How to Make Your Boyfriend Feel Better When He's Sick Over Text

by Michelle Devani

Your boyfriend is sick and you can't be with him right now.

Or maybe it's your crush who is bed-ridden. 

Either way, this guide is packed with ideas for messages you can send to help cheer him up. 

These are the moments that can seperate you from those other women who are only there for the 'good times'. So, make sure to take note of these ideas and send them into this special guy's inbox as soon as possible. 

However, before we begin, I think you might appreciate hearing this quick personal story. 

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These psychological concepts are far more powerful than a nice 'get well soon' text. 

Still, I have revealed the best texts to send to a man who's sick. Read on to discover them.

Here Are How To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Better When He's Sick Over Text

You would feel comfortable when your loved one is sick, right? It's such a terrible feeling to see them just laying on the bed and you want to take the pain away in an instant. All the thing you can do, support and be there for them without you realize that will be the best thing of the way you help them. Also read this signs He’s The Guy You Should Marry According to the Bible.

Little positive vibes you share to your loved one can help them overcome a sickness. If you somehow can't be right there for them either because you live kind of far from their house or have another thing to finish, you can just text your boyfriend to lighten up the day. So, this is how to make your boyfriend feel better when he's sick over text.

1. "Get Better Soon, So I Can Kiss You"

Not only you can't be there for him, but you also don't have the chance to give direct affection. Moreover, even though you are there with him you can't kiss him since it might be worse which both of you might be sick. It may be a cliché but a get well soon text can make your boyfriend happy.

2. "I Might Not Be at Your Side Now, But My Love Is"

How to make your boyfriend feel better when he's sick over text? Tell him that no matter where he is and what he's going through, your love stays with him. Especially when he is sick, make your boyfriend remember that he isn't alone.

3. "The Sickness May Make You Gloomy, But You Still Light Up My Day"

Your boyfriend might put a fake smile in front of you and act like everything's fine. However, we all know that deep inside he feels so gloomy. That is why you should tell him that even when he is sick, your boyfriend is still the star that lights up your night.

4."I Hope You Soon Feel Free from Pain Because My Heart Aches Too"

I hope you soon feel free from pain because my heart aches too

How to make your boyfriend feel better when he's sick over text? Don't let him know that you are sad is the best thing to do. However, try to tell him to be better soon because it is also hurt you can also turn into a good choice.

5. "You're Still Handsome"

Your boyfriend worries and doesn't want you to look at them when he is sick. Then, you should try to make his confidence back by telling him that he is still handsome this way.

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6. "Let Me Know What You Need"

How to make your boyfriend feel better when he's sick over text? You should also be more considerate. It is possible that your boyfriend doesn't want to bother you so you are the one that has to tell him to let you know if he needs something.

7. "If Only My Hugs Can Be Your Daily Dose of Medication"

You can't resist to hug him especially now when he is not in good condition. You can try a sweet thing by saying that maybe your hug can be his treatment to help him better soon.

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8. "I Always Pray For You"

How to make your boyfriend feel better when he's sick over text? Even though you are not there with him, tell him that you always pray for his life.

9. "I Have Surprise When You Are Home"

To motivate him to be better soon, you can tell him that you have a surprise for him when he's back from the hospital. He will gladly happy and can't wait to meet you.

10. "I Love You in Sickness and Health"

i love you in sickness and health

How to make your boyfriend feel better when he's sick over text? This would be the most romantic way you can do. Tell him that you will love you either in sickness and health. Your boyfriend will love you even more!

Sign Your Lovely Text Affects Him

Here are signs your lovely text affects your sick boyfriend. You should learn this too to help you know Reasons Why Dating An Only Child Is Difficult but Awesome.

1. He Wants to Go Home

Being at the hospital must make him bored. After reading your lovely text, he definitely wants to go home so he can meet you and kiss you again.

2. He Doesn't Miss His Medication

He won't miss his medication because he knows he won't be home sooner if he lets his condition worse.

3. He Really Wants to Get Better Soon

Everyone doesn't want to be at his bad condition for a long time. Moreover, he has reasons to be better soon.

4. He Misses You Even More

Your text makes him want to go home soon because it makes him miss you even more.

5. He Straightly Meets You When He Is Home

After he can go home from the hospital, he straightly meets you. That is because of your lovely text!

More Tips If Your Boyfriend Sick

Here are more tips if you boyfriend sick. Also learn this maybe it might help you Why Do Guys Change After 6 Months Relationship.

1. Visit Him

Try to visit your boyfriend if he is sick. Bring him packs of healthy fruit so he will get better.

2. Take Care of Yourself

If he is sick, you should take care of yourself you won't get sick either. It is important for both of you keep your body in shape.

3. Don't Make Him Sad

You should make him happy so he will get better soon. Avoid doing things that have possibilities can turn around his mood.

4. Support Him

Like a good girlfriend, you should be there for him no matter what happens. Always support him especially when he is sick.

5. Live a Healthy Life

This is also the best way to do when he is already home. You both should try live a healthy life so no one would sick any more.

Michelle Devani
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