Signs Your Best Friend’s Brother Likes You (19 Non-So-Obvious Signs)

Last updated on July 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

You have a best friend who means the world to you. That friend has a brother you think is kinda cute. Part of you also thinks he’s sweet on you, but you can’t say for sure. You don’t want to get ideas yet, especially since it can potentially come between your friendship. So, you’re looking for a sign, anything at all, to confirm your best friend’s brother likes you.

The good news is, best friend’s brother or stranger, all boys have a way of showing it when they like a girl. If you are right, you can count on seeing your sign. However, there’s a catch. Depending on how close he is to his sibling who is tight with you, some of the typical signs could easily mean he’s just being friendly with you.

Notwithstanding, they say there’s no smoke without a fire. If most of the items on this list describe your dynamics with your best friend’s brother, your suspicion probably checks out.


19 Ways to Tell Your Best Friend’s Brother Likes You

1. He talks to you when you are over

he talks to you when you are over

It’s one thing if you all grew up together and are basically family friends. If you’ve known your best friend forever, it’s natural to develop a rapport with those closest to them along the way. You spend time at their house, and he probably picks his sister or brother up from yours, so there’s plenty of chances to bond.

However, say your relationship with the guy is nothing near that close, and your connection with him is solely through your friend. Then, there could be more to his active interest in making conversation with you every time than just being a gracious host.

2. He acts different than your friend describes him when you're around

Another dependable sign that a guy might like you, especially one so close to home, is behavioral inconsistencies. Suppose your friend always goes on and on about how much of an extrovert her brother is. But instead of his storied confident charm around girls, he acts all tame around you. 

Or someone who is usually cooped up in his room coming down to participate in whatever is going on when you come over. And everyone from his parents to your friend and their other siblings makes comments about how he’s this different person whenever that happens. 

I’d rule out the possibility that he just likes having people around by asking my friend if he acts that way with other visitors. If the answer is no, that could be your sign.

3. He asks lots of questions about you

It’s natural to want to engage someone we like as often as we are chanced, but if your best friend’s brother is keeping his feelings secret, he might not be so direct. And if this guy is the type that barely looks your way, let alone make small talk when you are around, he could be gathering information about you in other ways.

The first witness is, of course, your friend. If he’s asking them questions about you, like when next you are coming over or whether you’re seeing someone, that’s promising. Also, if you two are a bit cordial and he never misses a chance to know just a little bit more about you when you talk, odds are he likes you.

4. He's attentive when you talk

Attentive body language is a sign that someone is interested in what you have to say at least. This includes cues like leaning forward/closer to you, following your lips, and mirroring your movements during conversations. Noticing these once or twice can still be chalked up to him finding what you are saying interesting. 

But if this becomes a pattern unique to you, i.e., he is always this way with you when other people can hardly get him to pay attention for two minutes, it must be that he finds you really fascinating. And that, in my experience, is not so far off from him having a soft spot for you.

5. He brings you small gifts

Does your best friend’s brother always come bearing the most random yet needed gifts? Collar for your dog, a book by an author you like, earrings he found at the flea market, just to name a few. Sometimes, he gets them in twos, for you and his sister, perhaps to make it look more like a brotherly act than a romantic one?

Again, see if there’s a pattern to these gestures and whether he’s usually that generous with your friend’s other girlfriends. Even if he sometimes gets them stuff, as long as they’re not as frequent and thoughtful as yours, it’s a sign your random gifts aren’t so random after all.

6. He stares at you fondly a lot

Back to basics: no matter how careful your best friend’s brother is, if he harbors feelings for you, you will find him staring a little longer than necessary more than once. Now, he may not keep the gaze going after you make eye contact, but you can feel fondness in the glimpse you catch.

Depending on what kind of ‘like’ we are talking about here, these glances may not stop at your face. Even if he feels the pure, agape type of love for you, as long as he’s a guy with hormones and blood coursing through him, there’ll be a bit of lust too. That means he may not be able to help ogling other exciting parts of you too, like your lips, breasts, and co.

7. He is a tad more protective of you than normal

Growing up, my older brother designated himself as my bodyguard. Whether there was any danger or not, the way I remember it, he was always somewhere around the corner watching over me. Now, this security detail automatically covered my friends whenever they were with me, no one could cheat us with my brother around.

