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Having a sociopath as your husband should make you prepare for the worst things that could happen. The marriage won’t be a smooth sailing but these tips may help to make the situation bearable:

1. Never Have High Expectations

It’s inevitable to have high expectations from your husband from time to time. However, this is not the case when he’s a sociopath. It is advised that you should never have high expectations from a sociopath husband.

You will end up disappointed and hurt. What makes it worse is that he won’t care about your feelings. He won’t even make an effort to change. This is actually one of the signs your husband has checked out of the marriage with you.

2. Avoid Arguing with Him

No matter what happens, try to avoid arguing with him. This will only encourage him to belittle you. He will pick on the small details and you risk being gaslighted. This is when the manipulation starts to kick in. Exposed to being gaslighted long enough and you will start to lose touch with your reality. You may even start to doubt yourself and think that everything he says it’s true. It’s a dangerous situation so don’t subject yourself to that kind of treatment.

3. Consider Not Having Children

This is a very delicate subject but consider not having children with your sociopath husband. Your children could end up being mistreated and abused by your husband. Aside from that, your children could be used against you. This will only make things difficult for everybody involved.

4. Don’t Irritate Him

When you keep asking yourself the question “How do I deal with my sociopath husband?” it’s important to note that you don’t press the wrong buttons. Anything that irritates him should be avoided.

According to experts, it’s so easy for a sociopath to be provoked. So find the time to find out what annoys your husband. The more you know, the safer you’ll feel. It will also cause less drama in the relationship which can really drain you. It's one of the most important things to know about someone before you date them.

5. Remind Yourself that You are Not Like Him

Always remind yourself that you are not like him. You are not a sociopath like your husband. You are own self and he is not a reflection of who you are. Sometimes it’s so easy to forget this as you spend months or years with your sociopath husband. You start to lose your value or the essence of your should. This is detrimental to your mental health.

6. Take Note of Any Mistreatment

Is your sociopath husband starting to mistreat you? Make a physical note or account of everything that he has done to you. Relying on memories won’t be good enough. So, write down the things that he shouldn’t be doing to you and keep it confidential. He must not find out about this because you might be putting yourself in danger.

7. Confide in Someone You Trust

It’s not a great idea to keep all the stress you’re feeling all by yourself. Confide in someone you trust and talk about what you’re currently facing. Sometimes, other people can spot all the signs that a friend is in an abusive relationship. They could help you find the ways you can manage your problem. Having someone that listens to you will also impact your mental health positively. So do not be afraid to talk but make sure that they can keep things confidential.

8. Insist on Taking Care of Financial Matters

When you are dealing with a sociopath husband, insist on taking care of financial matters. Your husband will not be a reliable person to handle money issues. In fact, you may run into troubles if you let him do so. This may not be easy but it’s better than facing a lot of problems down the road. You wouldn’t want to end up in debts or bankrupt.

9. Put Codes on Your Electronic Device

Can you really trust your husband? Whether you say yes or no, keep your electronic device secure. Put codes or extra security so he can’t mess around with them. Even though he’s your husband, you shouldn’t risk him gaining potential blackmail or threat that can be used against you. That's how to deal with my sociopath husband.

10. Always Keep Your Guards Up

Based on the psychological signs of a sociopath, psychologists agree that one of their most common traits is charm. So always keep your guards up when you are around your husband.

Always be aware of what he is doing and what you think he is going to do based on your experience. Don’t ever fall for his tricks or his cunning ways to manipulate you. Here are other signs of a sociopath lover you should know. 

11. Have a Therapist

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How to deal with my sociopath husband? Never feel ashamed to seek out for help. Dealing with a sociopath husband is not easy. Have a therapist who can help you in your life. Your well being matters and you must put yourself first. Your sociopath husband is not likely to care about things like this so you need to do it for yourself.

12. Plan a Way Out

Are you starting to doubt your marriage? If things are getting too heavy for you, consider planning a way out. Sure, nobody wants to go through a divorce but think of this as a backup plan in case things get really bad. This is how to get over a divorce when you still love him to help you out.

What to Do When Things Become Dangerous

In case your sociopath husband is starting to behave in a way that endangers you, here are the things that you should do:

  1. Pack your things, take your pets or anything with value and leave the house.
  2. Stay somewhere he doesn’t know or difficult to reach.
  3. Get the police involved.
  4. Gather evidence or any notes you made in case you file a case in court.
  5. Do not let him manipulate you.
  6. Have a good and strong support from the people around you.
  7. Never contact him again.

Deal with your sociopath husband in the best way you can. However, you shouldn't force it when things just aren't working well anymore. You deserve to lead a happy and drama free life.

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