Do Guys Think that Short Girls Are Not Attractive? Why Do They Always Find Tall Girls Good and Beautiful?

Last updated on June 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Some people are attracted to a girl’s hair. Some are falling for a girl who has pretty face. Some also fall for a girl who’s tall and slim. Talking about a girl’s height, there seem to be a different point of view between a girl and a guy. Do guys actually prefer tall women?

Do guys think that short girls are not attractive? Why do they always find tall girls good and beautiful? These are questions that most short girl would be eager to know the answer.

Do Guys Think  that Short Girls are Not Attractive?

Most short girls have issue about their heights. They usually would think that guy are only attracted to tall, slim, and sexy girls. But the thing is, not every guy have that kind of preferences.

It’s a quite surprising facts, but guys also love short girl due to these reasons:

  • Short girls are cute
  • Short girls look young, and even younger than their age
  • Guys love protecting girls, especially short girls
  • Short girls can also be very beautiful
  • Characters matter most, to a mature guy
  • Short girls are 'hug-able'

There are a lot of reasons why you should date the short girl. But, even if a guy doesn't like short girl, they should really understand what not to say to a short girl.

That way, she won't feel insulted and she knows for sure that she's secure in the relationship. You should also know that, i love you the way you are, this is what to say when a girl says she's not good enough for you that could be very effective.

So, if you’re short and you’re still thinking that guys don’t like you, here are few things that you should think of from now on :

  1. I’m not defined by my height
  2. I’m beautiful just the way I am
  3. I can be beautiful by taking care of my face and body
  4. I can also be beautiful inside by paying attention to my heart and attitude
  5. A guy who loves me will accept me the way I am
  6. I don’t need to feel less confident or less comfortable with myself because of guys

Why Do They Always Find Tall Girls Good and Beautiful?

So, guys like short girl mostly because they’re cute. But, does this mean guys don’t like tall girls? Do guys actually prefer tall women? Do guys think that short girls are not attractive? Why do they always find tall girls good and beautiful? That’s also a no.

We can’t hide the truth that a lot of guys do prefer tall and slim girls who look like models. Tall and slim end up being the beauty standard that the world accept, probably because :

  • Tall girls fit easily into any kind of clothing style

Clothing piece such as long dress can easily fit and fall perfectly on a tall girl.

But this is not always the case for short girl, long dress can make them look like sinking, if there isn’t any help from high heels. This is why tall girl usually look pretty, no matter what are they wearing.

  • Tall girls mostly are slim and sexy

Not every tall girls are slim, but most of them are. Come on, most guys wouldn’t be able to lie and say that they don’t like slim girl.

  • Tall girls look mature

Few short girls have ever experienced being mistaken about their age. An university student might be taken as a high-schooler. But this rarely happen to a tall girl. Tall girl mostly looks mature.

  • Tall girls are model-material
  • Tall girls usually don’t get fat easily
  • They can hold tall girl’s hand easily
  • They’re easy to find

Do guys actually prefer tall women? Do guys think that short girls are not attractive? Why do they always find tall girls good and beautiful? You know the answer now, short girls squad.

It’s okay being short, for a mature and good guy who’s ready for a healthy long-term relationship would love and accept you no matter how you look like.

But guys, there are things you need to know before dating a short girl. And girls, no matter whether you're short or tall, it won't hurt for you to learn and try out simple ways to look naturally beautiful. No matter how tall or how short you are, a guy should be able to love your strength and weaknesses if he has decided to love you.

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