Signs Your Best Friend Is Suicidal And How To Help Them

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Suicide is devastating and can sometimes be unpredictable. It can happen to anyone of all ages. But there are some ways to prevent it from happening. According to research, there is greater chance to stop it when people can pick out the signs early.


Signs Your Best Friend Is Suicidal

Your best friend may not say their intention out loud but you can still know it from their words and their actions. In case you’re worried that your best friend is suicidal, it’s very helpful to know the following things.

1. Talking About Death More Frequently

It’s a strong indicator that your best friend is suicidal when they start to show high interest in death. They talk about it more frequently than usual. It almost seems as if their thoughts are occupied by it. They may even tell you how they would want to do it.

2. Acts In A Reckless Manner

Your best friend may begin to act recklessly. For instance, they would drink excessive amount of alcohol, take drugs or drive carelessly. You know that their dangerous actions could lead up to unwanted consequences. However, you may not be stop them as they won’t listen to you.

3. Pulls Away From Everyone

pulls away from everyone

Research has shown that a suicidal person tends to isolate themselves. Your best friend could pull away from everyone gradually. They stop replying to texts, refuse to go out and even stop talking to anyone. Your best friend is making themselves completely unreachable. This How to Solve Misunderstandings between Friends could be handy in this situation.

4. Admitting Hopelessness

Your best friend may admit to having the feeling of hopelessness. They could say things such as having no positive outlook on their future or questioning their existence. Your best friend could be feeling that their life is pointless and there’s no reason to stay alive any longer.

In case your best friend is an introvert, these Ways to Get an Introvert to Open Up Emotionally can guide you to dig deeper into their thoughts.

5. Giving Away Personal Belongings

People don’t give away their personal belongings for no reason. There have been proofs that a person who is feeling suicidal may do it. Their personal belongings will be given to the people who are close to them. When you ask why they don’t want to keep it, they’ll make excuses so you won’t find out their real intention.

6. Looks Calm And Happy

This is a sign that you need to pay special attention to as it does show that your best friend is suicidal. Generally, people may seem anxious and depressed. But some people deal with the thought of suicidal in a calm demeanour. It’s because they know that soon, they won’t have to suffer from their pain anymore. 

7. Odd Sleeping Habits

Suicidal tendencies can disrupt sleeping habits. In case your best friend used to sleep a lot, now they’re finding it difficult to do so. The opposite can happen as well. Your best friend may seem to be spending their days away sleeping.

8. Mood Changes

When your best friend is suicidal, they may have sudden mood changes. You can’t figure out the reason why but the behaviour seems unusual. Your best friend is acting strange and have a lot of changing thoughts. If your best friend is acting very anxious, these are Things to Say to Help Someone Who is Stressed Out.

9. Tying Up Loose Ends

Another important sign to look out for is when you notice that your best friend is sorting out their unfinished business. They may be paying for something ahead of time or meet people that they had problems with. Even though they may give off the impression that your best friend is making positive changes, they’re actually tying up loose ends while they’re still alive.

10. Feeling Like A Burden

Does your friend think that they’re a burden to everyone around them? You can find out when they constantly say things along the lines of “I don’t want to be a burden”, “I think I’m making things difficult” and “People are better off without me”. They are very telling of how your best friend truly feel about themselves.

11. Crying Spells

crying spells

Crying spells are very common with people who have depression. Those with suicidal tendencies will have the crying spells more often. Your best friend may suddenly burst out crying or have teary-eyed for no reason. You can try these Funny Ways to Tell Your Friends You Love Them to make them feel better and less alone.

12. Owning Dangerous Weapons

Your best friend could possess weapons or things that will help them commit suicide. It could be a gun, a knife or other objects. It has been proven that people are prone to go ahead with their plan if they have an object close to them.

13. Pays No Attention To Personal Needs

You know your best friend is suicidal when they start to ignore their personal needs. They look disheveled and tired. Your best friend stops showering and doesn’t change their clothes. Other than that, they may also start to have bad or destructive eating habits.

What Can You Do To Help Your Best Friend?

If your best friend displays several signs that show they’re suicidal, here are the things that can help:

  1. Listen to what they have to stay and don’t leave them on their own.
  2. Be sympathetic and don’t judge them.
  3. Make sure that they know you’ll always be there for them. But remember, when the Signs Your Best Friend is Emotionally Draining You arise, you are allowed to have some space before helping them again.
  4. Check on your best friend every day.
  5. Encourage them to get professional help.
  6. Take them straight to a hospital.
  7. In case you are a minor, get some trustful adults to help you out.

Not everyone will display the same behaviour when they’re suicidal. Everyone handles it in very different ways. The best thing you can do is to help as soon as you see that your best friend needs serious care.

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