Frenemy Characteristics and How to Deal with It - You Gotta Watch Out!

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A healthy friendship will definitely give your life a positive boost. You’re surrounded by a circle of people that care about you. Unfortunately, that’s not always true. Your frenemy could be in your circle without you knowing it.

Spotting a frenemy is not always an easy thing. You might get confused because of their changing attitude. But one thing is clear, a frenemy’s goal is to make your life a nightmare. Fear not, here are Frenemy Characteristics and How to Deal with It. Consider this as your guide to know which friend you can fully trust.

1. Displays Jealousy

A frenemy often shows jealousy. Try to pick up the Signs Your Best Friend is Secretly Jealous of You for your own good. Your frenemy may try to hide their jealous nature, but you’ll be able to catch that negative vibe when you’re around them.

When you give them a good news, they will offer you their biggest smile. However, that smile will soon fade away and you’ll notice them being moody for the entire day. Other than that, they may even start to complain about all the bad things in their life to make you feel bad.

2. Backhanded Compliments

A backhanded compliment can be cruel but that’s just how your frenemy likes it. They want to make you feel little and incompetent. Don’t ever expect your frenemy to give you a generous compliment. Why would they, after all you’re secretly their enemy?

3. Spills Your Secrets

So what are other frenemy characteristics? Well, one of the most annoying one is when they spill your secret. It doesn’t matter how big or small the secret is. Your frenemy will tell everyone about it. It’s like an itch that they can’t help but scratch.

While you’re being sad over your exposed secrets, your frenemy is secretly laughing at you. How to deal with it? Simply, stop sharing your deepest secrets to people you don’t fully trust. You can also take the high road with these Ways to Kill Someone with Kindness.

4. Overly Dramatic

In case you notice that one of your friend is being overly dramatic then there’s a huge possibility that they might be your frenemy. The thing is, their dramatic behaviour isn’t funny at all. In fact it’s draining you. There is proof that when someone is dramatic, they’re actually trying to get attention. Your frenemy wants your attention so that they can mess around with your emotions.

5. Fakes Their Support

This one is also a common frenemy characteristics, giving you support when they actually don’t want to. It can be difficult to spot this one, especially if they’re really good at it. So how to deal with it? Listen to your guts. You’ll always be able to know when something just doesn’t feel right.

6. Humiliates You in Public

Watch out for this one because a heartless frenemy will not hesitate to do it to you. They will humiliate you in any way possible. For instance, they might start talking about a mistake that you did the other day. You know that they know how embarrassed it made you feel. But, your frenemy brought it up again in a more public way. According to studies, humiliating someone in public is a form of punishment and a way to discredit a person.

7. Doesn’t Care about Your Feelings

Your frenemy doesn’t care about your feelings and they never will. It sounds sad but that's one of the true Signs that Your Best Friend is a Frenemy. When something bad happens to you, they can’t sympathise. What they will do though is to make it even worse. Your frenemy will blame you or find ways to make you feel like it’s all your fault. Instead of lifting up your spirit, they’ll break you down to pieces.

8. Takes What You Want

Remember when we mentioned that a frenemy is often jealous of you? Well that jealousy will drive them to sabotage you. That’s right, they’re not afraid to ruin your life. They’re eager to take whatever they want from you. Inside their mind, you’re not allowed to have all the nice things. They want to snatch your happiness away at all cost. Here's how you can learn How to Get Revenge on a Frenemy in case you're starting to get sick of them.

9. Manipulates You

Manipulation is also a part of a frenemy characteristics. You don’t just experience manipulation in a romantic relationship, it happens in friendship too. How to deal with it? Have a strong belief in yourself. Your frenemy will try their best to sway you into having the same perspective, which is unhealthy. You have to be able to have your own opinion and trust it.

10. Bossy

A frenemy can be very bossy towards you. They’ll act as if they’re more superior. They want to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong. Whatever you do must be done in their way. Your frenemy wants to have a say in every part of your life even when you know it’s wrong. These are some Ways to Get Revenge on Someone You Hate, that is your bossy frenemy.

How to Deal with Your Frenemy

Here are some helpful tips to help you deal with a frenemy who is out to make your life a misery:

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  1. Ditch them because you don’t need their negativity in your life.
  2. Find new friends that you know you can rely on.
  3. Limit what you share with your frenemy.
  4. Stay calm so you can show them how unbothered you are by what they do.
  5. Refrain from gossiping as you’ll be as bad as your frenemy.
  6. Ignore their advice as they don’t have your best interest.
  7. Respond in straightforward manner.
  8. Pay them less attention.
  9. Avoid going to social events with your frenemy.
  10. Initiate an honest and open conversation with them.

It’s important to remember that a frenemy is still human. They may have a change of heart and start to be a better person. But if you don’t think that it’s possible then let them go as soon as possible.

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