How To Tell Your Boyfriend's Ex Girlfriend To Back Off When You're Annoyed (13 Effective Ways)

Last updated on July 2, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Is your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend poking her stupid nose into your relationship.

Has she gone too far in your opinion? 

Are you looking for a way to tell her to back off, without causing a scene or upsetting your boyfriend. 

If so, that’s very noble of you - and I’m here to help! Below, there’s a list of 13 tips to help you do have this conversation in an fair but effective manner.

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How To Tell Your Boyfriend's Ex-Girlfriend To Back Off

The sad news is, that ex girlfriend would not back off even though you are there already. All she sees is your boyfriend, or her ex boyfriend. You can let this go just like that and you have to find the best way h to tell your boyfriend's ex girlfriend to back off right now.

1. Imagine You're In Her Shoes

Before you put on an act, you have to consider her feeling first. You're a woman too, so must be know that sometime doing the Ways to Forget Your Ex is not easy. She is clinging onto your boyfriend because she is so heartbroken and unable to content her sadness. Seeing her like this makes you feel sorry somehow.

2. Ignore Her Completely

Completely ignoring her is the best things to do when you don't know how to deal with her. Show her how you don't care about her and that she is nothing to your life. Don't waste your time and emotion just to think about her. She's not that worth though.

3. Talk To Your Boyfriend

talk to your boyfriend

The next way how to tell your boyfriend's ex girlfriend to back off is by talking about it with him. If you get really annoyed with the presence of his ex, you must let him know how uncomfortable you feel because she's around. Be honest with him since it's the best Ways to Tell Your Boyfriend That You Feel Unappreciated.

4. Ask Her What She Wants

She can be persistent to get into you. At this point, just ask her what she wants. Don't go for a revenge by making her more jealous by posting bunch of photos to your Instagram feed. You never know how will she react so it's better not to do it the hard way.

5. Don't Confront Her Right Away

Sit back and see what's going to happen. Never confront her right away out of anger. You only make it worse. Read the whole situation so that you can shot your bullet right on the target.

6. Don't Fall Into Her Trap

Maybe she came between you and your boyfriend with a really bad intention. Since she find it hard to move on and let go, she hates to see both of you happy. Be careful with this fox and don't fall into her trap. Don't let her play her game.

7. Don't Make The Situation Worse

This has heated up already without you making it worse. Starting a public fight with her or throwing shade to her via social media will never be a solution. Instead of making it clear, you add more problem to this problematic situation.

8. Ask Your Boyfriend To Do Something

When things has gotten out of your hand it's time to call an emergency. Ask your boyfriend to put some act. Like meeting his ex in person and end everything for good. He is the one who had a relationship with her in the past. A word for him should be enough to make her back off.

9. Don't Put On A Drama

don't put on a drama

If things already not going so well, don't add any drama into it. You don't need to share your concern about his ex everywhere and play victim so that others judge her the wrong way and give their support to you. It won't do you good, especially when you share it on your Facebook. You really need to read all the Reasons Why You Should Quit Social Media for good.

10. Solve The Problem In A Mature Way

You are old enough to solve matters in a mature way. Rather than treating her like enemy, ask her to meet in person and talk about both of your concern. You can easily contact her through her social media. She will appreciate this more than if you confront her the hard way. Also, this will be advantageous for you since your boyfriend realize that you have the Wife Material Signs he is looking for.

11. Stand Tall In Your Ground

You can't deny that his ex girlfriend sparks jealousy inside. You will be worry whether he fall in love with her again and many more. This shouldn't be happen. Don't let the unreasonable jealousy makes your relationship with him fragile and led to break up.

12. Tell Your Boyfriend To Ignore Her Too

So your boyfriend is the main target of her act. If you ignore her, she probably won't back off a bit. But if he does, she will. Ask your boyfriend to ignore whatever she does and pay zero attention to her. At some point she will get tired and her can see the Signs That Your Ex Girlfriend Has Moved On and not bothering you anymore.

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13. Never Ever Be Curious About Their Past Relationship

Even if you are very curious to death, never ask about how did their relationship was. It only makes your condition worse and you will be jealous even more. Focus on your relationship, not digging his past that he buried deep and left behind.

In Conclusion

There are many alternatives on how to tell your boyfriend's ex girlfriend to back off, and you don't have to choose the hard way. If you can talk everything in mature way then why not? It will be less tiring and everyone stay in a good terms with another.

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