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This Is How to Tell Your Best friend You Like Their Brother So Much

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You have one best friend that you love, in here she said that she has an old brother. She tells all of about him to you, while you meet her brother, you feel that your heart is beating. So, how to tell your best friend you like their brother?
Let’s check these out.


1. The age difference

You need a person who can take care of you and guard you. So, this is the reason that makes you like your best friend’s brother.

2. Pushes your self to be better

He is someone who is smart, handsome, and popular. Likes him, it is to push yourself so you can be better than him. Well, this is a very positive reason.

3. An extra struggle

It is very full of struggle to get his attention, and need a special strategy on how to get his attention. Maybe, you should be the first rank in your class.

4. Be his secret admirer

You feel embarrassed to express if you like him, this is a natural thing. For the first time, maybe being a secret admirer is enough.

5. It is very challenging

The challenge of liking your best friend’s brother is full of challenges, how can it be? You must be the best friend for her sister and here you also have to fight for your love.

6. Know his personality easier

You don’t need to bother to find out how his personality is. You just ask your best friend. It’s automatically you can know the secret about him. If he is a Capricorn you should check of some things you did not know about Capricorn’s personality

7. Friendship goals 

The advantage of liking your best friend’s brother is that you can realize your friendship goals. You can be much more familiar with your best friend, her brother and even their family.

Signs you like their brother

So, what are you feeling, now? Is your heart beat so fast? Are you shy while you meet him? Well, below here are some signs that you like their brother. Let’s check these out.

1. Your heart is beating

You cannot talk in one word, You are dazzled by his good looks and this makes you look stupid. Furthermore, your heart is beating so fast.

2. Just smile

Can’t say a word, but you can still smile sweetly in front of him and he gives a smile back to you. Try these some of sweetest things to text your boyfriend that will make him smile.

3. Talk less

It is natural things when a woman likes a man and he is in front of her, sometimes women seem unconcerned. Even though the reason she didn’t talk much because she hides his nervousness.

4. You are not focus

He asks you something, and in here you look very enthusiastic about answering his questions. But sometimes, you answered the question incorrectly because you are in unfocused (too nervous).

5. High of nervous

Nervous, every time you meet him you are very nervous. However, if you don’t see it, you look sad. This is a sign that you miss him so much.

6. Lots of texting

When both of you meet you don’t talk much, but when he sends you a message, you talk a lot of things. Try to say some sweet on what to call your boyfriend when he calls you beautiful.

7. Do flirt

Flirt him and try to catch his attention. Would he flirt you back? But you should aware with your friend she might like the same person with you. So, check on these some signs your best friend is secretly jealous of you.

How to tell your best friend you like their brother

Now, how to tell your best friend you like their brother? What you should do? Keep it as your own secret or talk to your best friend. Well, these are the best solution for you, what are you supposed to do.

1. Take a full deep breath

Okay, first you must relax your body and take a full deep breath. Asking yourself, are you ready to tell this to your best friend? It is better if you tell the truth about your feeling to their brother right now.

2.  Say it honestly

Maintain your schedule, find the right time and place to tell this to your best friend. The right time and place, you could invite your best friend to your house then say. ” I would like to tell the truth that I like your brother, so what do you think ?”

3. Tells your best friend what are the reasons

After your best friend hear that you like their brother, it must be your best friend ask, what is the reason? Explain it with the truth, just say ” I like your brother because he is very outstanding and I am already falling in love at first sight. So, how do you think?”

4. Ask your best friend

Ask your best friend, ” What do you think if I like your brother, are you agree or not? Well they are siblings, so in here you just ask for the permission will your best friend agree or not.

5. Confidence your self

Confidence is key on how to tell your best friend you like their brother. Say this to your self that you can do it. Say I can do or I can tell this at three times. It would be your mood booster.

6. Do not listen to them

Your best friend agrees that you may like their brother, but there is your friend that like the same person as you. In here your friend said that you will not get him as your boyfriend. Do not listen to them, and just go through. The miracle can happen anytime.

7. Make a plans with your best friend’s family

One the effective way to get closer with their brother is to make a plan to family’s time. Invite their family and your family then you could do some barbeque in the backyard.

8. You can do it

Well, if this is the right time to say ” I love you” to their brother do it. You can do it, and brave yourself that whatever that the answer is.  If he says yes, you could hold your promise that you have made to your best friend. If he rejects you, do not worry maybe he is not your right partner.

Hopefully, the above on how to tell your best friend you like their brother could benefit on you. So,  why don’t you try first to find him out? Is he single? or does he likes you too? Furthermore, these are few tips on how to tell if your brother’s best friend likes you. Good luck.

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