How to Tell Someone You Don't Want to Exchange Christmas Gifts

by Michelle Devani

Christmas definitely is one of the most wait moment every year. There is going to be so many joy, cheer, and blessing all the way. Not only that but when we were kids, probably we would love to exchange Christmas gift either with friends, cousins and other family members. However, you will arrive at that one point when you have no interest to do these stuff. Also check Things to Say to A Girl to Make Her Laugh Over Text

Here are how to tell someone you don't want to exchange Christmas gifts

As time goes by and you grow up, exchange Christmas gifts probably doesn't catch your interest anymore. You know you should be grateful yet nothing can change your feeling about it. The problem is sometimes the only that thinking like that none other than you. For those of you within the same boat and have no idea how to tell someone you don't want to exchange Christmas gifts, here are we come to help you.

1. Start a New Tradition

Often, the most effective way to get your purpose which is how to tell someone you don't want to exchange Christmas gifts across is to be up-front. You should highlight your feeling and appreciation and at last convey your concern. Moreover, you must show how gracious and grateful you are so you can communicate that the most significant isn't the gifts but the moment itself.

2. Give a Reason

How to tell someone you don't want to exchange Christmas gifts? You may feel lighter giving a reason why you’d like to not settle for gifts. Then, explaining, for example, that you just simply don’t have the budget. Otherwise, you won't have a chance to tell that you are not into exchange Christmas gifts anymore.

3. Your Time Is the Gift

Your presence is actually more important rather than presents. The gift of your time might embrace baking cookies together with your young cousins, attending to lunch together with your aunty, vacation looking together with your grandparent, or just setting a phone date, therefore, you'll be able to very catch up.

4. Consider Alternative Plan

If your family is really into exchange gifts and you can’t imagine dropping off the tradition, you can consider the alternative plan. You can suggest asking your family to bring their favorite goods rather than gifts. How to tell someone you don't want to exchange Christmas gifts? Or you can also try to set a family rule, like gifts for teenagers only.

5. Get Charitable

This can be the most heart-warming plan you can do at Christmas. Try to suggest or ask your family member to create a donation to a charity concerning changing the tradition of giving a present. And then, you can also raise them to pay time volunteering with you at a neighborhood bank or charitable organization.

6. Let It Go

Before you are attempting any of the point mentioned above, think about why your family or friends offer you annual gifts. These gifts thing usually give amorously and solely the most effective of intentions in mind and the form of love and bond you create the whole year. To reject exchange the gift might come upon as a refusal of affection or also humiliated and hurt.

7. Give a Handmade Gift

One of the reasons why you don't want to exchange a Christmas gift this year is probably you don't have enough budget to buy some fancy thing. You could try to make your own gift or simply give a handmade good you've created yourself. Also Check How to Tell Your Boyfriend You Don’t Like Something He Does

8. Go On Vacation

How to tell someone you don't want to exchange Christmas gifts? Instead of spending money on gifts, why you don't invite your relatives into a vacation? It is more memorable and there's nothing wrong doing something new this year.

Signs You Should Really Tell You Don't Want to Exchange Christmas Gift This Year

You already know how to tell someone you don't want to exchange Christmas gifts now. So, here are signs you should really tell your friend, family or other relatives that you don't want to exchange Christmas gift this year. Also check How to Tell Someone You Don’t Want to Be in a Serious Relationship

1. You Are Not Interested

As a grown-up, you might don't think exchange Christmas gift interest you anymore.

2. You Don't Have Budget

If you don't have enough budget to buy gifts for the exchange, you also need to tell your family and friends.

3. You Have Priority

Sometimes, it is not because you don't have money to buy the gift but you have something more important to buy.

4. You Want to Do Something Else

You realize that there is more than exchange Christmas gift to do. You want to do something else that is why you should tell your family and friends about it.

More Tips on Exchange Christmas Gift

If you want to insist to do exchange gift for Christmas this year, here are more useful tips for you. You can check this too How to Tell Someone You Don’t Want to Be in A Relationship Anymore

1. Buy Unique Stuff

You can make your relatives happy by giving them unique stuff.

2. Don't Focus on Fancy Thing

You might too focus on buying the fancy thing for the gift. But that's quite wrong since your friend will feeling grateful whatever your gift is when you give it to them sincerely.

3. Fit in Your Budget

This is important for you to note. Do buy a thing that fits in your budget. Even though you want to somehow surprise and impress them, you should also think your own needs.

4. Give Something You've Never Give

If you already give something in last year, probably it is not a good idea to buy the same stuff for this year.

5. Make Your Own Thing

If you want to make it memorable, you can try by make your own thing as a gift. Check this also Best Ways to Tell Boyfriend You’re Unexpectedly Pregnant

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