Ways To Breakup Someone Else’s Relationship (23 Sneaky Ways To Break Up A Couple)

Last updated on May 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you looking for ways to break up someone else’s relationship?

Although some people would suggest this is unethical, perhaps you believe that “all is fair in love and war”. That’s a popular cliche for a reason, right?

Maybe you believe it’s the best for both parties - or perhaps it’s just the best for you?

Either way, I have compiled a list of ideas to help you tear apart a loving couple. 

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But what if both partners have been as good as gold? Well, there are still plenty of filthy ways to drive them apart. Scroll down for my list of other ideas.


23 Ways To Break Up A Couple

Have you ever felt the need to end someone else’s relationship for one reason or the other? What prompted the desire to want to break a seemingly good relationship? Motive and purpose are two major factors to consider when embarking on a mission to make a couple end their relationship. 

Are you in love with the guy and want him all to yourself? Is the guy your friend’s boyfriend and you discover him cheating on her? The case might even be a big deal involving abuse and violence. Whatever the case may be, you need to proceed with caution to remain blameless when everything eventually falls apart.

If the scenario is that you are in love with the guy, then you need to be extra careful about how you break up a couple who like each other. Even if these people are having issues in their relationship, it is still necessary to make sure you apply caution, else, the whole plan will blow up in your face.

If the case is one of abuse, there is a need for double caution and your friend could be in danger if you’re not careful about the way you go about things. Regardless of what the situation is like, arming yourself with helpful tips for ways to break up someone else’s relationship will make your quest successful with little or no repercussions. Read on to get these helpful tips.

1. Before you proceed with your mission, ask yourself if it will be worth it

before you proceed with your mission, ask yourself if it will be worth it

Stepping into someone else’s relationship to break it up is a serious thing, and other people will call it pure spite. However, as bad as it sounds, your reasons for trying to break up a couple might be noble.

Your noble intention could be to help the guy you’re in love with escape a bad relationship. If his current girlfriend is doing things that are hurting him, you may feel the need to help him out. However, you should note that what you consider noble might not be what the guy wants at this time. 

If you keep in mind that despite your good intentions your plan might not work, you would be prepared for whatever the outcome may be and tell yourself it was worth the try.

2. Is breaking up the couple the right thing to do

This is another question you should ask yourself, before trying to break up a couple. For example, what is the couple’s state of mind? Is the guy going through something that will make him feel worse if he has to deal with a breakup too?

If you truly want the best for him, you will be patient before causing turmoil in the relationship. Also, if your motive for wanting to break up the relationship isn’t so good, you might want to leave these people alone.

3. There is a possibility that someone is lying

In almost every relationship, someone is hiding something and that’s one of the ways to make a couple break up. It doesn’t matter who is lying because the moment the element of dishonesty creeps into a relationship, it starts to crumble.

Figure out who is hiding what and use the lie to sow a seed of doubt in the other party’s mind. Make them feel like they can’t trust each other anymore. However, if there is a case of abuse or violence, you may want to go about it differently. Exposing one party to the other might not be the best option in this situation. 

4. Make one or both people trust you

If you are to succeed and break up the relationship, you need to gain the trust of one of them. You can gain their trust by becoming friends with them and doing things friends do.

It may take a while to build trust but, if the guy is worth the time you will invest in the relationship, you should exercise the necessary patience. 

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5. After you’ve gained their trust, have them confide in you

after you've gain their trust, have them confide in you

When you have succeeded in gaining their trust, make the next move which is to let them reveal some information to you. The information may or may not carry much weight but, it will give them the impression that they are unburdening their minds to someone they can trust. 

Mind you, you might not have the privilege of gaining the trust of both people. The person you want to target the most is the girlfriend because you don’t want to put yourself in a suspicious light by getting too chummy with the guy.

6. Avoid becoming too familiar with either of them to prevent suspicions

That you are friends with either or both of them doesn’t mean you’ll carelessly relate with them. While trying to make the lady break up with her boyfriend, don’t lose yourself and get too close to the guy. At the beginning of the process, share your time with them equally to avoid raising suspicion in the mind of the girl. 

