How to Get What You Want from a Passive Aggressive Man

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Passive aggressive behavior is said to be one of the worst kind of behavior in someone. Involved in a relationship with such person is a horrible thing and it may lead to self destruction. His behavior is very toxic that it affects you in a very, very bad way. Being in a relationship with a passive aggressive makes you feel miserable and left you feeling of being used only.

How to Get What You Want from a Passive Aggressive Man

Dating a passive aggressive man clearly included in the characteristic of a healthy and an unhealthy relationship with boyfriend. You may hold on but no one forced you to. In the name of love, you want to try your best to survive in the relationship and help him to change. Even though it's pretty hard to do, nothing is impossible when it comes to love.

Here are some things that you can do to deal with a passive aggressive man.

1. Understand His Condition

Passive aggressive is a deviant behavior in someone. This personality disorder often drives everyone around him crazy, especially you as his girlfriend. Rather than judging him and complaining, try to understand his condition. Ask him to seek for help so that it can be sorted out.

2. Let Him Have All He Wants

He will never listen to anyone. He acts the way he want yet he's still complaining on things. Whatever you do he will always feel of being misunderstood and unappreciated. Let him do all he wants to do and all the other things he want. Don't bother this anyway.

3. Don't Argue with Him

A passive aggressive man is very good at arguing. Don't drag it any longer by arguing him back. All he wants is to break the fight with you so that he can blame you for everything. Hold yourself so that you won't have to fight with him. After all, the things to do when you and your boyfriend are fighting will be different from other couple, given their behavior.

4. Give All the Credit to Him

He is a person who afraid to compete. They always claim the credit to him but he will never up for the real challenge. When things are not going according to what he wants, he starts causing trouble. Just give him all the credit, even for the things he doesn't actually did. Take it as the ways to make someone feel appreciated.

5. Don't be Affected with His Negativity

The worst thing can happen when you stick around with a passive aggressive man is that you start questioning yourself. He spreads negativity around and make you feel even worse. What he wants is for you to feel sorry and guilty to him. He likes to play victim.

6. Less Complaining in front of Him

He himself is the best complainer even existed in the world. Don't make it worse by complaining back. When he is complaining, just stay still and don't say a word back. He can turn a small argument into a big chaos. He is very good at doing it.

7. Don't Listen to His Criticism

Everything is never right in front of him. He is perfectly capable in finding the flaw in everything so that he will always find a way to criticize you. This can make you feel insecure and doubting whether all you have done is right or that you are the one to blame. Don't be. He is a critic expert and he won't stop until you admit yourself guilty even though you have done nothing wrong.

8. Don't Get Along with His Play-Victim Game

For him, everything is your fault. All the misfortune and all the things happen in your relationship is because of you. He always feel that he is the victim in everything. Don't buy this as don't be sorry nor apologizing to him. Beware that it's the signs of an unhealthy relationship with your boyfriend and things will only get worse in the future.

9. Don't Take the Blame for Everything

The more you stay with a passive aggressive man, the more you blame yourself for everything. He is very good at turning the tables around since nothing is ever his fault. Even when something bad happen to him, in the end it's all your fault. He won't stop until you feel guilty and blame yourself for everything.

10. Keep Up with Him Temper

One of the rarest and greatest ability of a passive aggressive man is that he make chaos out of nothing. It's the worst signs of a bad boyfriend material you could ever find. He wish to cause a mess every time and you better stay cool. Don't let him have this way since he will use this opportunity to blame you even more and

11. Ask Him to Communicate

Do you feel like he kind of takes you for granted?
Unfortunately this is one of the most frequent complaints we get from our readers, where they feel they aren't a priority for their boyfriend or husband. They always seem to have some excuse as to why they can't spend some quality time with you like they used to.

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A passive aggressive man is having a hard time to show their true feeling. He never directly communicate, which is the biggest cause to misunderstanding between you and him. Encourage him to open up himself and talk about things directly with you. It may take time but it will be worth it once he start to open his heart to you.

12. Leave Him for Good

What's the point of trying too hard if in the end he's not gonna change? Don't stay with him any longer if his existence do no good to you. Leave him for your own sake and go find happiness out there.

There are many things how to get what you want from a passive aggressive man. However, you don't have to stay with him when he always take you for granted and don't know how to love you right. Do believe that there are better man out there and you deserve to be happy. Don't waste your time for him.

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