Funny Ways To Ask Your Best Friend To Prom

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People said that prom is not as spectacular as it used to be in the past. However, the tradition is always worth waiting for the senior year high-schooler. Of course, it's all about who would you take to prom. Everyone dream of the pin-up boys and pin-up girls from the school to be their coolest date, but the matter is how you asked them.

When they're just too cool to be asked to prom, rejection becomes your end. But there will always be a savior: your best friend. They will ready to become your nicest date on prom night. You will know the Reasons Why Your High School Best Friends are for Life. In fact, prom is one of the Things to Do with Your Best Friend Before You Graduate High School.

Try these funny ways to ask your best friend to prom such as below:

  1. Give them a formal invitation for prom.
  2. Advertise your invitation in front of the school.
  3. Put a paper inside a balloon and pop it on their ear.
  4. Make a post it promposal and stick it to their front door.
  5. Make a proposal in front of the whole school, much to their embarrassment.
  6. Write your proposal on the back of their clothes.
  7. Tell them, "Seems like I have no choice but to go to the prom with you. That's a good Reasons Why You Should Have a Guy Best Friend.
  8. Bribe them by treating them for lunch, then they can't reject your proposal.
  9. Give them a big box that only contained a piece of paper saying, "Let's go to the prom."
  10. Write your promposal by sauce on a pizza.


What To Say To Ask Your Best Friend To Prom

what to say to ask your best friend to prom

Okay, so you need the real deal. If you are the straightforward type who don't like to beat around the bush with a proposal, you surely want to say it directly. You may be having a hard time finding your date to the prom because you bear in your head all the reasons Why You Should Not Date in High School. So that in the end, you find the hard Ways to Get His Attention in School. Try these words if you can't find any.

  1. "Is it crazy if we go to prom together tonight?"
  2. "You want to know something crazy? Go to the prom with me tonight."
  3. "I'm sure your ex will be jealous if he knows you're going to the prom with me."
  4. "Let's ruin the prom by going together."
  5. "I'm sure they'll make us the prom king and queen if we go together."
  6. "Go to the prom with me and let's ruled it together."
  7. "It's funny to mess around at the prom tonight. Would you go with me?"
  8. "Let's put a prank on your brother by attending the prom together."
  9. "I'm sure our parents would freak out once they know we're going to prom together."
  10. "Do you hate it to go to the prom with me?"
  11. "I'd better die than having other person to go to the prom with me."
  12. "I'll treat your pizza if you want to go to prom with me."
  13. "So apparently I'm a prince and I want you to make my princess go to the prom with me."
  14. "You know, I have received a letter from Hogwarts saying that the platform 9 3/4 is right behind the prom door tonight."
  15. "It will be so much fun going to the prom with you."
  16. "I don't see the reasons why you shouldn't go to prom with me."
  17. "You should go to prom with me. I'm cooler than your ex anyway."
  18. "Do I look that ugly so you won't go to prom with me?"
  19. "Go to prom with me. Who else gonna take you?
  20. "I'll give you honor before graduation. It's to be my prom date."
  21. "No pressure tonight, go to the prom with me."
  22. "Is it that difficult to find a prom date? Go with me instead."
  23. "I can be as cool as you want to tonight."
  24. "Never see me in suits, have you? Go to the prom with me to find out."
  25. "Well, let's get this straight. I want you to go to the prom with me."

It's Better To Go To The Prom With Your Best Friend Because...

it's better to go to prom with your best friend because

Never think that your high school is ruined just because you can't have that pin-up kids as a date to prom. It's actually better to go with your best friend. Here are the reasons why...

  1. You could have a terrible date.
  2. You will awkward all the time with your date.
  3. They might not talk to you throughout the night.
  4. You may die of boredom instead of having fun with your date.
  5. You won't be shy to ask your best friend to dance together.
  6. You can have as much fun as you want.
  7. You can rule the party together.
  8. You may go around messing with people.
  9. You can flirt with others freely!
  10. Your parents won't be worried even you come home past midnight.
  11. No pressure to hook up.
  12. Prom won't become something scary, but a time to enjoy with them.
  13. Your prom date could be ended, but our best friend lasts forever.
  14. You don't have to bear the heartbreak of one night stand.
  15. You can dress comfortably.
  16. Your best friend won't judge you because of your dress.
  17. You don't have to fake yourself in front of them.
  18. Prom will be much more fun than it actually is.
  19. You can comfortably be yourself through the night."
  20. The prom will be unforgettable.

Those are all the funny ways to ask your best friend to prom along with the reasons why they make the best prom date for you. Together with your best friend, everything can be really funny.

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