How to Make a Guy Emotionally Addicted to You (23 Fab Ways)

Last updated on May 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you hoping to make a stronger impact on a guy you’re seeing?

Do you struggle to keep guys around after you’ve initially attracted to them?

Are you wondering what the secrets to making a man want to commit to you? 

If the answer to any of these questions above is YES, then you’re in the right place, because this guide will explain how to make a man emotionally addicted to you.

These 23 tricks are mostly based on a psychological concept called the ‘Hero’s Instinct’.

This is the part of the brain, which is most responsible for men’s feelings of attraction toward women. 

So, if you have no idea what this is or how it works, I’d urge you to read my guide on the power of the ‘Hero’s Instinct’ first. 

But if you’re clued up on the basics of male psychology, feel free to read on and make the most of these powerful tips.


How to Make a Guy Emotionally Addicted to You (All the Ways)

Do you want a man addicted to you? Are you looking to get the kind of devotion that only comes with real love

Making a man become addicted to you isn’t an easy feat, so how to make a guy emotionally addicted to you is an important thing to know. It is possible to get a man addicted to you if you know the secret to his heart. You just need to make a man fall in love with you.

It’s really not that hard if you know the secret formula! 

You’ll want to make a man chase you, and the best way to do that is to win him over and then play a little hard to get! It may not be fair to make a man fall in love with you and then play games with his heart, but if you do it right, you’ll make him emotionally addicted to you without harm.

Let’s explore the many ways that you can make a man become addicted to you so that you can have him eating out of the palm of your hand! With these fabulous ways, you will get him to fall in love with you and make him addicted to you in no time!

1. Accept and embrace his flaws as cute

When you show acceptance and complete love for your man, regardless of his negative traits, he will fall head over heels in love with you because you accept him for who he really is. He’ll be excited to be around you because you love him no matter what. Maybe he has some ugly traits that you have embraced as adorable.

That’s a good thing. It shows that you have let your guard down and love him - in every way. In your relationship, just be the type of girl he would want to spend forever with. Show him complete acceptance and adoration when you are around him. Appreciate the cute little flaws he has and even learn to love them as just being part of who he is.

2. Express your feelings

It’s a smart idea to let your guard down when you are in a relationship with a guy you want to be addicted to you. If he knows you have real feelings for him, he’ll know you are serious about him. He’ll even want to know where your relationship is headed; in fact, he will probably be excited to find out what twists and turns are to come.

3. Be a supportive partner

It’s important to show a great deal of understanding when you are in a relationship. You want him to know that you are there to support him no matter what. Show him that you love him by the way you support him with his job, family, friends, or even his passions and hobbies. Support the things that are important to him.

4. Be a fun companion

Have a good time when you are together. I know my man, and I enjoy each other’s company and greatly miss one another when we aren’t together. It was pretty much always like that, but it’s happened to become more intense because our love for one another has only grown with time.

5. Be marriage material

I couldn’t count the guys who have told me either I was or was not marriage material. Basically, marriage material means that you are the type of girl that the guy would want to take home to meet his family and friends. You want him to think that the relationship could one day lead to marriage because you are so right for one another.

I actually looked up what marriage material meant when I was single because I didn’t understand what guys meant when they said it. If you are marriage material to a guy, it means that he sees a future with you. He wants to possibly spend the rest of his life with you because you are a valuable commodity in his eyes. That’s a great thing!

I once dated a guy for two years who always said he didn’t see a long-term future for us, and I would think, “Why are we together then?” I wasted a lot of time on that guy, but I finally got sick of him not thinking I was good enough to have a future with, and I went ahead and ended the relationship for good. I never looked back; what a waste of time!

6. Tell him secrets

When you open up to a guy, he is more likely to open up to you. He’ll want to know more, too. He’ll want to know what you really think about regarding the big stuff in life. Do you want kids? Are you looking for a long-term relationship? What is the family secret that your family pretends doesn’t exist (the pink elephant in the room)?

You can share your deepest thoughts and feelings, and he’ll really open up with you, making him attached to you in the relationship. If you want him to be stuck on you, be vulnerable and show your softer side. There’s no reason not to do this unless you believe he is playing games with your heart. Make sure he is for real!

7. Show a great deal of emotional intelligence

show a great deal of emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is when you are able to control your own emotions and read that of others. You want to show that you can control yourself and learn to read the emotions of the man you are with. What does he think and feel? Can you tell these things by just the things he says and does? How can you get him to open up more

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8. Tell great stories

To make a guy become very attached to you, you’ll want to talk about your history - your past, your childhood, and your deepest thoughts. Always have a new story to share with him so that he gets to know you well. He’ll get attached to you easily if you open up like this because he’ll always be curious about what you plan to say next!

9. Respect and appreciate his values

Whatever his values are, don’t be judgmental. Instead, embrace who he really is and what he values in life. Be an understanding person, someone he wants to be around all of the time. If you know that he is sharing his soul with you, you might want to listen closely to determine what he is all about. Is he someone you could fall in love with?

10. Be yourself

There’s no point in pretending you are someone you are not. Your true colors will show eventually. Be genuine and honest. You want him to get to know the real you. What are you interested in? What are you passionate about? Are these things that he can relate to? If not, can you make your passions interesting to talk about? Get creative!

11. Spend quality time with him

Many times, a man will enjoy spending time with you because he will want to get to know you better. The time that you spend together will need to be quality time - time that you have set aside for him only. Don’t be distracted by your phone or the television. Give him your complete attention. Show him that you love being around him. 

Give him a chance to know the real you. You may have to practice doing this if this is not something you usually do in a relationship. Just set aside half an hour where you only give him love and affection. Don’t let anyone interrupt that time. That’s important because he wants to know that he completely has you in his arms when he needs you. 

