Sweet Words To Say To Your Best Friend On Her Wedding Day

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It can feel like your best friend  is your soulmate, your long lost sister/brother and your twin. You’ve basically known each other inside out and you have spent almost every part of your life with them. You usually can talk about anything but what should you say to your best friend in one of the biggest day of their life, their wedding?

On a wedding day people need support and beautiful words that they will remember all their life. Tongues get tied sometimes, especially when you are expected to say something amazing to your best friend. Do not fret. Here are amazing words to say to a best friend on her wedding day;


1. I Know God Have Planned An Amazing Life For You, And This Is The Prove

People believe in destiny and knowing that destiny is favoring them in this marriage will soothe them. By saying this you are reminding her to be grateful and to be happy for the future that lies ahead.

2. I Wish You The Greatest Road That Lies Ahead With Your Partner

A little wish that you send to their way will be thoughtful and calming. Wishing your best friend a great, new journey ahead with her husband is all she ever asked for.

3. You Will Always Have Me

There is a little bit of worry in your best friend’s head that they might be distant from you. But assure them that you will always be by your best friend’s side and you are not someone who shows the Signs of Conditional Love.

4. You Should Have Faith In This Marriage

you should have faith in this marriage

Give her/him a little word of advice to keep her/his mind from wandering. Tell her that if the love is still there, you need to have full faith in the marriage.

5. I Could Not Be Happier That You Have Found The Love Of Your Life

Show your support by saying that you are happy that she/he have found a soulmate and doesn’t need to be searching for it anymore. This will make her heart light when she/he knows that you are happy for them.

6. You Are Beautiful/Handsome

Appearance is a big thing that someone prepares for their wedding. Assuring them that they are beautiful right now, will make them calm and confident to walk to a new romantic life. This is the perfect words to say to a best friend on her wedding day

7. I Know You Are Ready To Be With Your Husband/Wife

Sometimes people get nervous before going into the married life. What you need to do as their best friend is telling them that you are completely sure that he/she is ready to go into that life. Your best friend will feel more confident and calm. It's a great Things to Say to Help Someone Who Is Stressed Out.

8. I Will Always Be Your Best Friend And This Is My Vow To You

Vows are ordinary in a marriage. But a vow from a best friend is something big and it will even make your best friend tear up a little. This is words to say that you wholeheartedly wants to be in their life, and that is beautiful.

9. I Am Proud Of You

When your best friend is frantic in their wedding day, you need to calm her/ him down by saying that you are proud of them. This will make them stop, smile and be more cheerful from that moment on.

10. He/She Is Lucky To Have You

he/she is lucky to have you

People can feel not confident when entering a marriage. Saying this not only boost their confidence but also their love towards their partner that is waiting for your best friend to get married to them. These words will make a wedding-ready heart. 

11. If Something Goes Wrong, It Is Okay

Things go wrong and incidents happen. Your best friend have probably replayed this possibility countless times in their head and they freak out because of them. Soothe them by saying life might happen and it will be okay.

12. I’ve Been Waiting For This Day To Arrive

Best friends share excitement about everything, including about the biggest day which is wedding. Saying this will make your best friend more excited about the wedding.

More Tips On Words To Wish To A Best Friend On Her Day

You’ve known the words, now you need to know how to say them:

1. Make It Personal 

Dig deep on your past good and bad memories with your best friend. After that, tell them how they are wonderful based on their experience and how your best friend’s wife or husband fits her perfectly.

2. Use Poetic Words 

Making poems is a great way to sum up your feelings into one. Poems also convey the message that you are thoughtful and you have dug deep into your feelings

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Feel 

Genuinely smile or even cry when saying these words to convey the real feeling behind the words. Because sometimes, words don’t say everything. 

Signs That Your Best Friend Is Ready To Be Married

signs that your best friend is ready to be married

Signs that your best friend is mentally ready to greet a new life ahead;

1. She/He Doesn’t Question The Soon To Be Husband/Wife

Your best friend doesn’t question the loyalty or even any aspect of his/her soon to be spouse. That means your best friend is ready to live in a happily ever after. Your best friend does not show the Signs That She Doesn't Want to Marry You.

2. Your Best Friend Is Calm

Sometimes being too happy is not a good sign. Being calm and poised is a sign that your best friend is mentally ready to go to the aisle.

3. Your Best Friend Does Not Run Away

Your best friend does not make attempts to run away from the wedding which is a big positive sign.

It’s hard to find words to say to a best friend on her wedding day. But the words above, although simple, will be a great thing to make your best friend way happier and ready for the marriage. At the end of the day, be her absolute best friend for the biggest day of your best friend’s life. If you’ve done this, you are good to go!

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