Simple Tips To Keep A Conversation Going With A Girl

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As many people have known, when you start communicating with someone, you start to bond and with that bond comes a blooming relationship. Ever wonder how you keep that conversation going and that bond to strengthen?

A conversation is a girl is a whole different level and you need to realize that in order to make a conversation enjoyable and prolonged. Even though there are so much to learn, there are some things that is essential to a good conversation. We have write it all down or you. Here are great tips to keep a conversation going with a girl;


1. Ask About Her Day

This makes you look like you are a thoughtful person and her story could go on for miles.

2. Ask About What She Enjoys Most

ask about what she enjoys most

You can make a great conversation with something that is passionate about what she says.

3. Ask About Her Favorite Color

Colors are a great starter for a conversation.

4. Ask About Her Favorite Food Or Restaurant

Asking about this might make you get the chance of asking her out.

5. Ask Her About A Gossip

Gossips are always something that makes a girl talk on and on.

6. Learn About What She Likes

Learn about what she likes so you can get a heads up on what you need to talk about next.

7. Be Updated About What She Likes

It’s not that hard. You can try knowing it through social media, her friends, or by observing her.

8. Pay Attention And Remember What She Is Interested In

Remembering might make your conversation smoother.

9. Exchange Music Reference

If you have the same music pref, you might find her giving you the Signs She is Into Me.

10. Exchange Simple Day To Day Pictures

This keeps you updated day to day and make you bond.

11. Comment On Her Recent Post

Commenting will make you look like you are paying attention to her and engaging with her.

12. Compliment Her

Compliment her features and you will see the Signs A Smart Shy Girl Likes You.

13. Ask Her About Her Mood Recently And The Reason Behind It

This can get a girl to rant which lengthen the conversation.

14. Talk About The Movie She Likes

talk about the movie she likes

Movies are long in duration which means she will talk for a long time too.

15. Talk To Her About Her Dreams

Talking about her passion will make her feel fiery and excited.

16. Let Her Ask You About Things

Letting her ask you things are a great tricks to make the conversation longer. 

17. Open Up To Her About Your Feelings

Being vulnerable will make her feel closer to you.

18. Ask About Her Advice

This will make her have a softer feelings towards you.

19. Ask About Her Point Of View

Asking her about her point of view in something might spark an intellectual debate.

20. Talk Intellectual Talks With Her

Talk facts, news, or other things that keeps things exciting.

21. Plan A Future Hang out

Planning this might breed new branches of conversation.

22. Talk About What You Like

Not only will she feel closer to you, she will feel excited to hear it too.

23. Talk About What Excites You

What excites you lately? Talk about it with her.

More Ways To Make A Conversation Flowing Good

more ways to make a conversation flowing good

To make a conversation going, you should know the many different approach to a conversation. Here are some more ways on tips to keep a conversation going with a girl;

1. Complain Sometimes And Ask About What She Have To Say

Complaining about a certain thing or ranting will make her feel like she is trusted by you. This will trigger her to talk more to you.

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2. Support Her Dreams

Supporting her dreams will make her know that you are showing the Husband Material Signs.

3. Offer Some Help

Offering some help to whatever she is doing from time to time will make her feel obligated to you and she will start being kind to you too.

4. Flirt Sometimes

Use the Ways to Flirt Without Coming On Too Strong.

5. Ask Her About Who She Likes

This will stall her the conversation more but if you don’t want to hear her answer, you can quickly divert the conversation.

6. Talk About What Kind Of Adventures You Both Like

Talking about adventures will make you both excited and it will make new conversation on making a plan to hang out together. 

Signs That You Are Getting Closer to Each Other

signs that you are getting closer to each other

The conversation have been flowing and you know her better by now. Are you curious if all your effort have paid off? Here are the real signs that you are getting closer to each other in a romantic way;

1. Eager To Talk To Each Other

If she really looks like she is happy to talk to you, that means you’ve hit jackpot. The signs are she smiles when she looks at you, talking in a higher pitch voice, and being really physical which means she shows the Physical Signs A Woman Likes You Like Crazy.

2. Concerned When Not Talking To Each Other For A Short Period Of Time

She start to get worried or she starts being brave enough to initiate a conversation when you guys have not been talking to each other for a certain period of time.

3. Always Happy When Talking To Each Other

She looks genuinely happy and excited to talk to you. She smiles and laughs a lot which is always a good sign.

4. Finding A Similar Interest That Makes You Connected

Because of the lengthened talks , you start to find many things that makes you bond.

A conversation is really a window to a great relationship. With this flow, you will get a great bonding time with each other. You only need to follow the tips to keep a conversation going with a girl, then you will start to notice the signs that you are getting closer to each other romantically.

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