How to Tell Your Boyfriend You Love Him So Much Over Text?

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Communication is important to support a sucessful and happy relationship. Knowing how to tell your boyfriend you love him so much over text will help you to do it somehow. Not knowing how to start? Here are some recommendations.

  • We both are perfect since day one. But, your existence give my life more colors. You take me to see another journey that I never imaged before. And I am thankful for that. For you, for us. Thank you for staying here with me.
  • Thank you for keep reminding me of how worthy I am. Thank you for respecting me for who I am. Thank you for giving me wonderful advice. And thank you for being by my side when I am not even feel like I love myself.
  • I feel like I need a word that is more powerful than love. Because, love is not even explaining what happen between us two. Our relationship is just as wonderful as you my love.
  • You are more than a boyfriend to me. You are my best friend. You are my brother. You are my adviser. You are my guardian angel.
  •  I think it is true that time flies faster when we feel happy. Time flies so fast when I am with you, because you keep trying to make me feel happier. Thank you.
  • The way you make me feel is different compared to my previous experience. And I wish we met earlier, but God's planning is just beautiful. He let me to have you as a partner.
  • Can we keep our deep conversation habit going? I love to talk about many things with you. It feels like I can adjust myself with you all the time. Is this what people called as soulmate?
  • Baby you are more than enough. You show me how worthy I am when I don't feel like myself. Always remember how amazing you are as a person, for me, and for other people.

Tips to improve your relationship

After you know some inspiration on how to tell your boyfriend you love him so much over text, it is okay for you to know more tips. Even though currently your relationship with him is okay, but this does not mean that you won't have any relationship problem later on.

To keep improving the quality of your relationship, you will need to continuously learning on new things. Such as on how to solve misunderstanding between boyfriend girlfriend.

Here are the rest of the tips.

  • Give more understanding

Rather than asking for an understanding from your partner, isn't it better to try to understand him first? Many relationship are failing because none of the parties are trying to understand their partner.

But, they want to be understood by their partner. Relationship works in two ways and not only in a one way. That's the first thing that we all need to understand.

  • Try to learn your partner's perspective

You and your partner have different background for sure. And that's what makes you and him has a different perspective in seeing the same thing or problem.

There is no perspective that is wrong. But, somehow in order to have a deal to solve a problem or taking a decision on something, both of you will need to discuss. And a good discussion will need you to see something from your partner's perspective.

  • Control your emotion

Most of our problem is affected by our emotion. Small problem can be a big problem when we put too much emotion into it without thinking logically on how to solve it.

There are more tips such as knowing the ways to get an introvert to open up emotionally, if your boyfriend is an introvert. So, in order to make your relationship still in harmony then you will need to learn on how to control your emotion.

  • Solve a problem as soon as possible

Whether it is the tips of ways to get over jealousy issues in a relationship or other tips, it is better for you to solve any problem or issues as soon as possible.

Because, why would you keep maintaining an issue or a problem within your relationship. It won't get you any closer, but it will create more boundaries between you and your boyfriend.

Only knowing on how to tell your boyfriend you love him so much over text or make him happy all the time won't be enough. You will need to understand him as a person. This will help you to solve any problem within a relationship faster.

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