We are all grown now and he’s become less intense about it, but my friends and I have come to associate being that protective with him. That’s his normal. It’s natural for guys to show this trait towards women they care about.

Whether you’ve known him your whole life or shorter, if your best friend’s brother’s protectiveness kicks up a notch higher than is typical whenever you’re involved, that could be your sign. You’re not related so do the math. 

8. Your friend gives you some space when he's around

If your best friend’s brother is besotted with you, chances are they are in on it. Even if he doesn’t say anything, they’d know their brother well enough to suspect something is up. So if it’s true, and they deem you worthy of each other, they might try to fix you up without getting directly involved.

That way, they can have plausible deniability if things go sideways, and if it works, you have one more thing to thank your bestie for. So, if your friend has been having a lot of reasons to leave you alone with the bro lately, maybe look a little more into that.

9. Your friend talks him up to you

Alternatively, your friend could decide to be a little more direct if it’s true that their brother likes you. Maybe they’ve always known, long before you started looking for signs that you guys would make a great couple. Or, more likely, the guy puts them up to it. 

Irrespective of their motivation, if the guy suddenly starts coming up more in your conversations with your friend, particularly if they are uncharacteristically talking him up, it’s a possible sign. One that is even more likely to be true if seen in tandem with the previous sign.

10. He asks for your Instagram handle

Making small talk when you cross paths at their house is one thing, but trying to have the same conversation over socials is another. You can chalk the former up to him being polite, but your friend’s brother wanting access to your Instagram suggests a lot more. Sure, it could be he's looking for an alternative way to reach his sister, but doesn't he have your number for that?

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It’s even more interesting if he follows your account actively but only interacts with certain kinds of posts. Apart from the ones involving his sister or brother, if he looks when you post stuff with boys but likes the ones where you look extra hot, he could be telling you something.

11. He casually calls and texts you

he casually calls and texts you

Usually, when your friend’s brother takes your number, it’s either because he’s already feeling you and wants you to know about it or just in case. I can still excuse following you on social media, perhaps to see what you are like online. You spend a lot of time with his sister/brother, after all.

He will also get your contact for safety reasons and maybe the occasional check-ins if he’s nice. But if he calls or texts you every other day, often with excuses that don’t always add up, like asking questions he already knows the answers to, he probably likes you.

12. He likes having you around

This will not make the news, but another sign someone likes you is that they enjoy being in your presence. How much would you say your friend’s brother likes having you around? Like does his face light up when you catch him by surprise? Does he try to insert himself into the settling or smile a lot when you’re there?

Has he or your friend casually mentioned that much? Is the guy usually reluctant to see you go, or does he ask about you when a minute has passed since he’s seen you? If you answered yes, then yeah, that guy has feelings for you. 

13. He asks to hang out without your best friend

Speaking of, some guys are more proactive than others when they like a girl, even one as sensitive as their sister or brother’s bestie. He may not come out to say exactly how he feels about you, but his actions will nudge you there. Yes, guys do that too.

An example is trying to see you away from the sis/bro. If all you know of him is what he’s like at home, he may want to introduce you to other sides of him. A clean-ish slate to get to know Jack the person, not Jack, Jane’s brother. So yeah, if he asks to hang sans the best girl, then you’re right to make assumptions.

14. He keeps finding ways to accidentally run into you

If he likes being around you so much, but unlike the guy in the previous point, he’s unable to be so forward as to ask to hang, he could take this approach. Mind you, regardless of whatever reasons your best friend’s brother is keeping his feelings secret, he would also like you to meet him out of your friendship context.

So if he can’t ask you to hang out, what’s the next best thing? You guessed it. Are the coffee shop and gym run-ins starting to connect now? Isn’t it lucky that he always catches you on occasions when you have some time to kill? And he’s always freer than when you see him at their house too, your conversation just… flows, right? Coincidence, I think not.

15. He knows your favorite things

If your friend’s brother likes you, celebrations like your birthday, prom, graduation, and the holidays should reveal the guy pays attention. Somehow, he always knows the right thing to get you. Hates parties but will gladly let your girlfriends’ throw you a surprise party at his place if that’s what you are into. 

