How To Tell If Your Gay Friend Has A Crush On You - How To React

Last updated on July 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

We are always too oblivious to what’s happening around us, especially when people show us hints that they love us. But that obliviousness, if left unchecked for too long, can hurt a lot of people, especially your friend.

Sometimes, the ones who love us are so unpredictable. Which means you need to start noticing whether or not your gay friend is hinting at you.

Here are the subtle ways on how to tell if your gay friend has a crush on you:


1. He Makes Eye Contact On You Constantly

The Physical Signs A Woman Likes You is found in woman and it exist in men too. If he looks at you constantly, he’s probably hinting that he wants you to notice him more.

2. Ask Your Openness Towards LGBTQ Issue

He asks questions like whether or not you support LGBTQ issues to know if he can approach you or not.

3. Present Case Scenarios Of LGBTQ Relationship

Now he is asking you “so, let’s pretend you’re in a gay relationship. Will you be open to such things?” What he’s doing is probably trying to find the signs he's boyfriend material in you.

4. Ask If You Are Currently Single

If he’s more confident in picking you, he’ll start by asking whether or not you are single.

5. Wanting To Spend Time With You A Lot

wanting to spend time with you a lot

There’s nothing more exciting than spending time with someone you love. This is exactly why he is spending so much time with you.

6. Asking Around About You

This guy shows Signs A Shy Guy Likes You but Is Trying Not to Show It which is why he can’t stop trying to get to know you by asking about you to your friends and family.

7. Complimenting You All The Time

He’ll use the Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make Him Realize You Love Him because he adores you so much and wishes for you to be his boyfriend.

8. Chatting You Frequently

Your guy will frequently use How to Text Your Crush without Being Annoying and Clingy to sweep you off your feet. This is a definite sign that he is starting to really like you!

9. Touches You So You Know He’s There

Physical touch is a way to make you like him and to make him happy.He’ll casually touch your hip or your elbow and brush your hair out of your face.

10. Talking About His Stance On A Relationship

Now, to really give you a signal that he wants a relationship, he’ll talk about how he always wants a relationship and all that.

11. Doing Little Acts Of Kindness For You All The Time

To show his feelings, he’ll be really kind to you and show it in small moments throughout the day.

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12. Asking About Your Standard Of Boyfriend

He’ll ask you how you like your guy and adjust himself accordingly.

How You Should Reply To The Fact That Your Gay Friend Likes You

how you should reply to the fact that your gay friend likes you

Now you know whether or not your gay friend really likes you through how to tell if your gay friend has a crush on you. But, knowing is nothing without knowledge on how to handle it. That is why you should know and do some of these tips:

1. Keep Noticing Over Periods Of Time

Not all signs of true. If you only see one or two signs in him and you notice it in a short period of time, it’s probably not true. That is why it is best to notice in one or two months before you reach a conclusion.

2. Ask Some Of Their Close Friends

He have probably shown his closest friends the Signs A Man Loves You Secretly But He Won't Say. That is why it is time to ask his friends if he truly have the feelings.

3. Get Him To Be Alone With You

Feelings are said clearly when you are alone. So, find somewhere private and ask him about it.

4. Know How You Feel About Him

Before approaching the issue, know if you want to be with him or not. If you don’t, then don’t bother doing anything about it.

5. Ask Him The Real Question

Now comes the time to truly ask him about it. Be straightforward and don’t hurt his feeling.

Your obliviousness should be gone by the time you learn how to tell if your gay friend has a crush on you. But, remember to keep his feelings safe by following up with how you should reply to the fact that he likes you. Once you’ve done both things, life will go back to smooth sailing.

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