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Benefits of Being Friends with Your Boyfriend’s Ex Girlfriend

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The voice of the majority is not always right. Just because one thing works for a group of people, this does not mean that the same thing will work for you. You are the one who knows what is best for yourself. And you are the only one who decide to have whatever things you want in life, no one else.


It is about your own happiness, not about others’ opinion. By the time you decided to be friends with your boyfriend’s ex girlfriend, you are the one who knows the benefits of being friends with your boyfriend’s ex girlfriend such as,

  • Get to know more information

The benefits of being friends with your boyfriend’s ex girlfriend is you are able to get to know more information about your boyfriend. This will be helpful for you to get to know your boyfriend better, and surely by then you will be able to have a better relationship forward especially when you just in a relationship with him for for months.

However, it is normal when we still feel suspicious about our boyfriend’s ex. But, since you are reading this article, it means you are trying to be positive and see things positively, there are some ways on how to solve misunderstandings between friends. Just in case if you had a misunderstanding when you ask some information about your boyfriend to his ex.

  • Have more healthy circle

A healthy relationship circle is not only be applied in a family or friendship. As long as you are surrounded by people who support you and not become a toxic person that let you down. If you see your boyfriend still be friend with his ex, it means that he knows how to be friend with someone so well. We cannot deny the fact that our partner will be one of the closest person in our life.

And when the break up happen, it feels like we are losing someone who knows us and that person become a stranger. Many people will agree not to have any kind of communication with their ex. They simply judge from one point of view without seeing the characteristic of a healthy and an unhealthy relationship. But, if you can be friend with them then, why not?

This also mean that these two people who are no longer together in a relationship as partner are professional people. They know that they are no longer together, and one of them or both of them already have their own partner. You need to be grateful to be surround by people who is professional and supportive like them.

Reasons not to worry about your boyfriend’s ex

If you were thinking on how to tell your boyfriends ex girlfriend to back off, please do remember the reasons why you should not worry about your boyfriend’s ex girlfriend. Here are the reasons why you should not worry about her.

  • Him and her have moved on

The fact that your boyfriend is with you until today has proven that he has moved on. His ex girlfriend also has moved on, especially when she already has a new partner now. There is nothing that you need to worry about, because surely you know the signs a man is emotionally connected to you. And you can feel it by heart whether he is in love with you whole hearted or not.

  • There is a reason why she stays as an ex

There is some reasons why your boyfriend’s ex girlfriend still stays as an ex. And this is what you need to remember. Because whatever the reason was, both of them are not meant for each other.

Their path are different and they need to find what is best for themselves, including a partner. And your boyfriend chose to leave her, because he knows the ways to love yourself and be happy with the world. And you should too, by not worrying about his ex girlfriend.

By knowing the benefits of being friends with your boyfriend’s ex girlfriend, hopefully you will not get worried about your boyfriend’s ex anymore. If you need some time to understand this friendship with an ex then take your time.

But, do not let the thought of your own become toxic and killing you, which will affect your healthy relationship that you have now. What you need to search more is on how to increase the chemistry and trust that you have with your partner and not how to get revenge on a frenemy.

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