How To Tell If A Gemini Guy Is Falling In Love With You

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Gemini falls under the air element. It’s no wonder that a Gemini guy naturally yearns for freedom. He loves to be independent and does what he wants to do. No boundaries can limit his moves. But will falling in love with a girl change his behaviour? It will but in a good way.


How To Tell If A Gemini Guy Is Falling In Love With You

A Gemini guy will first make subtle moves as he falls in love with you. After he feels that he’s seriously into you then he’ll make bolder ones. He'll be willing to sacrifice a part of his freedom for you. It’s not that difficult to see the signs as you go along with the flow.

1. Makes Intense Connection

When a Gemini guy falls in love with you, he will go out of his way to make a deeper connection with you. He’ll make sure to call you or text you every day just so you would know that he’s thinking about you all the time. It’s all about maintaining the connection as he wouldn’t want to lose that. You should know How to Tell if a Gemini Has Lost Interest in You in case you want to gain it back again quickly.

2. Initiates Deep Conversations

initiates deep conversations

Gemini guys are known to be exceptional in communication. You’ll find him trying to talk with you about deep things. It will be effortless and you will have no problem opening up to him. It makes the connection between the two of you stronger.

3. Gives You Flattering Compliments

You’ll find yourself grinning from ear to ear when he showers you with compliments. When you hear them coming from a Gemini guy, you know that they are genuine. He wants the girl that he’s really into to feel loved and special. His praises for you will make you blush and that’s exactly what he wants.

4. Spends Most Of His Time With You

It’s no secret that Gemini guys pride on their freedom. They love their space and are always in need for a bit of a personal time by themselves. So when a Gemini guy spends most of his time with you then you that he likes you a lot. Why would he want to sacrifice his free time for someone he’s not into? No matter what, he’ll always make the effort to be with you as much as possible.

5. Lets You In To His Feelings And Thoughts

Remember about the connection mentioned before? That is a crucial step for a Gemini guy in establishing a serious relationship. Once he feels that you’re the right kind of girl for him, he’ll open up even more to you. He will let you know his feelings and his thoughts on everything. It’s something that he holds dear as he only trusts a number of people in his life.

6. Gets A Bit Jealous

You can tell if a Gemini guy is falling in love with you when you see notice him get jealous over the smallest things. For instance, you might have been busy or he saw you talking to another guy. Those kinds of things can irritate him because you mean a lot to him. Take a look at some other How To Tell If Your Crush Is Jealous Of Another Guy.

7. Acts More Goofy Around You

It’s actually a good thing when a Gemini guy acts all goofy around you. That means he’s comfortable enough to be himself with you. He doesn’t feel the need to hide who he is. There’s a certain freedom that a Gemini guy knows that he can have around the girl that he’s into. He’ll crack jokes, tease you and make funny faces to make you smile.

8. Gives You Meaningful Gifts

When it comes to gifts, a Gemini guy knows just what to get. For a girl that he loves, the gift will not just be something ordinary. He will look for things that have meanings for you. Say if you like a certain music, he may try to find an old and valuable record for you to keep.

9. Introduces You To His Friends

introduces you to his friends

Introducing you to his friends is a big deal. That means he’s seriously falling in love with you. He wouldn’t let any girl to be a part of his world. Other than that, he wants to see if you’ll get along with them. It's actually one of the Signs A Man Loves You as he accepts you as you are around the people that are close to him. 

10. Takes You Out On Social Events

Gemini guys are sociable people. They love to go to places where they can mingle and have fun with the crowd. Concerts and parties are like his second home. So, if he ever takes you to any social events with you then that’s a great sign. He wants to have fun along with the girl that he really likes.

11. Travels With You

He will want to travel with you for a more intimate experience. That’s how you know he’s in love with you. It can be road trips, hiking or traveling to another country. The distance won’t matter as long as he is with you. The traveling will give him the opportunity to understand you better. He wants to share new experiences and make memories with you. Those are the Reasons Why Geminis are the Best Lovers , especially the guys.

12. Makes Sweet Promises

If a Gemini guy is falling in love with you then he’ll start to make sweet promises. It can be something simple or it may involve future plans. He won’t be afraid to make those promises because he’ll also try to turn them into reality. A Gemini guy won’t break his promises as long as you’re loyal to him. Staying loyal is one of the instant Ways to Make Gemini Man Fall in Love with you.

Just remember that a Gemini guy doesn’t fall in love with just any random girl. He has to make sure that the two of you are connecting on the same level. That certainly won’t be a problem when you’re also falling in love with him.

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