Sweetest Things to Text Your Boyfriend That Will Make Him Smile

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If you feel satisfied by dating the man of your dream, it's not the end, girls. You need to make your relationship work. There are many, many ways to do so and you don't have to contemplate what should you do. You can show your love by trying to make him smile. You don't necessarily have to see him face to face, because a simple text will do. Just like when he did all the Things to Say to a Girl Over Text to Make Her Smile, you can do the same thing.

Men are not that hard to be pleased, you when you send them cute text they will melt right away? Out of inspiration? Try to recall the old Cute Text Messages to Send Your Crush to Keep Them Interested or ask Google what words are the sweetest.

Depending on the situation, there are different things to text your boyfriend that will make him smile.

When You Miss Him

Whether you are long distanced or not, you miss him often. Here are what you can send him over text when you feel so. Here lists of Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend When You Miss Him that you can send through text.

  1. "The night is very cold. I miss my human blanket."
  2. "Have a nice day baby! I know you will be doing great today as well."
  3. "I feel so unwell and I need my remedy right now."
  4. "I'm wondering what would you do at the moment?"
  5. "Hello, my source of energy. I miss you."
  6. "I'm coming across your day to make you smile."
  7. "I miss you!"
  8. "I miss my most favorite human."
  9. "Since you always makes me smile, I hope you smile while reading this too."
  10. "You just dropped me off but I already miss you."

On the Anniversary

Anniversary marks another milestone in your relationship. Even you are far away, you still can send him the sweetest Anniversary Messages for Boyfriend in Long Distance Relationship.

  1. "Another year down but we have more years to come! Happy anniversary!"
  2. "Has it been a year? For me it seems like yesterday since I fall for you everyday."
  3. "Wherever I go, my heart stays with you."
  4. "As today is our anniversary, I recall the first time we met and can't stop smiling over it."
  5. "The fact that you're still with me make me thankful to have you."
  6. "The gift that I want for our anniversary is for you to stay with me forever."
  7. "I remember today as the day you become a thieve. It's my heart that you stole."

When He's Down and Stressed

One crucial moment where your boyfriend needs you the most is when he's down and depressed. Calm him down through the Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend When He's Depressed.

  1. "Smile. Because it's the best thing ever happened to me."
  2. "For me, you are number one."
  3. "Let's get through this hard time together. We're going to escape it."
  4. "This will pass and we'll live like nothing has happened."
  5. "Hang on to me. I'll always be your strength."
  6. "Where is the smile that make fall in love? It's been gone for too long now."
  7. "After the heavy thunder the night before, the sun still rising like it was nothing."

When He Has Just Achieved Something

Your praise means so much to him.

  1. "I know you can do it! Congratulation baby!"
  2. "How lucky I am to have such a smart man like you?"
  3. "Keep the good work, honey. You are the best."
  4. "I'm going to put you in a cage because you have become more attractive. Other girls must have set their eyes on you from now on."
  5. "Hey, sexy. You have done well."

After the Fight

Make up with your boyfriend through the sweetest text ever.

  1. "Thank you for putting up with me."
  2. "I know I'm ridiculously selfish. I'm sorry."
  3. "Baby, I know I should never do that. The fact that you're hurt hurt me even more. Forgive me."
  4. "I'm sorry I let you down. I feel ashamed to hurt you. I'll be a better person, I promise."
  5. "I'm the worst idiot ever existed. I know you were right. Sorry for the drama earlier. You're the best honey."

How to Make Him Smile

Beside those cringy text you can send him any time, you should also know how to act for real. Because no matter how best the things to text your boyfriend that will make him smile, all of it would be meaningless if you don't know how to make him really smile.

1. Give Him Compliments

Just like the rest of us, men want compliments. You know how people always do better after some compliment, right? Those also applied to your man. Praise him for how fresh he looks or how he has become a good boyfriend all the time.

2. Appreciate What He Has Done

For every little things he has done to you, never forget to say thank you. The little appreciation would means so much, because he knows there is love in it. Be thankful for the breakfast he cooked and the broken faucet he fixed the other day.

3. Give Him Massages

His work must have drain his energy a lot. Instead of complaining and causing an unnecessary fight, help him to relax by giving him massage on the head or his shoulders. It did makes him relax.

4. Be There When He Needed You the Most

When he's down, stressed, or happy, make sure you're always there. Be there on the crucial moment, not to bother him with childish stuffs but to offer your support to him.

5. Get Something for Him

This little things always do wonder to your relationship. When you're running an errands and find his favorite snacks, buy them and drop by to give it to him. He will definitely smile over that.

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