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How to Comfort A Girl When She’s on Her Period Over Text

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Nobody ever said that a period is all sunshine and rainbows. It can be excruciatingly painful and unbearable. So, here are a number of top tips on how to comfort a girl when she’s on her period over text.


1. Ask How She’s Feeling

First thing first, ask how she’s feeling. It’s nice to have someone show they care by asking this question. But remember these Things You Should Never Say to A Woman on Her Period.

2. Offer to Bring Her Food

The best way on how to comfort a girl when she’s on her period over text is to bring her food.

Say something such as “Be there in 5 with some amazing Thai food” or “I’m going to bring over a box of your favorite pizza, would you like me to bring anything else?”.

3. Send Cute Pictures

Cute pictures will never fail to bring a smile to her face. Send her lots of pictures of animals, babies or anything else that she likes.

4. Say Something Funny

This is easy peasy if you’re naturally funny. Just text her a lot of funny messages. She might have cramps but she will gladly bear the pain for a good laugh. But if you’re not sure what to send, just find some good jokes on the internet.

5. Ask if She Needs Anything

This is one of the things that is often forgotten on how to comfort a girl when she’s on her period over text. Simply ask her if she needs anything.

Her discomfort might make her a bit forgetful. It’s What Should A Boyfriend Do When His Girlfriend Is on Her Period.

6. Send Entertaining Memes

Who doesn’t love memes? There’s always a new meme on the rise.

Send her some popular ones. The old ones are also gold. Perhaps the two of you have some favorite memes.

7. Text Her Links to Videos

Watching videos is also one of the best ways on how to comfort a girl when she’s on her period. It turns her attention away from her pain or uneasiness.

Text her videos about songs, new movie trailers or a vlog that the two of you can discuss.

8. Tell Her Uplifting Words

“You’re beautiful”, “You’re stronger than you think” and “I admire you” are simple words that mean a lot. They’re powerful and can uplift her spirit.

Stay away from these Things You Should Never Say to Your Girlfriend on Her Period.

9. Exchange Pictures of Each Other

Take your texting game to the next level through pictures. Exchange pictures of yourself with her.

Funny ones will earn you extra points. They will also cheer her up. You can edit your pictures with texts or stickers.

10. Send Her Songs

Found a song that she might like? Send it immediately to her.

This particular way on how to comfort a girl when she’s on her period will make her really happy. Know How to Text Your Crush without Being Annoying because you don’t want to annoy her on her period.

11. Ask Her Out to Eat

There’s something about food that girls can’s stay away from when they’re on their period. So ask her out to eat with you.

Make it even better by treating her. Let her choose the place and you’ll take care of the payment.

12. Talk about Your Day

In case she’s feeling upset and want to forget about it, talk about your day. It’s a topic that will take her mind off her period. Tell her something interesting that happened to you.

13. Exchange Silly Emojis

You don’t always have to use your words to text. There are so many emojis now.

Exchange silly ones with her. You can even start an emoji war or turn it into some sort of a game.

14. Send Voice Notes

Other than pictures, links, videos or emojis, you can also send some voice notes over text. Make funny voices so she’ll laugh.

Voice notes are actually great because they give some sort of comfort when she hears them. This is also How to Get A Girl to Text You Back When She is Ignoring You for Days.

15. Reminisce on Some Memories

This is a bit of the mellow part on how to comfort a girl when she’s on her period over text. Reminisce on some memories. Talk about how the two of you met.

Trust us, you’ll make her day with these tips. Thanks to you, her period will be a breeze.


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