7 Tips On How To Have A Difficult Conversation With An Employee About Hygiene

Last updated on February 8, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Sometimes an employer find problems on how to have a difficult conversation with an employee about hygiene. This is because hygiene might not important for some people. But, it is actually a big thing in a company, mainly in food service or industry. This hard conversation is the same way about how to tell your boss you don't want to be a manager anymore. Therefore, it is important to know how to manage this issue and tell this matter to all employee. If this sound similar with your problem, it might the right time for you to check on below tips of how to have a difficult conversation with an employee about hygiene.

Tips to Have A Conversation About Hygiene

There are several useful tips on how to have a difficult conversation with an employee about hygiene. Below are several listed tips.

1. Seek Permission

Always ask for their permission, whether it is the right time or not. You may consider to delay if he or she is very busy at work or having some other problems. Wait until they are comfortable enough to talk. Therefore, they also will feel better.

2. Start With Soft Entry

Make sure to start with a soft entry to bring a good and positive feeling or response. This might be the same approach with what to do when your boss is not happy with you. To start with a soft entry will have a good start of conversation. Therefore, it is your best next movement when they ready to listen to you.

3. Make It Simple

The next step on how to have a difficult conversation with an employee about hygiene is by making the way is as simple as it could be. Therefore, they will easy to understand your meaning and can catch your expectation.

4. Straight Forward

Other ways is by talk to them straight forward and not to say many excuse before going to the conversation core. Make sure to tell them straight away that they need to be more concern about hygiene. Therefore, they can directly understand the point of this conversation. No need to talk many words to enter the conversation. The same way as acting on what to do when your boss releases his inner toddler.

5. Inform The Impact

It also a good way to inform them the impact of being hygiene. Make sure to tell them the positive impact. So that they can understand how important is this matter and how this can help to change their life too. A good impact to the employee usually will lead them to think about concerning it. Therefore, it is a good point to mention.

6. Ask For Ideas

It also good to ask the employee on any idea to support with this request. Therefore, they will feel involved in your expectation and feel important too. This might lead them feel more positive and agree with your ask. The same positive feeling to get when trying on ways to have a good conversation with a girl.

7. Tell Rewards

Other ideas is by telling them that there are any rewards for the employee who successfully keep an optimum hygiene everyday. This can help to motivate them to change the habit and start to follow your expectation. Some people need a trigger to perform something.

Recommendation When Have A Conversation About Hygiene

There are several recommendations for those that having their first time talking about the issue with his employee. Make sure to follow below tricks:

  • Always stare your employee eyes when talking to show respect. Therefore, they can respect you either.
  • Keep the tone of your voice to make your employee feel comfort along the conversation. This also will help them focus on the main issue of hygiene.
  • Watch your employe gesture when talking about the issue and try to dig more, whether they will able to do your request or not.
  • Make sure to be a good example first so that they wouldn't feedback you with negative words. This last tricks is important, since most of the employee will refer to their boss.

Those all several tips and recommendation on how to have a difficult conversation with an employee about hygiene. It is never an easy thing to ask people change their habit or to ask them do something different. Such as a matter of how to tell someone they smell without hurting their feelings. But, it is an important step to perform if needs to make any change. Therefore, do not feel hesitate and plan the conversation properly.

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