How To Make A Virgo Man Guilty (11 Secret Ways)

Last updated on July 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Want to make a Virgo man feel guilty?

Perhaps he’s upset you and is showing no remorse. In such a situation, it’s going to be incredibly difficult to forgive your man and move on. On the other hand, a simple act of showing regret might be all it takes to put your relationship back on track. 

Or maybe your intentions are more manipulative? Could it be that you want to guilt your man into something so you get your way? 

While I’m not one to condone such behavior, the truth is that there are specific ways to make men feel guilty, and some of these are particularly effective with Virgos. There are 11 of these tried-and-tested guilt-tripping strategies listed below.

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Once you’re sure your man has something to feel guilty about, the strategies below could prove to be exceedingly useful.


What Is A Virgo Man Like?

A Virgo man is loyal, hard-working, practical, strong, organized, and helpful. He can be shy, worrisome, conservative, and strong-willed. Your guy may be strict when it comes to his life goals and dreams. He’ll pursue them at all costs because he believes they are valuable and meant to be. You can always count on a Virgo man to do what he thinks is right.

Virgo men are also very committed and can be a little strict when it comes to following the rules. They enjoy helping other people, so if you want to win their hearts, just volunteer somewhere! Virgo men also pay attention to the details, so you can count on him to always remember your birthday or anniversary. That’s something great to think about - a reliable relationship!

How to Make a Virgo Man Feel Guilty

1. Have a good cry in front of your Virgo man

have a good cry in front of your virgo man

Tears are like a woman’s secret weapon. They really do work, though. Just prick yourself with a pin or peel an onion if you can’t bring yourself to cry. Put some drops of water on your face and rub your eyes, and it will look like you’ve been crying for hours. He’ll fall to his knees, begging to repair the relationship.

2. Don’t call or text your Virgo man

It’s important that you give him time and space to think about what he’s done to deserve the feeling of guilt. I know it’s tempting to send him 500 texts in 5 minutes, but can you try not to send him even one text message? 

Trust me; he’ll know that something is wrong with you. He’ll try to figure out where he’s screwed up and will remedy the issue!

3. Stop posting updates on social media

If you must post on social media, hide the posts from your man. He doesn’t get to know what’s going on with you. Now is the time for him to try to figure out where he went wrong so that he can apologize and make things right. If you want to let him know, be honest about the mistake he’s made.

4. Ignore and avoid your Virgo man

Playing hard to get in a relationship works like a charm. You should consider just getting yourself really busy so that he doesn’t know what you are up to. If he calls or texts you, go ahead and let it go to voicemail.

5. Give short answers

When you do speak to your man, just give him yes or no answers. There’s no need to speak any more words than you need to if he hasn’t figured out why you are upset. Sometimes, silence can say more words than your mouth can.

6. Tell your Virgo man that you are hurt

When he has figured out you are upset, you can explain the problem, so he can see what happened. Hopefully, he won’t make a mistake like this in the future. Be open and honest about what happened. You may have to be specific if you are upset about something that happened a while back. Give him all the details so that he understands.

This might be painful for you if you were hurt by something he did and are now having to relive it. However, he won’t learn if you aren’t completely honest about the situation. You should tell him what you felt when he did what he did, and it might not be a bad idea to ask him to go to couples counseling with you. If he wants things to work out, he will.

It’s nice to have a third party involved, someone who can see both of your points of view, a person who can see what happened objectively. They may have the right tools and techniques to help have a conversation easier and resolve this issue. This way, you won’t have to worry about this mistake happening again in the future, too.

7. Be too busy for your Virgo man

This is part of playing hard to get. Just engulf your life with your passions - knitting, quilting, babysitting, spending time with your nieces and nephews, volunteering, playing chess online, going out to the mall, or whatever else you can do to stay busy. Take a night course at your local college or community center - anything to keep you occupied.

8. Have fun with your friends

have fun with your friends

There’s no reason that you shouldn’t have fun with your pals! Just hop in the car and go to the movies or mall - anything you can do to have fun with them! Remember, you were fine before he came along, and you will be fine if things don’t work out between the two of you. This will give him time to feel the guilt you want him to feel.

9. Take pictures on social media of you looking hot

This is a surefire way to make Virgo miss you! Put on a tight red dress with shiny heels, do your makeup all nice, and curl that hair until you shine! Look like a hottie! He’ll see the pics of you on social media and will miss you right away. He’ll feel such guilt for what he did that he’ll be running over to apologize to you.

10. Return the belongings to your Virgo man

You don’t have to return ALL of your man’s belongings to him or dump a box on his porch. There’s no need to be dramatic, but showing him you don’t want to hold on to some of his stuff will let him know that you are upset about something. This way, he can feel plenty of guilt as he tries to figure it out all by himself.

11. Don’t smile or laugh around your Virgo man

If you want to make him really feel guilty, you should not enjoy yourself when he is around. This will show him that you are not happy about something. He will want you to be happy because Virgos are people pleasers. He’ll wonder what he did wrong, or he’ll remember exactly what he did wrong, and he’ll soon apologize.

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How do you make a Virgo man regret losing you?

Show with your body language and attitude that you are loving the single life! Look like a hottie in your social media pictures to make him miss you a lot! He’ll recall all the things he does love about you and wonder why you split up.

How do you hurt a Virgo man?

Don’t mess with Virgo men. Like a woman, a Virgo man will get his feelings hurt and may make a decision to never see you again. If you sense that you are about to get a Virgo man hurt, you should back off and not give him a red flag to leave you.

How does a Virgo man act when hurt?

Virgo men withdraw when their feelings are hurt. If you have the ability to be in a scenario where Virgo men are hurt, there may be a lack of communication going on. If so, have a conversation about what is wrong with him. Virgos need to communicate.

What do you do when a Virgo man is mad at you?

Look out for the signs he is upset with you because that means there is a problem in your relationship. If he expresses his feelings in obvious ways, you will know something’s up. If your boyfriend has shown this emotion, apologize and show him plenty of love.

How do you make a Virgo miss you?

This Zodiac sign will miss you if you show him your emotions and express your feelings. A Virgo man likes relationships where the partners each have a strong conscience for the health and well-being of others. They enjoy helping others and look for this behavior in their mates.

To Sum It All Up

What does Astrology tell you about your Virgo man? In what ways have you knocked sense into a Virgo to make him feel guilt and shame? What difficulties have you faced when trying to get a Virgo man? We’d love to hear about your relationships with this Zodiac sign!

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