How To Say Prevent Someone From Doing Something ?

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In our life, we are always faced with a choice, whether it's a small choice or a large choice. However, sometimes there is someone who makes the wrong decision which is actually a bad decision in their life. Therefore we as someone who knows about it and we are instructed to prevent it by reprimanding or advising him/her to not to do that. However, not everyone can accept the advice that we give to him/her, so speaking must have the art to be heard and loved by the listener, and also after that our advice and reprimand can be contemplated and can also be applied directly to the listener.

1. Reprimand someone in a polite and gentle manner

If we reprimand someone who uses good and polite words, we must position ourselves if we are in the position of someone we are talking to. When we reprimand him with courtesy or in a gentle tone then the person will respect what we say and not underestimate it. Do not use harsh words or shout at them, because this will not improve the atmosphere, but will worsen it is.

2.  Just focus on the issue being discussed

Reprimanding someone must focus only on the problem being discussed. Do not reprimand him by associating something he has done or mistakes in his past. Of course, this will not provide a solution to the person but will create new problems in his/her life and clearly exacerbate existing his/her problems.

3. Only speak privately with him/her

It is better to talk to someone who you want to reprimand privately, without anyone else knowing about it because it is possible that the thing you are talking about is confidential and that person does not want to be known by many people. Talking privately can also make the person we want to talk feel more relaxed and also more open with you.

4. No intention to patronize

When you rebuke someone because he/she wants to do something bad, it doesn't seem to patronize that person. It will not be heard by him, they will be indifferent and will not do what you say. Behave like a friend who reprimands his friend, no demeaning attitude because demeaning is annoying behavior and don't forget to always listen to the arguments they say after you advise them. Throw away patronizing because it will not help anything.

5. Don't make the person you are talking to hurt

Reprimanding someone only aims to remind the person that the thing he wants to do is the wrong thing. Therefore do not make the person you rebuke hurt with the words you say when advising or reprimanding them. Avoid words or sensitive things that can make them hurt do some good words to make everything good.

6. Convey briefly and sweetly

Talk briefly and don't make too much chit chat that wastes too much of your time and that person. It may be that the person you advise is not too fond of chit chat, give them plenty of free time after you give advice so they can reflect on what will happen if they do that. Besides, don't forget to speak in a soft and sweet tone, so that the person doesn't feel like being shouted at or under pressure.

7. Don't make the person you are talking to under pressure.

Speak well or in a friendly tone. Ask him what motivated him to do that. Don't immediately blame what he will do by putting him under pressure. If you do that you will make him feel more guilty and more aroused his desire to do things that are not good for themselves. Try to change the tone or way of speaking not to blame what he will do but Replace the words like "don't do it" with finer words like "if you do that, you already know what you're getting as a consequence?"

8. Not force the will

Never force the will of the person you are advising. Your job is only to advise him not to do things that can harm themselves or others. If they are still stubborn to do what they want, do not force their will, because you have tried as much as you can. The most important thing is that we know something is not good and we still want to reprimand it if we just keep quiet and don't do anything. It is a stupid act that can be detrimental to yourself.

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