Why Do Guys Change After 6 Months Relationship And How To Handle It

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Have a long-lasting relationship obviously what everyone expects and wish to happen. Being reached six months with your lover is quite a good step to able to take the relationship into more serious commitment. However, also by being lasted six months, you and your partner will start to show your true nature which can be bad or good for the relationship.

A six-month period of a relationship is known for being the hardest part for a couple. You can fall harder or even start to feel bored with your lover. It is normal though to feel bored when you are dating but you should figure it out so the relationship won't be such a mess.

That might be one of the reasons of why do guys change after 6 months relationship. However, that is not the only cause and you need to thinking about it more if you want to keep the relationship healthy. So let us help you with this why do guys change after 6 months relationship.


1. That's His True Nature

You only know him for being really nice to you. I mean, of course, he would act nice to you since he wants to win your heart. After 6 months, his true nature perhaps starts to show up and that is the time you think that he changes.

2. Being Himself

This is one of why do guys change after 6 months relationship. He only tries to being himself because knowing that you will stay despite everything.

3. He Is Bored

he is bored

Or maybe he is bored neither with you or the relationship. It is normal when you are dating someone then you start to feel bored. You should ask for yourself this question Can You Fall in Love Again with the Same Person All Over Again.

4. Romantic Is No Longer Needed

Being 6 months with you, he might already think that romantic thingy is no longer needed. If he is not the type that would bring you flowers every month then from now on you won't get any flower.

5. Indication Of Cheating

It has a possibility that he might do something behind your back. However, also don't assume it too fast. You have to do your own investigation first before considering that he is cheating. Cheating starts with Telling Little White Lies Causing Big Problems In Relationship.

6. Think That There Is No Problem

Why do guys change after 6 months relationship? Boys will be boys. They won't know there is a problem if you never tell them. When you start to feel that he changes, then you should tell him right away.

7. He Is Tired Of Fighting

If your relationship full of fighting over small thing every day, it is a sure thing when he starts to change. He doesn't want it anymore that is why do guys change after 6 months relationship.

8. The Relationship Is Overly Normal

Or it is extremely different from the previous point, your relationship might be to smooth and normal for him. Fighting and arguing may be bad when you are dating someone, however, these are what makes you stronger and learn more about loving each other within their flaws. That is why he is bored now and feels like he changes.

9. His Love Starts To Fade

his love starts to fade

Why do guys change after 6 months relationship? This is actually the most thing everyone scared of when they are in a relationship with someone. The reason why they change maybe it is because their love isn't there anymore and start to fade as the time goes by.

10. He Already Gets What He Want

Are you dating a bad boy? Maybe he already gets what he wants that is the reason for his strange behavior. This might be your answer Why Do Guys Ghost After Hooking Up Like It Was Nothing.

Signs Your Boyfriend Changes After 6 Months Relationship

You already know why do guys change after 6 months relationship. Here are signs when your boyfriend starts to change after 6 months relationship. Also check this kind of situation Why Do Guys Ask for Your Number and Never Text You.

1. He Doesn't Do Romantic Thing Anymore

You probably start to think he changes because he doesn't do the romantic thing anymore like the early day of your relationship. That is why you've been wondering what actually happens.

2. He Doesn't Make His Time for You

For the first time, he told you that he can't make it to your dinner date for an unknown reason. Not only that, he doesn't make his time for you even though you know that he isn't that busy.

3. No More Sweet Text

You can deny that his sweet good night text is what makes you fall in love with him. However, there is no more sweet text now.

4. Ignore You

He starts to ignore you whenever you talk to him. Or maybe here is what you are looking for What to Do When You Fall in Love with a Married Man

5. Communication Is Hard

Not only there is no more sweet text from him, even it is hard to call him now. He completely changes and it feels like you don't even know him anymore.

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Changes After 6 Months Relationship

Here are what to do when your boyfriend changes after 6 months relationship. Also check this Why Do Guys Disappear for Days and What to Do to Deal with It.

1. Do Reflect Yourself

do reflect yourself

Instead of wondering why he changes, maybe you should reflect on yourself too. It might be something within yourself that makes he acts the way he does now.

2. Start Looking For Information

If you start to think maybe he hides something from you, then you better look for information. Of course you don't want to be cheated on.

3. Don't Be So Extra

Or stop over think and don't be so extra. Maybe he is tired and has his own problem but can't tell you about it.

4. Talk To Him About What You Feel

Now you should talk to him about what you feel. Don't wait until the problem gets bigger and can't be solved.

5. Time To Make Decision

It is time to make a decision. He is your true love and worth your time if he won't feel bored and won't change even though you already date him for 6 years. This is only 6 months and he already does that? You deserve better than this.

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