What Happen If You Lose Your Virginity Before 22?

Last updated on April 6, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Virginity remains a big deal for many people, despite the modern era. For them who take virginity as something to be kept until they get married, they suppress all the desire the have to save it preciously for the love of their life. But others who want to embark on the journey early doesn’t hesitate to give it to somebody else.

There is not specific age when is best time for you to lose your virginity. But it is strongly recommended that you better lose it when you’re on your legal age—so you can take the responsibility no your own. While you know that 21 is the legal age, many people have lost their virginity way before it. And some people think 22 is the best age to have your first sex.

But what happens if you lose your virginity before 22? Is it going to be different if you have it on that age? What would make it so? As there’s no specific age to lose it, we’re trying to answer your question and here they are…

  1. You Might Unknowledgeable

Say that you want to lose your virginity as soon as possible—at your 17th birthday or after the prom—and you don’t mind about it. You still have to master the basic knowledge about sex. It could be painful, too painful that you can’t bear and you might meet the wrong partner. You might feel not ready on the last second but you don’t know how to fight back and you end up do it forcefully. Also read How Do You Know When You're Ready to Lose Your Virginity?

  1. There’s Too Many Risks

Think carefully before you give up your virginity before 22. There’s too many risks that don’t worth the pleasure you imagine. If you feel safe losing your virginity because condoms exist, you’re terribly wrong. Young people may not know this but condoms only works 85%. Means there’s still 15% chance for you to get pregnant and it can always happen.

  1. Your Future Might be Ruined

As you’re young, you must be imagining what your future will look like. You must be wondering what college life will be, what would you work as after graduation and many more. But if you get engaged in sex before you’re officially adult and for worse, you get pregnant, your future would likely be ruined. You must raise your child and if you don’t, you will have a terrible relationship with them. Also read Things to Consider Before Sleeping with a Virgin Girl

  1. You Might Get Infected with STD

Do you know that having sex at young age increase the factor for sexually transmitted diseases (STD)? Yes, it is. Don’t think you’ll be free from the dangerous diseases just because it’s your first time having sex since you are losing your virginity. This must be the last thing you want to happen.

  1. You Might Do It Out of Curiosity…

As you get older, you will be wondering what sex would be like? What would it feel to lose your virginity. The young blood in you always crave for new things to try and new experiences to embark on. One of them being having sex. Without further knowledge about the risks, you might be regret it someday. Also read What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Doesn't Want to Sleep with You

  1. … Or Social Pressure

If you are the only virgin among your peers, no doubt that they will put the pressure on you. They probably mock you for being conservative and all. The social pressure could be so hard that you can take it and it could defeat your own mind. This is bad. If you want to lose your virginity, do it because you want it and that you’re ready for the risks.

  1. Sex is Addictive

Sex is just like drugs: it’s addictive. Once you have sex, you will always want more. First you only want to do it with your lover, but as time pass by it becomes a need. You have to fulfill it no matter what and with you don’t mind anybody. As you’re not strong enough to control your emotion, it’s what happens if you lose your virginity before 22. Also read Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Virginity

  1. You May Regret It

If you decide to lose your virginity out of curiosity or because you feel pressured because of your peers, chances are you will regret it. First timers usually have fantasies of sex and losing virginity so when it goes wrong, they become hugely disappointed and regret it. But if things already happen, there’s no way to turn back.

  1. You Become Depended on Your Partner

Sex makes you vulnerable, and under 22 makes you even more vulnerable. At those age, you still don’t know where will you going in life, what how should you live your life. Shaken and vulnerable at such a young age makes you doubt yourself and decline your confidence. As you become depended on sex, you become depended on your partner too. Also read Characteristic of A Healthy and An Unhealthy Relationship

  1. You Will Be Used by Your Partner

You might want to lose your virginity not because of your friends have done it or out of curiosity. You want your love to stay with you. You think by giving them all they want would make them stay. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Instead of making them stay, your partner will take advantage out of you. Knowing that you’re afraid of losing them, they feel like they can do anything to you.

So, that’s all what happens if you lose your virginity before 22. And there’s more that could happen. Thing is, you have to be careful when it comes to lose your virginity even when you don’t mind with that. First moment defines everything and you don’t want your first ever sex experience to get ruined.

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