What Not to Say to A Short Girl that You Love So Much or You Will Make Her Sad

Last updated on April 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Going to a bookstore, get lost in the midst of the books, will usually make this kind of girl literally ‘get lost'. Yes, short girl. For sure, if there's ever any chance for every short girls to gather as one, they'll probably be thinking and writing a list of what not to say to a short girl and make it as the international law.

Short girls, might be both blessing or a curse, but we all know that we've ever at least once bullied these girls, except if you are the short girl though. Boys, if you already know what not to say to Spanish girl, you should also know how to be careful around a short girl.

There are things you need to know before dating a short girl but at least you should really avoid these kind of sayings :

  1. ‘You're like my little sister’

Oh boy, we short girls like being called cute at times, but being similar to your little sister isn't a very good idea. Yes, we admit that it might be something so true, your little sister might be even taller than us, but we don't wanna be called ‘little sister'.

  1. Hold my hands, what if you get lost in the crowd?’

Baby, we love it when you want to protect us. But please just omit the ‘what if you get lost in the crowd', like for real. Just hold out hands. We are short but we are not children. Well, short girls are cute when they're walking in the middle of a crowd, this is one of the reasons why you should date the short girl, boys.

  1. It's okay, you can always wear high heels.’

Okay, we admit that high heels is one of our savior. But you know what, when we short girls wear high heels, others wear too. So in the end, we're still the shortest. No, this saying can't make us feel better.

  1. ‘Check your height. Perhaps you can get the children entrance fee’

We all love discount and paying less than we should. However, trying to cut down the cost when going to an amusement park by checking if our height fit the children fee will truly insult us. Boys, if you know someone say this to your girl, and if you know how to comfort a girl when she's on her period over text, you'll definitely be able to comfort her hearing this.

  1. How tall are you?’

What not to say to a short girl, it's actually as simple as not asking our height. Trust us, when we mention our own height we suddenly felt so sad why it's that short.

  1. No,no, you should go in front, you won't be seen in the photo.’ -while taking group photos-.

This happen all the time to a short girl, but we feel shorter and shorter when you remind us how we're going to be unseen unless we stand in the front row.

  1. Whoa, I can rest my arms on your head/shoulder.’

If you'd ever dare to rest your arms on our head or shoulder, you'd better be prepare for a tickling.

  1. Oh, I really wanna lean to something. But you're too short. I'll hurt my neck.’-perhaps in a bus on a trip-.

If you don't want to lean on us, just lean on the window and get some sleep.

  1. ‘Hey there, which junior high school do you go to?’-by someone we haven't met for a while-.

We're in college, or we're even working already, please just ask first rather than judging our age.

  1. You're so tiny.’

We're not dwarfs, okay. Just keep it for yourself, if you notice how short we are. Instead of this, you should find out cute ways to tell your girlfriend you love her.

  1. ‘I think I can fit you in my case.’

We'd love to go to a holiday with you, but what about buying a ticket for us rather than thinking of fitting us into your case?

Being short should not feel that terrible. Well, trying to be thankful is definitely the best idea. But at least what not to say to a short girl could be a good guide not to hurt our feeling over and over again. Yes, it won't make us any shorter, but it remind us of how short we are.

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