How to Let Your Boyfriend Know You Are Upset with Him

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Relationship are full of ups and downs moments. That would be a normal thing when two people in dating situation are arguing and disagree toward each other. However, don’t let your anger consume you and you should put out all the bad things away or your relationship is going to be in even worse condition.

Here are how to let your boyfriend know you are upset with him

One of the important thing when you are dating someone is you should be honest with everything (also read: Honest Reasons Why Man Keep Coming Back). We all know there is something that we can just tell them easily such as how we should express our feeling and emotions. However, if you want to keep the relationship healthy, you need to be honest and fix a little thing that matter. Here are how to let your boyfriend know you are upset with him.

1. Ask for Some Space

If you are mad at your boyfriend with something and it is hard for you to be honest with it, you better ask for some space. Anywhere but near him because you are definitely going to explode your anger if keep the distance. Moreover, getting some space is also good for your relationship.

2. Silent

Silent is a gold. Those words is know better than any of us and would be great for you right now. Just silent and don’t answer his question so he might reflect what he has done. Read : Silent Signs

3. Let Him Do the Math

If he keep on asking what is happening to you, let him do the math! You better not to give him some easy problem to solve so he would improve and never repeat his mistakes that make you upset.

4. Don’t Start the Conversation

You might think now that it is better to let him now that you are angry with him. Nope, you are wrong. Don’t start the conversation first because it would worsen the situation. If you start to talk when you are still upset, it will even trigger your anger and turn into a fight with your boyfriend.

5. Speak Your Mind

You must can’t be honest with him that you are upset at the moment.  What you can do is try to speak your mind a bit with the intention he would understand it. But don’t try so hard, we all know you are going to explode.

6. Not Calling His Name

The not use of subject could indicate that something wrong is going on. Try not to use his name when he talk to you.

7. Be Sarcasm

If you want to let him know his fault but still don’t want to be honest about what happen, you could use sarcasm words.

8. Show Your Upset Face

Don’t worry if you can’t express your emotions toward words, you could always let your face show him about what you feel. But don’t try so hard because it is not good for your beauty.

9. Ignore His WhatsApp

He bombs you with thousand message after you didn’t reply it all day. No, stay still, ignore him. It would give him clue that you are upset with him. Read: Find Out Your Boyfriend Cheating on Whatsapp

10. Try to Be Slightly Open

After take some breaks you could finally chill out. So, here come the times to let him know about what made you upset. Try talking to him a little your reason mad toward him.

Sign Your Boyfriend Know You Are Upset with Him

You do what you can do on how to let your boyfriend know you are upset with him. If you such a considerate person, he would get what you were doing. Here are the signs that your boyfriend know you are upset with him.

1. Nice to You

He starts calling you babe or pretty. It is a sign that he somehow realized he made you upset with something and he wants to reach you so you won’t mad toward him again.

2. Try to Be Funny

Now your boyfriend know that you are mad at him, he wants to down the tension by trying to be funny. What is he, a clown or a comedian? Of course his humor isn’t funny at all. Yet, this is his effort to make you feel better.

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3. Say Sorry

When your boyfriend say sorry, don’t accept that apology right away. I mean, it is a good sign that he knows you are upset with him, but, does he know the reason? It would give him impression that sorry can always solve everything. Wait for a moment until he truly realize what he did that hurt you.

4. Take You to Theme Park

He wants to redeem his fault by making you have fun.

5. Invite You to Discuss the Problem

If he really feel sorry about made you upset, he would realize his fault. He will invite you to discuss when the things go wrong so the problem wouldn’t grow.

Bonus Tips: How to Not Let Anger and Pain Consume You

Instead to keep whining about how your boyfriend such mess which doesn’t care about your feeling, learn how to not let that anger and pain consuming your heart. Here are the tips that would be useful for you.

1. Forget About Those Problems For A Sec

You got to distract your brain to not give those anger hard thought. Remember that it is unhealthy for your mind. Better thinking about other things!

2. Cool Down Yourself First

If you think that you are in a condition that still let anger stay in you, do not do something that can make you angrier. Especially, don’t try to reach your boyfriend. You need cooling down yourself first.

3. Listen to Your Favorite Songs

Song is a remedy for your soul. Everyone knows that and a song could describe your feeling more than anything. So, you better listen to one of your favorite to help you chill your mind.

4. Try to Be More Honest

A small problem could turn into an unsettling one. Honest is the key, so you better always do it. Be honest with yourself, with everyone around, and of course with your boyfriend. Ask him to discuss the problems don’t let it get bigger and make anger consume you even more.

5. Stay Positive

Stay positive would give you so much benefit. Besides it will reduce the number of your anger and pain, positive vibes could give you power to stay young and awesome!

6. You Are Loved

There is nothing more powerful than love. Yes, love can defeat your anger. Let it go slowly and remember that you are loved, by your family, by your friends, and by your boyfriend. He loves you despite everything because if he doesn’t, he already left you the other day due to your lack of patient. Check for more love: Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Should Stay With You Forever and Ever