7. Indirectly involve yourself in activities that they do together

It will be a good idea to be available in their lives as much as possible. If they are an outgoing couple, they will want to hang out with friends, especially if they have been dating for a long time. Make sure you’re one of such good friends they want to hang out with. 

To make your plan look solid, show up with a date almost every time. That way, neither of them will feel you have any negative intentions against them. Even after all is said and done, no one will ever suspect your involvement.

8. Have a ‘personal hangout time’ with the both of them

While hanging with them as a couple is good, you won’t be able to cast doubts over their relationship or break them up if you’re always seeing them at the same time. You need to get each of them alone once in a while and start working on them.

Have a girl’s timeout with the woman and start getting into her head about how men can be untrustworthy. Use the story of an ex or come up with a fake one so she’ll start thinking about whether her boyfriend can do the same thing to her. People become gullible when you sow seeds of fear into their minds. 

9. Act like you’re happy, and supporting their relationship

Whenever you can get the guy alone, probably over a coffee break, make sure you let him know how supportive of the relationship you are. Exaggerate a bit on how much you envy their love and see if he’ll spill the beans about what’s going on.

Do the same thing with the girl and she’ll most likely tell you more than the guy would. When you hang out with both of them at the same time, downplay your act and just look happy for them.

10. Introduce a new woman to him or, use an ex to make the girlfriend jealous. 

This particular tip is tricky because you can’t make it obvious that you want them to break up. Introduce to the guy or the couple, a lady who has the attributes the guy looks for in a woman. If the guy is abusive and you’re trying to get your friend free of him, this might be the best way to do so. If your friend is not too far gone on him, she should use the opportunity to leave the relationship fair and square. 

11. Groom yourself in a way that you’ll be the best choice for the guy of your dreams

groom yourself in a way that you'll be the best choice for the guy of your dreams

If your major goal is to make the guy like you after the breakup, you need to make yourself look like the better option. Groom yourself physically, intellectually and every other that will fascinate things even when he is still dating the other girl. 

As a faithful guy, he probably won’t act on how he feels. But, as soon as the chance presents itself, he might ask you out. In the end, that’s a well-played game that won’t backfire

12. Insert yourself into the holes that the girlfriend refused to fill

If the relationship has become rocky already, there will be lapses you can fill with your presence and gestures. For instance, the girlfriend doesn’t like watching soccer with him, you can show interest in hanging out with him during soccer time.

If both of you love a kind of dish the girlfriend hates, that’s another way to bond with him. By the time the relationship is over and he indicates his interest to date you, he’ll simply feel like it’s the mutual interests that made him like you. 

13. Use their weaknesses against them

If you already know these people to a large extent, you will be aware of their weaknesses and strengths. If the guy gets angry easily, say or do things that will make him annoyed at his girlfriend. If the girl dislikes him not doing what she says, point out some of the things he’s doing behind her back. Pitch them against each other but again, do so in a way that’s not too obvious.

14. Weaken what makes their relationship strong

Every relationship has its strengths, and to break that shield, you need to weaken it bit by bit. Of course, this will take some time, so you need patience and strategy. If their strength is exchanging gifts, the fact that you’ve exploited their weaknesses will limit the way they exchange gifts from then on. Do what you can to break the bond they share and with time, they will break up.

15. Get close to the guy’s mutual friends

Another way to get closer to your mission of breaking up their relationship is to become friends with the guy’s friends. He is your main goal and so, you want to know all you can about him. His friends know him better than you do even if you think you know him well. Becoming their friend will help further your mission.

16. Don’t act needy or desperate

don't act needy or desperate

If you like this guy so much and you’re hurting for him, you will feel the need to be close to him more than a mere friend. However, don’t give in to the desire to act desperate. If you’re patient and follow through with the main plan, he will eventually be yours.