Do you always have to ask how he knows you like the stuff he does for you? If it’s usually something you never told him, but your friends know, or you happened to mention on your story once, he’s into you.

16. He notices the small stuff about you

Another way to tell this guy likes you is when his attentiveness shows in your everyday interactions, not just on special occasions. In the way he casually references something you’ve long forgotten ever having told him and how he follows up on your little struggles.

How he notices the subtle modifications in your hair and makeup, the slight change in your mood, and other inconspicuous details even your best friend may not immediately pick up on. You’ve not been thinking much of it, but now that you’re reading it along with the other signs, it’s starting to come together, isn’t it?

17. He's not a fan of the boys you hang out with

One reliable sign that tells a guy likes you irrespective of your current relationship with him is that no other guy will be good enough for you in his eyes. Certainly not your boyfriend, if you have one. Remember that protective instinct I talked about? Yep, it will be more evident than usual when he sees other guys around you.

It can be even more confusing when he’s consciously trying to keep how he feels from you. He ignores half the time then acts jealous when you cozy up to some dude, what’s that about? He may try to sugarcoat his disapproval of all your romantic relationships as looking out for you, but between you and him, you know there’s more to it. 

18. He teases you

Maybe your friend’s brother checks some boxes on this list, all right, but is anything but sweet to you. Yes, sometimes he does thoughtful things like bringing you stuff you need without asking or picking you up, but the rest of the time, he’s teasing the living daylight out of you. 

I see why taking jabs at you may not be the best way to express how he’s feeling, and apparently, so does he. The fact that he’s shown some signs he likes you but can’t seem to stop with the chaffing can imply he’s fighting himself. Because jocosely teasing you is a safe way to engage without giving too much away.

19. He is not dating

he is not dating

Finally, does your friend’s brother have a girlfriend? If not, what about other kinds of relationships that you know of? You know, almost/undefined relationship, FWB, or whatever other alternatives to dating there are in your scene. If he does have a girl, how does he behave when you see them together?

If it’s his girlfriend or wife that he can’t deny being with, he may not do much. But if it’s something less committed, like they are just hooking up, he may get restless. He might not be considering pursuing a relationship with you, but he also wouldn’t want you to think he’s with someone he’s not. 

It’s because part of us always wants the person we like to know we are available. Ideally, if he’s into you, he won’t be seeing someone else, and if he is, he will try his best to keep it out of your face.


What do you do if you like your best friend’s brother?

Give it some time to see if it’s just a passing feeling. If not, you should probably mention it to your friend or try to feel them out at least to gauge if they would be okay with it. You can then move forward with their blessing or abort the mission and focus on guys other than their brother.

Is it okay to date your friend’s brother?

It’s not not okay to date a friend’s brother as long as all parties are fine with it. However, you have to be able to prioritize your friendship and your relationship equally or one would suffer. Also, it’s worth considering there’s a chance it might not work out, and things can be awkward for everyone afterward.

How do you tell your brother you are dating his friend?

Take some time to see if this thing you have with your brother’s friend is just a fluke. When you are sure it’s the real thing, just tell him you are pregnant for the guy. Then say it’s a prank, that you are just dating. You can decide to do this with your partner or alone, depending on your brother’s personality.

How do you know if your best friend is attracted to you?

The way they express their love for you will be a little more romantic than platonic, even if they try to fight it. For instance, their hugs and touches may linger longer than you might expect of just a friend. Oh, and focus on the eyes. Eye contact tends to give hidden feelings away.

Can I kiss my best friend?

Depends on the type of kiss and the comfort level in your relationship. If you are considering kissing them on the lips, though, make sure they are single before trying at all. And prepare for some awkwardness. Even if they feel the same about you, they might be too stunned to react the way you want.

To Conclude

So, did you smile reading through this because it affirms what you’ve been thinking all along, or are you just grateful to be wrong even though you feel a little sad? While I’m all for the smile, I wouldn’t conclude anything yet until you hear from the horse’s mouth because as signs go, that’s the ultimate one.

Meanwhile, if you think I missed something, you can let me know in the comments along with your thoughts on the list. Also, feel free to share the post as someone in your network might need it. 

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