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32 Indirect Signs Your Best Friend’s Brother Likes You

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Having a best friend not only means that you have someone to protect you but it also means more people coming into your life, including their brother. Sure, you’re strictly acquaintances but what if there is more to it?


Sometimes acquaintances can turn to lovers. This can be shown in the sudden but steady approach of your best friends brothers. If you are still unsure if it is really the right feeling, you need to know for sure with the signs your best friend’s brother likes you;

  1. They Make Eye Contact With You A Lot

Eye contact is the first sign that he is not afraid to show his feelings towards you.

  1. Smiling At You Whenever You Are Around

When a guy smiles at you, he is actually showing Signs That A Boy Has A Crush On You . Make sure you catch that smile the next time.

  1. Maintaining Physical Closeness Towards You

Physical closeness doesn’t have to be extreme. It can be choosing the seat closer to you or walking beside you most of the time.

  1. He Ask A Lot About You To Your Best Friend

If he start to get curious about you personally that means that his attraction towards you is more than anything platonic.

  1. They Are Not Afraid To Be In The Same Room With You For A Long Time

Sometimes guys don’t like being in a room with someone they don’t know for a long time. In his case, he actually really likes it.

  1. They Greet You Whenever You See Him

Greeting you with a smile means that he really notice you and secretely hopes that you notice him too.

  1. They Ask For Your Contacts

Asking for your contacts whether it is social media or phone number, is a sign that he really wants to establish a great relationship with you.

  1. He Tells You To Swing By More Often

When he actually tells you to hang out in your best friend’s house more often is actually a sign of love. This is an excuse for him to see you more often.

  1. He Make Small Talks With You

Making small talks can actually lead to something because this is the start to any good conversation.

  1. He Wants To Have Extensive Conversation With You

Making sure it’s the signs your best friend’s brother likes you – Conversation to get to know each other is what he really wants because he is developing a genuine attraction towards you. 

  1. He Compliments You

He suddenly says the Romantic Things to Say to Your Girl Crush because he knows it will make you smile and he just really like you.

  1. He Closely Follows Your Social Media

Liking your photo, commenting to it in a sweet way, and direct messaging you is something you shouldn’t take for granteed.

  1. He Becomes Protective Of You

If a guy starts being close to you, he start to show the Signs That He is Jealous of You with Another Guy and being really protective of you.

  1. He Start To Flirt With You

Casually, he will start to say the  Ways to Flirt Without Coming On Too Strong because he wants to take the relationship to the next level 

  1. Asking You If You Are Available Romantically

Asking if you are single is quite unusual but it is what he will do if he likes you.

  1. Not Minding To Be Alone With You

Being alone with you is something that he will cerish because he wants to spend more time with you.

  1. Leaning In To You When Talking With You

One of the visible physical signs of attraction is leaning in when talking with you.

  1. Suggesting More Personal Hang Out With You

He start to say that he wants to hang out with you more often.

  1. Wanting To Make You Laugh

He will say the Things to Say to A Girl to Make Her Laugh Over Text

  1. Acting A Little Clumsy Around You

This clumsiness is because he can’t hide his attraction towards you.

More Ways To Know That Your Best Friend’s Brother Secretly Wants To Be With You

It might be shocking to realize that your best friend’s brother want to be with you but it is more than possible. Here are the shocking ways to know that the feeling is real and not just a fantasy ;

  1. He Wants To Be Highly Spoken Of By Your Best Friend In Front Of You

Pushing your best friend to talk highly about him to you means that he wants you to show the Signs She is Into Me to him.

  1. Buying You Gifts

Thoughtful gifts will start to come from him.

  1. Wanting To Call You For A Personal Chat

Texting you will be his number one priority.

  1. Your Best Friend Already Knows

If he really likes you, your best friend probably already knows.

  1. He Start Sweet Talking To You

Talking sweetly in person is a definite sign he likes you.

  1. He Does All This For A Long Time

The attraction is not a fantasy if all of these is done in a long time until he gets you. 

Tips To Handle The Sudden Change Of Heart

It’s hard to comprehend the idea that your best friend’s brother wants you but the least you could do is to handle it gracefully to not ruin any relationship further. Here are the graceful tips to handle his sudden change of heart ;

  1. Confirm It

If you are not sure, ask about it to your best friend or even to the brother himself.

  1. Ask About His Level Of Seriousness

Is this a fling or is he really interested in you? Ask about the depth of his feelings.

  1. Make A Commitment

Make a commitment that makes you have both your best friend and the brother in your life no matter what.

  1. Make Sure Both Sides Gets The Same Attention

This might be hard but you need to divide your attention so you can keep the relationship intact.

  1. Incorporate Your Maturity

Your maturity in handling things is important if you want to run things smoothly.

First you merely know your best friend’s brother and know he suddenly likes you. If you still can’t believe you, you need to make sure with the signs your best friend’s brother likes you. After that, handle the relationship with caution with the tips to handle the sudden change of heart.

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