How To Know If A Gemini Man Likes You Through Text?

Last updated on April 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

You can see the way someone feel about you both direct and indirect. The direct way, you can see it through his body language and gesture. Meanwhile, for the indirect way, you can notice it through text.

Today I will be sharing with you, one of the signs Gemini man fall in love through text. Here are some tips on how to know if a Gemini man likes you through text.


1. He Will Text You Frequently And Intense

First thing that you can notice is that he will text you so frequent. You can tell the reason why he text you so frequent and intense. He definitely looking for your attention and want to get to know you better since he is attracted to you.

You might not realize that you have spent a lot of time to text him. Because Gemini man is just good at conversation and know exactly how to get a girl to text you back when she is ignoring you for days. Maybe, you can only realize once he replied you very late and you re-read his text.

2. Long Text Type Of Message

long text type of message

The second thing that you can notice through his text is you will find him to have a long type of text message. You can spend the whole day to text him because you can see by knowing that he long-texted you, he has an interest with you.

And usually, the type of conversation that he has is not a simple topic like the 10 second text that will make him smile for hours, but more into deep conversational topic.

3. Always Find A Time To Text You

Gemini man who likes you will always find a time to text you, and this is one of the reasons why you should date a Gemini man. You know that he is busy, but he will text you anyway and find a way to make it up to you once he can't text or meet you.

He will always notify you first when he feels like he will have a lot of work to do and unable to reply your text immediately.

How To Make A Gemini Man Fall In Love With You

You need to take action in life. There is no use of knowing that someone likes you, but you don't take any action to express your feeling.

And if it happens that you like him too, then aside from knowing how to know if a Gemini man likes you through text, you need to know how to make him fall in love with you too. Here are some tips.

1. Give Him A Space For Himself

Gemini is a free soul who loves to try new challenge and adventure. Having someone with such a free-soul spirit, you will need to know that he will need to have his time alone.

And if you were wondering why he had ignore you before, this can be caused by your act of not giving him a free time for his own. So, you will know how to get a Gemini man to stop ignoring you to solve it.

2. Trust Him, Don't Be Over Protective

trust him don't be over protective

To be with Gemini man, you need to make sure that you can trust him. In order to build trust, you need to start to be open to him. You need to be honest and be the one who gives the example of honestly and trust.

By then he will slowly show the signs a man is emotionally connected to you. And only by then, you will be able to have a secure relationship since both of you can trust each other.

3. Keep Yourself Busy And Improve Yourself Better

Lastly, Gemini man is interested to woman who are independent. He loves to be in a challenge, and having a woman as his partner who is independent and smart of course will make him interested.

The more you improve yourself the better you are to see a serious relationship as a whole. And to have a partner who is at the same level as you whether it is in the emotional or intelligent state, will help you to improve a lot better too. And this is one of the reasons on what does Gemini man like about Aquarius woman.

Sometime we will need to know how to know if a Gemini man likes you through text because we tend to not realizing that Gemini man has a crush on us. You might want to know more about Gemini man through more article such as why Gemini man loves Libra woman.

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