17+ Bad Signs Of A Man Using A Woman For Money

by Michelle Devani

Are you worried that the man you’re seeing is only using you for your money?

Are you starting to see signs that he’s not really too interested in you as a person? 

This is one of the biggest fears (not to mention a huge turn-off) for rich women.

At the same time, it’s such a big worry for the wealthiest women that they can be prone to fearing it when it’s not even true. 

That’s why I wanted to publish this list of 18 signs that a man only wants you for your money.   

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18 Signs A Man Is Using A Woman For Money

In the past, people used to think that a woman should depend to his man for financial needs. It somehow become a man's responsibility to get things met with the woman's requirement. However, time has change and the era is almost over now. With woman independence to have the same job as a man and gender equality rising everywhere, women are able to make it as much (or even more) as men do.

That is why, nowadays men have one additional condition as his girlfriend material: financially stable. Yes, we talked about money. How to find out if a man is showing Signs That a Man Loves You or is it Signs of Conditional Love that involving money in it? No need for more words, let's find out the signs of a man using a woman for money below:

1. He knows your wallet is thick

Whether he knows that you are well-off or he knows that your job is well-paid. He compliments you for all material things you have. Actually it's nice if he shows some Signs That He is Dead Serious About You, but he's not.

2. He kindly pays everything at first

The time where man takes the bill has over. It's good to split in half. But if he insisted to pay everything when you just met, maybe he'll ask the same thing in return.

3. He likes fancy things

According to a relationship expert, a man has a thing on you if he ask you to do fancy things. Go shopping together, suggesting the expensive travel destination, and choose the fanciest restaurant for dinner.

4. He tells story about his financial difficulties

he tells story about his financial difficulties

It's not his fault that he is financially difficult. But it's not your responsibility to solve them as well. There are no adjustable reasons of why he should borrow your money when he still can work on his own.

5. And he wants to borrow your money

He shared his difficult life story not without any intention. Of course he wants you to borrow him some bucks! Probably you are a walking cash machine for him.

6. Your feeling said so

Deepest heart never lies. Just be honest with yourself if you feel that somehow he is aiming for your money, and never sincerely loves you.

7. He is unemployed

Not just that he is unemployed, but he lives his life higher than the one with good jobs. He acts as if he has a lot of money and not the down to earth type at all.

8. Your friends told you so

Sometimes we can't see ourselves well and our surroundings can see better. You never knew that he shows the signs of a man using a woman for money, but it's pretty obvious to your friends.

9. He never talked about the future

If a man loves you sincerely, he would have plans for your relationship ahead. But if he never show the Signs That Your Boyfriend is Going to Propose Soon, questioned his sincerity to you.

10. He slowly depends on you financially

As the time goes by, he slowly asks you to take part for his financial responsibility. He'll tell you that he's short on money and pretending to ask your help to cover up phone bills, electrical bills, and groceries without intention to pay you back.

11. Never ending favors

It's okay for a man and a woman to need each other's help, but not okay if the favors are never ending. What he's done above is a concrete example how he asks you for favor.

12. He neither care about your feeling...

Whether you feel offended, hurt, or disappointed with his action, he never care. All he knows is money, money, and money. He never even bothered to apologize! This is Signs He is Not Ready for a Real Relationship.

13. ...nor your situation

There will be time where you short on money and your bank account has already empty. Well, this man doesn't care about that. He doesn't want to know whether you have money or not.

14. He borrows your precious stuff

As long as you know him, not only he asks you for (financial) favor, but also using your stuffs under the "borrowing" alibi. He is number one in using your car, your phone, and your other precious stuffs.

15. You pay all the bills

you pay all the bills

His kindness would stop at some point. Then he starts to ask you to pay the bills every time you eat together, watching movies or doing errands together. Well, this is Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship with Boyfriend.

16. He never available for you

Every time you need him, he always busy with something. He never there for you when you need him, but suddenly appear out of nowhere when he needs something from you. Get rid of this Signs a Guy Just Wants to be Friends with Benefits with you.

17. He never buys you a gift

For our loved ones, a gift doesn't have to be something expensive and fancy. Gifts are meant to show your love and sincerity. What if you never got one from him while you provide him everything?

18. He is not interested in you

Whether you put some make up on or change your hairstyle, all the things you do is not interesting for him. Why? There are no other reason rather than he is simply using you for money.

So those are the signs a man using a woman for money. You better watch out for this kind of man because they literally everywhere. Build a relationship out of love, so everything could be settled later. Leave him for good because there will be millions guys better than him. Move on can be difficult, bu here are Ways to Move on After a Bad Relationship.

Michelle Devani
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