What To Say To Boyfriend Who Is Depressed To Feel Okay Again

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Seeing your lover struggle with their mental breakdown state will leave you in a situation when you are really nervous because you somehow try to find a way to assist him and at the same time you don't know what to do. Your boyfriend also could feel distant, uninterested, and occasionally even agitated with this even think you might do nothing for him.

However, you mustn’t worsen things or the pressure so try not to blame yourself for the way he’s feeling. More importantly, you mustn’t blame him for the way he’s feeling either.

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Here Are What To Say To Boyfriend Who Is Depressed To Feel Okay

With that being said, you have to understand the way your boyfriend feel now because that is the best you can do to help him. You should be more careful though when you casually do something or even say a word. To help you get through this, here are what to say to a boyfriend who is depressed to feel okay.

1. "I Care For You"

What to say to a boyfriend who is depressed to feel okay, if somehow you can find in a simple word like telling you to care for him because it will mean a lot. The necessary issue is to achieve out and let your boyfriend understand that he matters to you especially when he feels like the whole world is against him.

2. "I'm Here For You"

i'm here for you

Depression will feel as if nobody understands what you're feeling or perhaps cares enough to start to grasp, which may be overwhelming. You may more or less understand what this may seem like initially, so you can just simply reminding your boyfriend that you will be there for him all the time.

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3. "Is There Something I Can Do To Help You?"

Depression places a good weight on the one that has it whether physically or mentally. By feeling that, your boyfriend could be reluctant to simply accept your help and even think that it might be a burden for you. Therefore, try to convince him that you really do not mind and wish to assist him with anything you can do.

However, you should remember too that the assistance you're thinking that your boyfriend may have might not match what would really be helpful in his eyes.

4. "Have You Told Your Doctor Your Current Situation?"

Depression treatments are a really necessary part for your boyfriend to get better. If he hasn't seen a doctor for a while, encourage and reassure him that there's nothing wrong with seeking help especially from the experts. This is important of what to say to a boyfriend who is depressed to feel okay.

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5. "I Understand What You Feel"

This is a tricky thing to say to someone that has depression. Before you tell your boyfriend, you must be sure that you really do. The more knowledgeable you are about mental state and depression condition, the you could help reassure him and tell him that he can restore.

However, if you don't mean it when you say this thing, it might worsen your relationship since he will easily know that you don't. But still, this one of what to say to a boyfriend who is depressed to feel okay is worth to try.

6. "It's Okay To Feel This Way"

Let your boyfriend understand that it is no one fault that he feels this way and also so human. All you can do is comfort him and make sure you would be there for him and help him get through these hard times.

7. "You Are Not Weak"

Those who are dealing with depression tend to feel weak or that there's one thing wrong with them. Reassure your boyfriend that depression extremely is like another sickness caused by an organic chemistry imbalance within the brain, and it doesn't mean that he's weak.

In fact, it takes a good deal of strength to fight back, therefore he's in all probability a lot stronger than another normal person.

8. "There Is Hope"

You'll need to reassure your boyfriend that there's hope because depression is treatable and of course he can get back to his feet again. Do that as one of what to say to a boyfriend who is depressed to feel okay.

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More Tips To Help Your Boyfriend That Is Suffering From Depression

more tips to help your boyfriend that is suffering from depression

These are all of what to say to a boyfriend who is depressed to feel okay and after learning that now you can handle things easier. But that is not enough, so here are more tips to help your boyfriend that suffering from depression.

1. Build More Communication

You can help your boyfriend that has depression by talking to him more and accompany him whenever you have time. It is important since the person who is depressed is likely to manage his depression or anxiety by closing down communication.

Don’t let this worry you but instead offers him the chance to speak regarding what’s extremely on his mind and also his feeling. Once your boyfriend knows that you won't give him pressure, he could speak in confidence to you a lot.

2. Don’t Push Him

We all know that you really want to know what happens as well as why he turns like this. However, it is important to get open and relaxed voice communication along with your boyfriend. If you pressure him, he can withdraw and not answer the least bit of your question.

3. Don’t Overthink Things

Don't let another negative vibe grow into you, especially those worries and your habit of overthinking stuff. You need to be the one that can calm the storm which makes your boyfriend get better. So, don't make the situation worse by getting affected.

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4. Let Him Understand His Worth

Depression could also happen by the rejection feeling of reality he is in. No matter what going on and how hard his life is, you have to reassure him that his life is more worth it than this. You'll feel that he isn’t listening or it won’t build a distinction, however, it extremely may be a glimmer of sunshine in what's a really dark place for him.

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