12. Play hard to get

Playing hard to get is probably the best strategy for making a man fall in love with you and/or becoming addicted to you. You may have to show some restraint when using this strategy. Don’t call him all the time or even first. Let him make the moves. That way, he will be curious about what you have going on. 

What are you doing that keeps you so busy and in such high demand? Make him wonder what you are doing. Don’t reveal everything about yourself on the first date. Show him a few of your innermost thoughts and feelings, but don’t give yourself away for free. Make him ask you questions to get to know you better. Be a mystery!

13. Show your emotions

Show him that you are a human person with true feelings. It’s okay to be vulnerable in a relationship. It shows you are real and that you feel just like everyone else does in the world. You can cry in front of him and show that you have a soft side if you want to win him over. He’ll appreciate the fact that you are not cold or anything like that.

14. Build trust in the relationship

build trust in the relationship

Building trust isn’t always the easiest thing to do in a relationship because you have to be honest and selfless. Show him that you are willing to go the distance with him because your feelings have shown you that you are meant to be. Don’t tell him those words exactly, but you can show that you are a trustworthy person.

15. Always have something new and interesting to say

Be like a puzzle when you are around your boyfriend. Show him that you have a lot of information to share with him - stories from your childhood, traumas that have happened to you, or just hurts, habits, and hangups that you are trying to overcome. He’ll be excited to be around you because he’ll wonder what you’ll say next!

16. Maintain healthy boundaries in the relationship

Healthy boundaries come in many different forms. For example, if you feel that it is disgusting to share a toothbrush with someone else, that means that you have a personal boundary when it comes to personal hygiene. This will show that you have a human side, that you are full of surprises, but that you have real values you stick with.

17. Be a good listener

Being a good listener involves paying close attention when the other person is sharing information or stories with you. You can do this by showing open body language. That means you should uncross your arms and legs. Make eye contact, and truly listen to what is being said. If you think that you’ve misunderstood something, ask questions.

18. Show your true character

This is what guys fall in love with - who you really are. What makes you the special and unique person you are. Show that you have strong values. This will make him want to get to know you more and learn your secrets. 

19. Remember the little things

Keep the details of your conversation in mind. If you later find that you have follow-up questions, ask him the next time you see him. This will show him that you are a great listener and have truly paid attention when he talks. Also, it will bring the two of you closer together because you are showing a compassionate side.

20. Be a sweetheart

Guys love girls who are sweet and kind. They want to be with girls that have hearts and aren’t afraid to show them. Maybe you volunteer at a children’s hospital or work the line at a soup kitchen. Whatever you do, just show that you are a sweet person. Think of him and do sweet things for him. Send him a “just because” note or text message.

21. Stay cool

stay cool

When you get in an argument with your man, make sure you keep your cool. There’s no reason not to keep a level head even when you are very upset. Just keep your feelings under control. Realize that there are more important things in life and that you will find his pros and love him for those reasons, not the negative aspects of who he is.

22. Make him happy

If you’d like to get the guy to be madly in love with you, just make him happy. Think about what would make him enjoy life more, and focus on giving him the things that make him the happiest. If he enjoys hunting and fishing, you can buy him a pocket knife, a new fishing pole, or just a grab bag of lures and hooks. Surprise him!

23. Show gratitude

Tell him how much you appreciate the little things he does for you. If you show complete gratitude, he’ll not be able to resist you. He’ll know that deep down you are a super sweetheart and will always work to make him happy and enjoy life. This is a great way to show your true character, too. Be the girl he is madly in love with! Say thank you often!

Is He Attached to You?

When a man is addicted to you, he will likely let his guard down and tell you his secrets. In fact, he’ll want to talk to you about everything! He’ll enjoy the conversations that the two of you have and want to have plenty more in the future. He’ll value the fact that you are getting closer to one another. Also, he’ll wonder what surprises you have up your sleeve for him next!

Another sign he is addicted to you is that he misses you when you are apart. If he’s truly in love with your relationship, he’ll call and text you all the time when you are not around each other. He’ll wonder what you are doing and saying; in fact, he’ll just want to know everything about what you are up to. He just won’t be able to get you out of his head if he’s addicted to you.

Another great sign that he is addicted to you is how he treats you. He’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy; he’ll also care a lot about your well-being, your health, and your satisfaction in your relationship. A man in love will think about his woman all the time and enjoy every second he gets to spend with her. Over time, he’ll think about your long-term future together!


How do you make a guy crave you?

If you want to make him addicted to you, you’ll need to show true emotion when you talk. A relationship needs to start - one where he is addicted to you and excited over everything about you! He’ll be drooling because he’s so in love with you! Just be yourself!

How can I make him addicted to me through text?

The best thing you can do to get his attention is to be very sweet via text; let him know that you are interested in him but that you are also incredibly busy with your own life. You might ask him questions that evoke emotion and excitement. He’ll be addicted in no time!

How do you make a guy miss you badly?

Be the kind of girl that he would want to take home to meet his mother. You want him to show true devotion to your very presence of you; make him value your worth and all of the qualities that make you the unique person you are!

Do guys like it when you text them first?

If a guy is unsure if you want romance, he may hesitate to get close to you and show true feelings. In that case, texting first may be best because you are showing him that you are interested in a relationship. If you think he knows you like him, let him text you.

What are some flirty things to say to a guy?

You are worth every star in the sky! I value the devotion and love you show me, and in turn, I look forward to showing you I’m addicted to you! You can also flirt with your body language. Touch his arm when you speak to him. Give him a quick kiss.

To Sum It All Up 

Are you in a relationship where the guy is addicted to you? How do you make him addicted? When did he become addicted to you? We’d love to hear your take on this topic! Please share this post on social media, and leave us a comment!

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