16 Things on What to Do When Your Best Friends are Leaving You Out

Last updated on April 29, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Having best friends to rely on is probably one of the best thing in the world. But relationship isn't always goes on as you wished it to be. There could be some rift, ups and downs we never expected. Including our relationship with best friends.

Before you know it, they start to have a meeting behind your back. They hang out among themselves without telling you and when you get together they share stories that you never hear before. You couldn't help but feeling left out. You'd be worried and think is these the Signs a Friendship is Coming to an End?

But don't worry, there are no problems without solutions! So your best friends are leaving you out? If you want to win them back or you just simply don't know what you're supposed to do, here are the things you can if you are not sure about what to do when your best friends are leaving you out.

1. Understand the situation - You will be smelling something fishy in the air if your best friends are leaving you out. You must be able to read the situation first. When did they start to do that? On what occasion did they leave you out and as far as you can remember, when did the last time they are still good with you.

2. Remember your mistake - Anyone could make mistake to anybody. You can make mistake to your best friends as well. There must be some turning point where they start to leave you out. Think hard whether you have make some mistake or not. What thing that could cause harm to your friend that they start to leave you out?

3. Reflect on yourself - Reflecting means you are regretting the mistake you have done and at the same time accepting that you have made them. This is important before you are ready to face the truth with them.

4. Brace yourself - Now is time to face the truth, whether you're ready or not. Brace yourself to face your friends and get prepared with everything they might say. Because the answer could be some Signs that Your Best Friend Hates You.

5. Ask one of them - Among your best friends, there must be someone to whom you could talk. Meet them and ask them about it. You'll know How to Tell If Your Friend is Lying to you. Do it slowly and do not involve any emotion.

6. Calm yourself down - Being left out  by best friends is similar with social rejection. It can brings many unpleasant feelings to yourself. Name it anger, anxiety, depression, sadness, and jealousy. No matter how painful it was, stay calm. But what to do when your best friends are leaving you out is just chill out!

7. Comfort yourself - Before dealing with your best friends, you have to set the matters first with yourself. Tell yourself that this is only temporary and you will be able to fix it out by the time being.

8. Look for advice - If you can't understand the situation just yet, it's okay to ask a third party about it. Look for their advice on why did your best friend leave you out. Sometimes other people can see something clearer than we did. 

9. Confront them - Confronting means ask them to gather altogether, and talk about your concern. Ask them to be honest with you. Be prepared to hear any answer from your best friends.

10. Accept the reality - At some point, we have to accept that not all things goes on as we wished. Including our friendship. Not every friendship could last a long time, and when it happen to you, accept it. Accept that they don't want to be friend with you anymore. There must be a good reason for that, or probably you can't read the Signs That Your Friend is Fake all along.

11. Make yourself happy - You will be sad for a while, but don't let sadness ride over you. Love yourself and do not suffer. Do anything that make you happy. Meet some new friends, travel alone, pamper yourself, enjoy everything so much that you forget about the pain.

12. Move on - Enough with the Signs That Your Best Friend is a Frenemy. Let bygone be bygone. What's broken in the past is unable to be fixed. Rather than staring at the closed door for too long, opening a new door is a better choice. You will find a lot of new things behind them that you will leave no regret at the closed door. 

12. Encourage yourself - If your friends are leaving you out, it doesn't make you a bad person all of a sudden. Maybe it's just them you don't match with you, maybe it's just them who can't keep up with you. Tell yourself not to worry, and be sure that you are a good person.

13. Take care of yourself - Just like how difficult it is to move on from a break up, moving on from best friends that leave you out is the same. But then, nobody could love you more than yourself. So look over yourself. Go exercise, eat delicious meal, and sleep at the right amount of time.

14. Be sad - You'd be lying if you say you are okay when your best friends are leaving you out. Acknowledge you feeling and be sad. It's fine to cry overnight in your room all by yourself. It's fine to feel hurt, remembering all the good memories you shared together.

15. Talk to someone - The world won't be over just because your best friends are leaving you out. You still have your family to help you get through that. Talk to your mom about the current situation, and your heart would be healed in no time.

16. Apologize - Despite of you're wrong or not, apologize to them. Try not to left any hard feelings even though they're not your friends anymore.

So those are what to do when your best friends are leaving you out. It's sad to witness our friendship come to and end, but there are silver lining in every cloud. Brace yourself because this too, shall pass.

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