How to Deal with Unstable Girl? Here's What You Need to Do

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Whether we want to start finding a partner or as simple as socializing with the people around us, we will need to know how to communicate with that particular person. For example, we will need to know about frenemy characteristics and how to deal with it.

Of course we will feel just fine once we met someone who has a very cheerful personality. Someone who is friendly and open to new friendship and opinion. But then, it will be harder for us once we met someone who has a very sensitive and emotional personality.

Most people will somehow judge on why someone is having an emotional personality without knowing or trying to get to know what was happening to her. Even though, there are things to know before dating a highly sensitive person that we can learn to get to know a sensitive person better. And if you currently facing the same situation, here are some tips on how to deal with unstable girl.

  • Know her emotional trauma

Every person has different character from one to another. And someone's character is shaped by the environment or events that influence the person. However, to know how to deal with unstable girl, you will need to be able to understand her emotional trauma. You will need to understand on what kind of things or factor that has made her become an unstable girl.

After you know about some factors that may triggered or even causing her emotional state to be unstable, you will need to know about how to get a Capricorn woman to open up emotionally as well. This will help her to build trust with you.

  • Do not ever force her to do something

She can be an unstable girl once she saw the signs of a possessive male friend from you. Someone who is unstable cannot be forced to do or decide something. Because, of course the person has a very sensitive feelings toward something. The only way to help her is to treat her with love gently and firm.

Being firm is not equal with being evil. Know the difference and try to help her with it. The act of being firm is needed because sometime, someone who is unstable tend to do things as what she likes and it can resulting a bad impact for her.

  • Give her the time for herself

Mental health has been one of the main worldwide concerns in the past few years until now. Having a good mental health will help someone to do things more effective and better. And one of the problems that can be generated from a poor mental health is unstable emotional condition.

Someone who has unstable mental condition will find themselves hard to decide something good for themselves. They even can hurt themselves or other people due to this unstable condition. This will surely affect a lot of things within someone's live. Do not add more burden to them, so you will need to know the benefits of being alone for your physical and mental health. Ask her to take sometime alone to treat herself by herself for herself.

  • Ask her to join you to exercise

Do you realize that by doing exercise, it will not only generating a good impact towards our health but also can help us to manage stress better? Exercising is good for out mental health. It teaches us consistency and hard work that we need to do in order to get a result.

There are also some exercise that can help us to focus on stress management such as yoga. Asking her to join yoga is one of the ways to love yourself and be happy with the world. By the time she learns on how to love herself, she will be able to be more mature to decide or do something. She will also be able to get a peace state of mind once she can manage her stress. And slow but sure, she won't be that unstable as what she used to be.

To apply these tips on how to deal with unstable girl firstly, we will need to be really open minded. We need to be open to know and trying to get to know what happened with her before we judge someone based on what we saw only.

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