This Is How To Make A Girl Hate You Without Being Mean And Impolite

Last updated on June 6, 2022 by Michelle Devani

There are unlimited and good reasons why you need or want to draw yourself from specific people includes girls. You might feel awkward being too close to girls or simply there are just too many girls in your life. Or, you don’t like specific girl and you want to avoid meeting her but doesn’t want to be mean.

If you are a boy or anyone who recently doesn’t feel necessary to be around girls and wants them hate you without being mean, you can try some of these ways how to make a girl hate you without being mean.


1. Being Too Chatty

Assuming that you are a boy, a girl will hate you if you are being too chatty while on texts or on a date. You can try this if you will have a date with her. Try to talk about most things and act very excited about yourself but ignore her interests. You can just say ‘oh’ and ‘hmm’ when she talks about her life and show that you are bored. This is not mean because you keep excited to go with her but you are just full of yourself.

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2. Flirt To Her And All Her Friends

flirt to her and all her friends

Girls would feel special if someone flirt to them but they will hate it knowing that they’re not the one. You can do this by starting to flirt her and all of her friends with exactly same gesture, same texts, same scenarios, everything. This of course counts as “without being mean” because obviously you flirt them not curse them.

But it also means that you might be hated by her and all of her friends too. If this is your intention to avoid them all then do it.

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3. Never Smile To Her

Smiling adds almost 90 percent prettiness of your look, so never smile to her and even laugh with her. You will never hurt anyone’s feeling but this step is good start to make any girl hates you because you seem like you don’t care about anything and anyone and mostly her.

4. Never Start A Conversation

Once good conversation starts people will be engaged to a closer relationship with each other. The more you have convos the more you know about someone else. Chances are girl will hate you if you never start a conversation with her because you seem like you have no interest of doing so.

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5. Avoid Eye Contact

Eye contact even the slightest one is the beginning of a person to person relationship and it leads to speculation that the one who first make an eye contact likes the other. To conclude, avoid make an eye contact to any girl so they’ll think you are on your own world ignoring girls. And that makes them eventually hate you. 

6. Don’t Shower Or Take Bath

Girls love smell good boys or at least the ones who take a bath regularly. However in this case, if you want to make a girl hate you then don’t appear that sleek, or don’t smell like flowers, don’t shower so your body leaves ‘get off’ fragrance everywhere. Do it at your own risk anyway.

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7. Never Ask Her Number

never ask her number

In this era of massive internet communication, a phone number is essential for anyone who will keep updated with others people life. Girl likes being asked for her name, hobby, and phone number. It means that she is interesting. So if you had already spoke to her or knew her but never ask her number, it will absolutely make her hate you because she will think she’s not worth your attention. 

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8. Grow Long Ugly And Dirty Nails

Yuuuuuuuck! This is maybe only one small thing to consider but for real this plays big role to turn a girl off by just having a long nasty, I mean yellowish and ugly long nails. Ew...bye girls. But maybe not only girls hate you.

So basically those are things you can try to make a girl hates you without being mean. Well, avoid her has already being mean but anyway you must have reasons. Some tips to remember are added here so that you don’t get too many people leave you because you are just that bad.

First, know your place. Avoiding certain people or girls are fine but when it comes to close family member or your bosses you better keep your respectful eyes towards them. Second, don’t get too comfortable doing some nasty scenarios such as growing long dirty nails and rarely taking a bath.

These two are worst. Remember you only want to appear like that for some people. Last but not least, know the limit. You want a certain people hate you without being mean. This means when the people are getting mean to you, you need to stop. You can explain the truth or you can draw yourself from them to avoid wars.

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