Why Do All The Bullies at My School Have to Be Scorpios?

Last updated on April 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Who never gets bullied in life? Most of us have one experience of getting bullied by someone. This is not a good action that we can support because it is just simply bad to make people feel bad about themselves. We are not encouraging other people by bullying, but let them down.

So, why do all the bullies at my school have to be Scorpios? Are you sure about it? Maybe you will need to know how to solve misunderstandings between friends, just in case if it was just your feelings that you get bullied.

However, here are some reasons why Scorpio has the stereotypes of becoming the bullier.

  • They stand for what they believe

Scorpio won't sting if they are not being disturb. The fact that they might bully you or push you into the edge may be caused by your own action to them. Maybe you offend them with your words or actions accidentally.

And a Scorpio will stand for what they believe in, they will fight you back. Because he strongly believes in what he believes, you will need to know my boyfriend and I have fully opposite religious views. How can I compromise? If you happened to have a Scorpio crush or partner.

  • Passive-aggressive

The way someone treats other people badly can be seen as a defense mechanism that someone has. Defense mechanism does not necessarily be used to protect ourselves from someone who wants to harm us physically but can also be mentally harmed.

And for Scorpio, the way they defend themselves is by having a passive-aggressive behavior.

He might bully you with the same bully over and over again in a sarcastic way that you just realized, just now. He simply wants to show you that he does not like you, in his own way. So know some ways on how to get what you want from a passive-aggressive man.

Scorpio personality traits

So, you know that by asking the question of why do all the bullies at my school have to be Scorpios, you will need to get to know deeper about Scorpio personality.

By then you will know more things such as reasons why are Scorpios so sensitive. So, here are some of the information.

  • Is very passionate

Scorpio is a very passionate person. You can even feel his energy when you are around him. He is motivated and driven by the work that he is doing. Being productive at work and to finish all the task that is given to him is what he always do.

Maybe you will get amazed only by looking at the way he is doing his work. But remember still on why you should never date someone you work with. He can give you the energy that you need to go through the day at work, use it, and learn it from him, it's a good thing anyway.

  • Clever and has trust issues

Scorpio is known as a clever person too, he has a strong analytical skill pretty much in everything. However, this ability can be driven by trust issues that he has. He is not that type of person who can be really open, he will take time to trust someone and to be open to that person.

This is why knowing the signs a man is emotionally connected to you is important especially if you have a Scorpio friend. When he already trust someone, he trusts that person so badly, so when he gets hurt, he will get hurt so bad too.

  • They love their partner hard

Scorpio has the ability to seduce the opponent sex due to his charm. But, he will also be the one who can get blind by love. He will love someone so hard, deep down he is a very loving person.

Because Scorpio might look cool and boring, there are some ways on how do you know if a Scorpio man likes you, how does he flirt? And when it comes to love, he will give his all to his loved ones. The way he loves his partner was just like making the rest of the world disappear and envy to him.

It is better to look up to the positive side before we questioned why do all the bullies at my school have to be Scorpios? Because, in any action, event, or accident there must be a reason behind it. There will be no smoke if there were no fire. Here is more reading to help you to know Scorpio better, how to know if a Scorpio man misses you.

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