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If you have recently dumped a Virgo man or been dumped by him, let me tell you that a change of heart must have occurred within him by now. For you, it is only natural to wonder how to get back Virgo man after break up, especially if he constantly ignores you.

Whether or not you can win him back depends on many aspects, such as your upbringing, personality, and other aspects of your astrological chart. If your man is a typical Virgo in general though, he will likely stick to his decision unless you do some hard personal effort first.

Change is Not Easy for Him

We all know that Virgo is a mutable Earth sign which is capable of sudden change. However, the Earth sign is inherently constant and thus, hard to shift.

They deem everything as stable and static and it does require both effort and work to change even the slightest thing on which a Virgo holds their value. Once change happens, especially the painful change like break up, it is almost impossible to go back to what was. Virgo man knows when it is time to let go and will not bother to waste his energy trying to restore what is gone.

To go back to a relationship after it has ended badly, he will need a convincing reason and a motivation that it can succeed to start afresh.

The Reason Why You Broke Up

To a Virgo man, the reason why the relationship ends matters a lot, because he places a strong value on both loyalty and integrity, so if you ever betrayed his trust or behaved inappropriately, it will not be easy for him to give you second chance.

That is why you need to prove to him that you have learned from your past mistake. Also, you need to make him trust you and earn his respect again. It sure takes time and perseverance, but it will be worth-it. Moreover, you cannot just give up if you truly love him and want to get him back.

If He Dumped You

If he is the one who dumped you, then you have to understand that it was not an easy for him. Virgo man is the loyal type, so he would not give up on the relationship unless the problems were really serious.

Chance is he must have gone through a great deal of pain in the process of letting go of you and severing the attachment. Since he will not likely change his mind on his own accord, then you must want to get him back enough, willing to do what it takes, for as long as it takes. If you cannot commit to it, then it is better to let him go.

If you seriously want to get him back and feel strongly about it, then try to take a moment to examine yourself. Why did he dump you? What was his deal breaker?

Try to change yourself, but not for him. Change yourself to become a better version of you. Show him you can change in ways that make your partnership feasible.

If You Dumped Him

If you are the one who dumped him, then it makes a huge difference. Examine why you dumped him. Was it for another man? He may forgive as long as you are being honest with him, since he values honesty and integrity and not necessarily possessive or jealous.

A Virgo man can even tolerate polyamory if the conditions are right. Things he cannot tolerate are disloyalty and cheating. If you dumped him and want to get him back, you can do it only by raising your integrity. That is why it is important to examine your own motives.

How to Get Him Back

Do not try to approach him while there is still a lump in your throat and hesitation in your heart. Get clear with yourself first. You need a right mind to convince a Virgo man that getting back together would be a good idea.

A Virgo man is indifferent to love appeals and declarations of devotion that he will settle only for integrity. The break up has clearly forced change upon him and he is not the same man he was. Talk to him only when you are ready, look him in the eye, apologize, and explain to him why you dumped him.

When you meet him in person, do not make the mistake of rehearsing what to say to him and creating monologue in your mind for too long. Instead, jump right into the work. Go through it, express your emotions, and admit your mistakes.

So, that is how to get back Virgo man after break up. I hope you find this article helpful.

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