What To Say To Your Boyfriend On Your 7 Month Anniversary

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Dating is a rocky road for everyone. It’s like riding on a vehicle to a destination which have a lot of hurdles on the way. You and your partner can either come out bruised and beaten, or completely triumphant. This is rare. That is why a celebration is a must.

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Signs That He Wants To Continue The Relationship

signs that he wants to continue the relationship

Before saying all this sweet stuff, you should know the Signs that he wants to continue the relationship;

1. He Still Tries To Make You Happy Everyday 

When he is still willing to do what it takes to make you happy that means he is still in love with you.

2. He Still Smile When You Arrive 

Smiling naturally occurs when we see someone we love.

3. The Romance Is Not Dead Yet 

The sparks, butterflies and comfort is still there.

4. He Don’t Want To Let You Go 

Whenever the relationship wants to break, he will fight for it.

Celebrating your 7 months anniversary can be done through actions. But why not use sweet words to make the anniversary way more special? Here are some ways on what to say to your boyfriend on your 7 month anniversary;

Tips On What To Say To Your Boyfriend On Your 7 Month Anniversary

1. I Appreciate You So Much

Appreciation is the base for everything. When you say that you appreciate someone you are thanking them for being in your life and that is really special to hear.

2. You Are The Most Amazing Person in the World

Being special is always a boost for everyone’s mood and your loving partner is no exception to that. Make the love fly in the air by complimenting your boyfriend and make him love you more.

3. You Are My Best Friend And My Lover

7 months is a long time to get to know someone. If you are boyfriends with him for 7 months, calling him your best friend is How to Make A Guy Emotionally Addicted to You which makes your relationship last longer.

4. Say Nothing To Him

say nothing to him

Say absolutely nothing to him. Find time to stare into his eyes romantically and smile a little. This will make him swoon and make romance between you become strengthened. This is a powerful answer to what to say to your boyfriend on your 7 month anniversary.

5. I Will Always Be Here For You

The relentless doubt that your partner is going to leave you is probably in your boyfriend’s mind. By saying this, you will reassure him that you. Check out about Signs That Someone is In Love With You Secretly.

6. I Can’t Wait To Have More Adventures With You

Adventures is always something that lights up a relationship. Implying that there are more adventures to come will absolutely thrill your boyfriend. He will feel excited to have more sweet, romantic exploration with you, the love of his life.

7. I Hope You Stay Mine

Say this with a sweet smile and a peck on the cheek. Saying that you do not want to let him go and that his presence means a lot to you will make him feel special. Doing this will actually make the day more romantic. This is a great Things to Say to Express Your Love to Your Boyfriend.

8. I Love You, Always

What better way to make things great than by saying that you love him. A simple ‘i love you’ is an effortless way to appreciate him and tell him that you are his. A great ingredient for a successful anniversary day! 

9. I Am So Lucky To Have You

Again, you need to make your boyfriend feel special because after all, he is really special. Saying this will make him adore you even more too!

10. You Are One Of A Kind

Telling him that you have never met someone quite like him, someone nice, special, great and loving as him is awesome. Doing this will make him swoon and probably blush to.

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11. You Are The Best Boyfriend In The World

This line of words might be cliche. But it can be a gentle and romantic reminder that you really love him and he is a special boyfriend.

12. I Love Everything About You

Saying this make sure he knows that you fully accept and love every part of him. That way, you can erase all his doubt and fear, which ultimately make some way for more love and compassion to fill his heart.

13. You Make My World Change

Changing someone’s life to a positive state is always a good thing that will always be in his mind forever and ever.

More Tips On What To Say To Your 7 Month Anniversary

more tips on what to say to your 7 month anniversary

Maybe these words don’t resonate to you or you just feel like it doesn’t feel the situation. So, here are some more tips on what to say to your boyfriend on your 7 month anniversary;

1. You Inspire Me 

Being someone’s inspiration is rare and this will make him feel so special.

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2. My Number One Priority Will Always be You 

He will feel honored to be your number one priority.

3. I Want To Make You Happy Forever 

Your boyfriend will love you even more by saying this because he knows that you care so much about him.

4. You Are The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened To Me 

This is another unique way to say that he is special.

5. This Day Is A Sign That We Are A Match For Each Other 

Say this on your anniversary day and he will be reminded of the great relationship you and him are in.

7 months anniversary is a great sign that the relationship is on the right track. Which means that your relationship is an amazing and loving one. That is why you need to keep him happy and in love by saying the tips on what to say to your boyfriend on your 7 month anniversary.

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