My Girlfriend Wants To Look Good For Other Guys - What To Do

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Every girlfriend wants to look perfect in front of their boyfriend. They sometimes go too hard to have a gorgeous look thinking about making their boyfriend love them more.

It is definitely not wrong since even you love it as long as they didn't cross the line.

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However, you somehow know the fact that lately, they do look good not especially for you and even worse they do it for the sake of other guys. What should you do?

Here Are My Girlfriend Wants To Look Good For Other Guys

You might find it irritates you because you don't your girlfriend to be close with other guys or even worse cheated on you.

To help you with it, here are my girlfriend wants to look good for other guys and what you have to do about that.

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1. She Is Testing Your Confidence

It can be that she is only testing your confidence which is are you going to feel good enough for her or not.

2. You're The Reason For What She Does

you're the reason for what she does

You may want to reflect on yourself why she must to look good for other guys. Perhaps, it's you that start running wild your eyes when a pretty girl passes by.

3. It Is Only Your Assumption

Here are my girlfriend wants to look good for other guys if you asked about it. Don't weigh yourself with something that probably only in your imagination.

That's possible your fear manifest into this issue which makes you think your girl doing so.

4. She Can Do Whatever She Wants

Either she is doing it or not, it's actually her decision and even though she is your girl you don't have the full right to stop her.

5. You're Feeling Insecure

Like being said, maybe you must be overthinking the worst case and this stuff turns into your insecurity.

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6. She Wants You To Realize Something

Here are my girlfriend wants to look good for other guys. Girls always have a secret behind them.

Work harder to figure out because maybe she wants you to realize something by doing so. For example, she wants you to put more attention to what she's doing.

7. Find Out Who Those Guys

Does she dress up for the same guy or just for the random guys? You better find out who are they.

8. Check Her Phone

check her phone

Maybe you'll find some clue if you check her phone. However, if you're not used to doing this then you shouldn't because it is a matter of privacy. 

9. Be More Open

Here are my girlfriend wants to look good for other guys. It is obvious that you want to know why she is doing that.

But first, you should be more open to facing her so she'd gladly tell you openly though.

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10. Directly Ask Her The Reason

To build a healthy relationship, you can start by be honest toward each other.

That's why, if you think this is a problem, then ask her directly to know what's her reason.

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How To Make Her Stop Doing That

Here are what you can do if you don't want your girlfriend to keep looking good for other guys.

1. Give What She Needs

It could be a code you need to crack. First of all, you have to know what she's aiming for then just go give what she needs.

2. Take A Granted In The Relationship

Maybe she is feeling unsure about your relationship. Therefore, must be taking granted for it is what you need to do.

3. Feel Blessed To Have Her With You

Show to her more you feel lucky to have her as your girl. It makes her feel that she's wanted by her dearest one.

4. Let Your Girlfriend Be Herself

You can expect your girlfriend to change if she doesn't want to. Just let her be herself then!

5. Don't Let Your Jealousy Come

It's pretty normal if you feel jealous about it. However, remember to not letting that jealousy overcome you or you'll worsen the situation.

More Tips To Make Your Girlfriend Only Seeing You

Here are more tips to make your girlfriend only seeing you.

1. Listen To Her

You should patiently listen to her when she's explaining her reason so you would understand what's she actually feels.

2. Be There When She Needs

Your girlfriend might need your support and wants you to be always there when she needs you the most.

3. Be More Affectionate

be more affectionate

If you don't want to lose her, then make sure you let her know how much you love her.

4. Compliment Her

It is nice to give a simple compliment for her every day so she'd feel like she is worth like telling her how nice her dress is or any other compliments you can try.

5. Respect Her Decision

Whatever decision she made, you should respect it!

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