7 Tips on How to Be a Better Lover

Last updated on May 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Being a lover seems easy. But it is not as easy as people imagine, especially for those who have never fallen in love before. There are many things that must be considered so that you would not hurt your partner's feelings.

Both men and women will want to be a good lover for their loved one. They will do anything to become a better lover. They just want to please their lover. For example, if your lover is a Pisces, you might ask a question like, "what do Pisces need in a relationship?"

There are several things you can do to please your lover. These things will also make your relationship last longer with minimal risk of fighting. By doing these things you would be a better lover and your partner will surely be impressed by the effort you have made to please her/ him .

In fact, there are still many people who do not know what things they can do to be a better lover. But are there any tips on how to be a better lover? This article will discuss about things that will help you to become a better lover.

1. Improve the Way You Communicate

First tip on how to be a better lover is by improving your communication skills.

Communication in a relationship is indeed a very important thing. From the way we communicate, people will easily find out about how your personality is, including your lover. Even better, if you are a horoscope-holic, you might have known about how zodiac signs act in a relationship.

Try to think for a moment about how you communicate with your lover all this time. Have you ever hurt your lover's heart?

If the way you communicate is already good, then you should keep up the good work. If not, try to improve it.

2. Learn to Listen Better

Many people prefer to be listened by others when they are complaining or giving some advice, but they tend to ignore listening to someone who is talking to them.

This phenomenon also happens often in a relationship. Every time you do that to your lover, unconsciously you have hurt your loved one.

Now, after having realized this fact, try to be a better listener for your lover and your loved one will do the same to you. By doing this you won't need to know on how to break up with someone without hurting them in the end.

3. Don't Be Selfish

One important thing in establishing a relationship is do not be selfish. All things regarding selfishness never end well.

Learn to lower your ego a little. If by lowering your ego could make both of you feel more comfortable towards each other, so why don’t you try it?

4. Cleanse Yourself

In order to be a better lover, of course, everything goes back to you. Beside by improving your personality, becoming a better lover can also be done by improving your appearance.

If you feel you have been ignorant of your look all this time, then start cleaning and beautifying your appearance.

At least by looking neat, your lover will like it because you do it not for yourself but you do it genuinely for your lover.

5. Control Your Emotions

Excessive emotions often become a cause of an argument and a reason to end your relationship with your lover. You certainly don't want to have a breakup so that you won't get a question like, "how did you get over your worst breakup?".

That is why no one wants to have an emotional lover. It is because anything an emotional lover say or do could probably hurt her/his partner.

If your lover is complaining about your unstable emotions, then you should try to control your emotions so that you would not hurt her/his feelings.

6. Laugh Along With Your Lover

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Often we see people are complaining about having a rigid lover who are difficult to talk to. Or maybe you have a lover who is too serious so that you rarely laugh with her/him.

If you are a rigid person who mostly put a serious mimic on your face, then you need to add some sense of humor in your life. You should definitely learn to laugh with your lover.

Not everything in your relationship must be taken seriously. Insert a bit of humor or some jokes in it, so that your relationship will be more fun.

7. Praise Your Lover Wholeheartedly

Many people are still embarrassed or afraid to praise their lovers. In fact, giving your lover a compliment is as meaningful as appreciating your loved one.

Your lover will be impressed and she/he would praise you too genuinely. By doing so, you and your lover will respect each other.

Whether your effort would be successful or not, it is worth it to try the tips on how to be a better lover mentioned above, because you will never know the result until you try it.

At least by doing those tips, you could make your lover see the sincerity inside your heart. Who knows this will bring you two to the next level of your relationship. Good luck!

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