20 Smart Ways to Have a Good Conversation With A Girl

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Some people are a natural when it comes to conversing with other people, while others find it hard to maintain a good conversation, especially with the opposite gender. That means talking to girls for you guys out there. Before you dive into these different ways to have a good conversation with a girl, you may want to be aware of the ultimate Signs a Woman is Interested in Me.

These Are Fourteen Ways to Have a Good Conversation With A Girl

Let's check out the best ways to have a good conversation with a girl here!

  1. Don’t Bore Her

The first and main ways to have a good conversation with a girl is to not bore her. One way to ensure this is by paying attention to her countenance and body language. If her eyes seem to wander elsewhere instead of being fixed on you, it’s a sign that she’s not interested in whatever you’re talking about.

  1. Find Out What She’s Interested In

In order not to be boring, you have to talk about something that sparks her interest. You can directly ask what she’s passionate about, or be discrete about it. Start talking about different topics and observe which one she seems most excited to discuss.

  1. Find A Common Ground

Although it might be rewarding to see her lit up over a certain topic, if you are not interested in it then it will be difficult to be fully present in the conversation. Instead of talking about what interests her alone, find a common ground that both of you will feel comfortable about talking.

  1. Ask Open-Ended Questions

Avoid asking questions in which the answers are either a yes or a no, as it will often lead to awkward silences and hesitations. Ask her things in which she can improvise and elaborate on the answers, like “why” or “how” questions.

  1. Have A Confident Body Language

Girls usually feel more comfortable and at ease when talking to guys who show confidence and dominance. This is why having the correct body language when making conversations is an important thing. Using the right hand gestures can make or break your outward impression.

  1. Open Up Your Posture

Not only does opening your posture conveys your honesty and trustworthiness, it will give the girl a warm welcoming sense that makes her want to equally open up. If your posture is closed and reserved, there is a high chance that she feels the danger of opening herself up to you because she doesn't trust you as much.

  1. Make Eye Contact, But Not Too Much

Making eye contact is a crucial aspect of socializing, but you have to be careful not to gaze too intensely into her eyes. This might give her the wrong message, especially if you’re only looking for mere friendship or acquaintance.

  1. Let Her Do the Talking

Another useful ways to have a good conversation with a girl is to let her do the talking. People in general love talking about themselves, so allowing her to do so while you listen can make her think that you’re a good conversationalist! When really, all you’ll be doing is listen well. 

  1. But Also Talk About Yourself

However, don’t keep on asking her questions and baiting her to talk all the time. She might feel uncomfortable opening up to strangers, so you should also share some things about yourself. When you open up with her, it will make you seem less like a stranger and more like an old friend sharing stories.

  1. Go Deep With Great Topics

Topics like work, school, hobby, passion, experiences, dreams and goals are the classic conversation starters, and great ones at that. But instead of discussing them surface-level, you can go deeper. For example, “How long have you been doing that for?" or "How do you like it?"

  1. Use Lots of Pauses

Not only does it convey your calm and confidence, by pausing in between your speech you’re implying that you’re in complete control of yourself. She’ll know that you’re not nervous or fidgety, and that you’re in no rush or deliberately trying to be impressive.

  1. Embrace the Awkward Silences

No matter how great your conversation seems to be going, sometimes awkward silences are inevitable. Instead of giving an anxious smile or looking away, be natural about it. Embrace the awkwardness. Laugh it off and tell her how you hate awkward silences.

To make it even better, relay a story about the last time you experienced an awkward moment. Tell her how it affected the conversation. She will no doubt like you more when she realizes that you’re a fun and easygoing guy! 

  1. Smile

The golden rule of any successful and good conversation is to smile. Smile as genuine and as real as you can. The girl you are talking to will know that you are a kind person who she will enjoy spending time with. When you amuse her and make her feel good, it can even be like the Ways to Get A Girl to Like You When She Has A Boyfriend.

  1. Genuinely Enjoy the Conversation

All of the above methods aside, the only real way that you can maintain a good conversation with a girl is to just enjoy it. You can employ any sort of tips and tricks, but without truly enjoying the talk or the company, you won’t achieve a genuinely “good” conversation. When you like being in her company, then you can also try to use the Ways to Know If Girl Likes You and see the Signs of a Girl That Likes You.

Even More Ways to Talk to A Girl

  1. Show Your Passion
  2. Use Interesting Wordings for Common Questions
  3. Learn to Be a Good Listener
  4. Make Her Laugh
  5. Tell Her Amusing Stories
  6. Be Honest and Vulnerable

Well, now that you know the effective ways to have a good conversation with a girl, you no longer have to worry about stumbling upon awkward topics and girls feeling uneasy around you. Whether you’re looking to hit on her or just be a friend, there’s no need to feel nervous anymore. Alternative to having a good conversation, you should know What to Say to A Girl When She Says Sorry.

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