac

If Taurus agrees to help you, you do not need to worry because Taurus will do exactly what they say. Not only to help you, you can also rely on a Taurus to be a good listener, keep your secret and never reveal it.

4. Taurus have a good taste

Looking for a new music to listen to? Ask a Taurus. Looking for some good food in town? Ask a Taurus. From music, to shopping guides, to various type of cuisine, you can always rely on Taurus to provide you with good recommendations. Hey, here's for more about Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Taurus Friend in Life

Like a walking curator, Taurus' taste is suitable for many people most of the times. It is no wonder that people loves hanging out with Taurus and befriend them.

5. Taurus are honest

They will not be the kind of friend that stabs you behind your back, cause they will speak their mind to you honestly. It is proven that Taurus are usually straightforward and they will say what you need to hear right in front of your face. Some people might get hurt by Taurus' bluntness, but most of their friends appreciate this kind of honesty. Hey, here's for more about How to Get a Taurus Man Make a Decision

6. Taurus are supportive

Taurus would like to succeed, and they would like their loved ones to succeed too. They tend to be persistent and never gives up on achieving their goal, so there's something that you can learn from them. If you're feeling pessimistic or down, Taurus will be there to motivate you and believe in you.

7. Taurus will forgive and forget

Taurus don't usually hold their grudges, so they can get mad at you like crazy, but forgive and forget right away when you sincerely apologize. Hey, here's for more about How to Make A Taurus Man Chase After You

Do be careful though, cause every time you do the same mistake, Taurus can pushed you further away from their circle and consider you less of a best friend. Indeed, that's the reasons why a Taurus friend is the best friend to have. 

8. Taurus have a great sense of humour

Another reason why a Taurus is the best friend to have, is because they have a great sense of humour. Taurus have no problems laughing at others or even joking about themselves. They know when the timing is right to launch a good joke, and their joke can be understood by everyone. With this positive vibe, friends can have fun doing anything with a Taurus.

9. Taurus are kind

Taurus are always ready to provide you with unwavering support, and they will not judge you for being who you are. They are genuinely kind and they won't fake anything, as long as you don't take advantage of their kindness. Having Taurus in your group of friend could also feel like having a mom-friend, in a good way, since Taurus are protective and nurturing.

10. Taurus are stubborn

Though this might sound like a negative trait, this could also means that Taurus will never change their mind about you. If Taurus consider you worthy of their time, if they can trust you, or if they consider you as important, Taurus will be committed and you can feel safe & secure no matter what everyone says about you.

Those are 10 reasons why a Taurus is the best friend to have! If you don't have any Taurus friend, you can try looking for one cause your life is bound to be happier! If you have a Taurus friend, do value them and never let them go!

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