29 Simple and Funny Ways to Tell Your Friends You Love Them

Last updated on May 31, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Our friends are the ones that makes our life better. Their unconditional love and the way that they light up each one of our day makes everything better. But how do you pay it back?

It’s important to give the love back to the people that have supported us. But sometimes we are confused by how we should do it. Don’t worry we will give you the funny ways to tell your friends you love them ;

  1. Surprise Them With The Things They Love Everyday

Whether it’s doing yoga or simply being in the park, surprise them with the things you know they will love.

  1. Make A Scrapbook Of Silly Memories

Every friendship have a silly memory and those are the ones that can succesfully cheer someone up. So why not put it together in a scrapbook?

  1. Post A Picture Of Them With A Cute Caption

If you post a picture of someone on a social media, you are telling the world that they mean something to you.

  1. Make A Meme Out Of Them

Memes are the height of humor in this modern era. Make a funny meme out of them to make them laugh.

  1. Make Them A Hilarious Cake

Cakes with a funny form or with a funny message made by your hard work will be greatly appreciated.

  1. Take Them To A Funny Movie

Comedy movies are movies that can make our life brighter, especially your friend’s

  1. Make Them A Funny Clothes

Clothes that are out of the ordinary and plain silly will be a treasure for them that reminds them of love.

  1. Go On A Trip Together To Let Loose

Trips to somewhere faraway where you can just be silly together is a great inspiration and de-stress source.

  1. Have A Silly Photo Session Together

Whether it’s in a photobooth or just with your phone, silly photo sessions will make both of you laugh.

  1. Text Them A Joke Each Morning

New jokes everyday will leave them smiling and thinking about it all day long.

  1. Give Them A Supportive Message At The End Of The Night

It’s important to give them a supportive and reassuring message by the end of the night to make them smile before they sleep.

  1. Tell Them About Their Daily Horoscope Forecast

It’s a funny and unusual way to show the ways to say I can't stop thinking about you.

  1. Make Them A Cute Breakfast

Breakfast that are cute are a ways to say I love you without saying I love you.

  1. Watch A Funny Youtube Video Together

Youtube offers a lot of comedy videos that you can watch together to relax and laugh out loud.

  1. Scroll Through A Funny Account Together

Any social media have an account that is meant to make you laugh. To boost your mood, see it together.

  1. Give Them A Peck On The Cheek

A peck on the cheek once in a while is something that can make you laugh and smile as a reminder of your love. You can even do the Ways to Kiss A Friend Accidentally and Get Away Looking Cute

  1. Build An Inside Joke Together

Inside jokes grows as a friendship grows.

  1. Have A Sleepover Together

It’s very fun to have a sleepover together. You can do a lot of activities that makes you calm down.

  1. Tag Them On Funny Things

Tagging them on funny things makes them know that you always remember them.

  1. Give Them Positive Notes

Give some notes on Ways to Love Yourself and Be Happy with The World


Ways To Cheer Your Friends Up With Love

Cheering people up is a satisfying thing to do but sometimes we are confused on how to do it. Well, on that matter, you need to follow these ways to cheer your friends up with love ;

  1. Give Them A Funny Lovable Card

Cards are a practical and short way to say the love that you want to convey.

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  1. Send Them A Silly Picture Of You

To show that you are willing to look silly for them is the signs that a man loves you unconditionally.

  1. Give Them A Box Of Snacks

Snacks never fail to cheer someone up, especially your friend.

  1. Make Videos Of The Time You Spend Together

These videos can be seen everytime and is a constant reminder of the bond of your relationship.

  1. Create A Signature Hand Shake

Building a complex but fun hand shake shows how strong the relationship is.

  1. Give Them A ‘Cheer Up’ Box

This box can include the small sized things that can cheer them up.

  1. Take Them To Their Favorite Place

Taking them to be together on their favorite place can definitely bring some peace to their heart.

  1. Give Them A Funny Book

They’ll gain more knowledge and more fun.

  1. Send Them A Bouquet Of Flower With Funny Notes

A bouquet of flower is sensible and funny if you add a funny note to it.

Signs That Your Friend Is Grateful Of You

When we are happy about something, our gratitude level rise up for the person that becomes the reason of our happiness. If you do the tips right, you’ll see these signs ;

  1. They Laugh And Smile Easily With You

Their smile and laugh is almost effortless when they are with you because your mere presence can make them calm.

  1. Returning Back The Effort

They put in the same effor to make you happy.

  1. Not Trying To Make You Feel A Negative Emotion

Your true friend will not make you feel sad or angry on purpose.

  1. Wanting Things To Last

It seems that they do not want to give it up without a fight.

It’s amazing how your friendship can grow and strengthen when you do the funny ways to tell your friends you love them. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see the signs that they are grateful of you which will cheer you up for a long time!

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