Why Do Douchebags Wear Sunglasses? - How To Spot Them Easily

Last updated on April 7, 2024 by Michelle Devani

There are many douchebags in the world. Too many of them in fact. People say that dating douchebags a.k.a. bad boys are way more fun, but the scars left after that if no joke. No joke at all. Sadly, women didn’t realize that they date a douchebag until they fell in love and he shows his true nature.

Okay, so there is literally the easiest way to spot a douchebag. They can be so obvious judging from their style only. There are certain fashion items that only douchebags would wear. sunglasses, for example. No men would ever wear those unless they want to make a douchebag confession.

But why do douchebags wear sunglasses? Well, let’s break down the possibilities below. 

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1. They Want To Look Swag

You know how douchebags never want to lose when it comes to style. They want to look like they own the world. There’s never a longer or more detailed explanation about this, but if you go to the urban dictionary you’d find this.

Douchebags think that those icy shades make them look swag, while the rest of us like “Ew!”

2. It’s A Must Have Item For Douchebags

it's a must have item for douchebags

Believe it or not, many men purposely want to be a douchebag when they’re not actually. Even in the eye of men, douchebags are cool. Women chase them despite their jerky nature and they always get the hottest girl around. Who doesn’t want it? 

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But becoming a douchebag needs know-how. If you surf the internet on how to be a douchebag or things douchebags wear, you’d find this particular item. On top of that, douchebags wear the glasses on the back of their head. Greasy, too greasy.

3. They Want To Stand Out In The Crowd

I mean, won’t you turn your head in an instant when you see someone wearing sunglasses? Honestly, it’s not something that somebody wears because they want to look stylish. They want to drive the attention on them. No one is such an attention seeker unless he’s a douchebag.

They want to be spotted right away. Everywhere, every time. They don’t care whether it’s summer or winter, day or night. 

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4. It Has Become Such Stereotype

Everyone never know where the douchebag wear sunglasses stereotype coming from. But it has been an unsaid, general code in the society. Nobody wears sunglasses but douchebags.

When you talk with your friends and spotting a guy in sunglasses, ask them what do they think about him. Anonymously they’ll say, “He must be a jerk.” Stereotype dies hard.

5. Sunglasses Is Not Suitable For Daily Basis

As explained above, sunglasses make someone looks too stand out in crowd. Normal people won’t enjoy being the center of attention, except they’re douchebags. That’s why sunglasses is not a suitable item to wear on daily basis.

Douchebags wears sunglasses to catch people’s attention anyway. 

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Other Signs Of A Douchebag You Must Be Aware Of

other signs of a douchebag you must be aware of

Now that you have understood the reasons why do douchebags wear sunglasses, turns out it’s just a piece of the whole cake. You can’t judge any men who wear sunglasses as douchebags, even they have the potential. To make it more accurate, let’s upgrade the knowledge by knowing how to spot these douchebags better.

1. They Drop Names When They Talk

Douchebags try to act cool the whole time that it looks tiring for everyone around them. They think they’ll look cool if they pretend to forget somebody’s name. They’ll go, “What’s your name again?” to most people who talk to them. It applied to women as well.

2. Douchebags Also Do The Place Dropping

If you ever hear someone told you, “I think we’ve met somewhere the other day. Where is it again?” then he’s a total douchebags. Seeing anyone behave like this is pretty annoying and it only makes them look disrespectful. Then again, who doesn’t get annoyed with a douchebag?

3. Too Many Exposure Displayed

It’s not fair to judge someone by their social media, but a person create their image through it. One of the first thing you do when you’re introduced to a new guy is searching for his personal Instagram account. You want to know what kind of a person he is.

And if you find too many bared chest selfies, working out at gym, and any other exposure then it’s a warning. Nobody is actually enjoy gym-ing – it’s exhausting. Only those who wants to show off that they go to gym who snapped and upload it on the social media. 

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4. They’re On The Phone All The Time

they're on the phone all the time

Douchebags act like the whole world need them the whole time you barely see them put down their phone. They act like picking up call every 30 minutes, texting back every 5 minutes and checking their emails every hour.

Do you believe that someone is that important? Surely not. They pretend like they’re busy even though they only scroll through the Twitter timeline. This act is unforgivable as it shows no respect to whoever they are with at the time. Even if they’re not actually a douchebag, these men doesn’t deserve you.

5. They’re Surrounded By Women

Visit a place and spot douchebag the moment you step in: he’s surrounded by bunch of hot chicks around him. They enjoy being popular among women and able to pick whoever he wants as a company. Foolish enough for the women who, instead of walking away from them, compete to be the winner.

Don’t ever be with someone who have too many women around him, except for his mother and sisters. He’s definitely not someone you want to keep as company.

After finish reading this article, now you know not only why do douchebags wear sunglasses but how to spot them in another way. Don’t believe to people who says that you have to at least date a douchebag one in life. The fun is not worth the pain. Dating nice guys probably boring, but you’ll learn true love from them.

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