17. Know when to work your plan from a distance

It is true that you need to keep your enemies closer but, to throw them off, you need to work from a distance too. The enemy in this scenario is either the woman who is with the man of your dreams or the guy who is making your friend's life a living hell. You need to keep a distance if you don’t want to reveal your playing cards but that wouldn’t stop you from carrying on with your plans via phone or chats. 

18. Do all you can to create a wedge between the couple while acting as the innocent one

This might sound deceptive but, remember why you’re doing this and you’ll do just fine. You can enlist the help of other friends (without them knowing of course) by putting an idea in their minds. For example, if you see a girlfriend in a restaurant with another guy, ask one of his friends if she may be cheating on her boyfriend. The person will relay the message to the boyfriend. 

19. When the breakup finally happens, don’t be in a hurry to step in as a replacement

Now that you’ve succeeded to break up the relationship, take a step back rather than jump into a relationship with the guy, no matter how desperate you feel. You must be feeling giddy with the prospect of loving him now that the competition is out of the way but, that would be a bad idea. The ex can come back to try to sort things out and, seeing you filling her space so soon will make her suspect what you did. 

20. Act sympathetic to both of them, don’t take sides

If you had grown so close to both of them throughout your plans, your empathy should go both ways, not just to one party. Commiserate with both the guy and the girl to avoid looking insensitive to one party.

You don’t need to overdo things and you can even stay away physically by giving the excuse of trying to be unbiased. Let them know there’s always someone else to start all over with again, even though you’re actively planning on dating the guy.

21. Resist coming up with discussions that involve the ex

When things settle down and you’re filling up space the lady left, let the past stay in the past. The guy might not like you as easily as you want because he’s still getting over the last girl. 

Your new goal would be to help him forget her before he can love you. If that means continuing to act as his friend only, do so until he grows affectionate towards you. Don’t make the mistake of reminding him of what she did or didn’t do, just help him move on.

22. Don’t try to do things the exact way his ex did

don't try to do things the exact way his ex did

He has moved on with you, mission accomplished. Don’t make the same mistakes the ex did. You should remind yourself of all you went through to get him where you wanted him and how things could have been worse if he found out.

You shouldn’t mess things up after all your hard work. Create fresh memories with him, become the better partner his ex couldn’t be and your relationship will be good. 

23. Whatever you do, don’t let either of them know what you did

What you’ve done is not completely good but you did it to make someone else and yourself happy. It will be very bad if your secret is exposed during or immediately after your plan. Probably down the road, the truth will surface but, you should cover your tracks well so you aren’t seen as the bad guy.

Hopefully, he will understand why you did what you did and forgive you. Until then, keep your secrets close to your chest. This is not the time to feel like being open and transparent.


How do you break up a couple secretly?

You can break up a couple without their knowledge by knowing their routines and details about their relationship. You can then use the information you get to cause a breakup. As long as you do all these without them knowing, you will get away with it successfully. 

What is the main cause of relationship breakups?

Breakups occur as a result of distrust. Once trust is broken, it is hard to continue a relationship and stay happy in it. Both parties will feel like the other’s acts are now unpredictable and so, they decide to break up.

How do you break up with someone you're not in a relationship with?

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t in a relationship with this person. If you almost started dating, but suddenly like someone else, you can still break-up with this other guy by telling him things wouldn’t have worked out.

What are the signs when a relationship is over?

One or both parties will stop texting or calling each other and their brief contact will be coincidental. They would want to stay far away from each other because they’d just realize the other person isn’t who they thought they were. 

What is the 3-month rule after the breakup?

The 3-month rule means neither of the separated couples can date until after 3 months have passed. One of the reasons for this is decency; after the broken relationship, both couples show some respect before jumping into another one. Not everyone will follow through but it’s still a common rule.

In Conclusion 

Trying to break up a couple comes with a couple of risks to you and the other people involved. As such, you need to be certain it’s what the situation deserves before you go ahead with your plans. Don’t do it until you’ve weighed the positives and negatives. 

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