How to Deal with Finding Out Your Girlfriend is Pregnant

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When you really love someone, you will stick to that person no matter how hard the road ahead will be. At least, that is what most people say. But, the truth is, there are things that can break the love that you have, within just in a blink. And most of the time, it is a sudden incident that we never expected before such as pregnancy.

With a sudden incident that happen during the relationship we have, our first instinct whether we get mad or confuse become the dominant emotion that somehow take control all over your body.

The emotion makes us cannot think logically and we tend to make a bad decision for ourselves and the people around us. And to make the mind think straight here are some tips on how to deal with finding out your girlfriend is pregnant.

  • Do not blame your girlfriend

The reasons why you should not live together before marriage is to prevent the things that you don't expected to happen to be happened. During this time, you can also reflecting on yourself whether she is the one that is right for you or not, before the relationship is going into a more serious relationship.

But, if you did live with her and she got pregnant, you should have known that there are things that could be happened. And you should be prepared for this things. Well, we are all human and we are not perfect, if you found out that you were not prepared and you were living with your girlfriend, and it turns out that she is pregnant, the first thing you need to do on how to deal with finding out your girlfriend is pregnant is by not blaming your girlfriend.

The decision to live together was made by both of you, so if there is any problem occur, the problem need to be solved together too. And the key to this problem is, communication and knowing how to solve misunderstanding between boyfriend girlfriend so that the problem won't go worse.

  • Comfort your girlfriend

The second thing you can do is to comfort your girlfriend. She is the one who is pregnant, carrying a baby, she must be freak out more than what you feel now. And she will also be the one who carries the baby inside her belly everywhere until the baby is ready to be given a birth. It is not easy.

You can imagine if you were in the same position as her and the boyfriend is leaving you behind. She will be so stressed out. So, to make both of you have that clear mind to think, what you need to do is to comfort her. By comforting her, you are putting her as the biggest concern, this will somehow make you less confuse and stressed out.

When she is calm down, you will be able to start to calm yourself down too. And there are ways on how to make your girlfriend be more comfortable if she is with you

  • Ask her what she wants

Lastly, you should ask her about what she wants. In this step, just hold yourself first not to throw bad comments or even abortion suggestion to her. Abortion is not the best way since the risk is too high and you're too selfish if you asked her to do so. Let yourself listen to what she wants to do next with the baby.

After that, you can tell her your opinion and what you think you want to do. And by then, both of you can take a decision that suit best with each one of your conditions. There are a lot of better solution for that, you can keep the baby or give the baby for adoption, surely for this kind of decision you will need to know how to tell your mother your girlfriend is pregnant so that she can help you by giving more advises.

For the case on how to deal with finding out your girlfriend is pregnant, do remember that ever action that you take have consequences. And if you think that you are brave enough to take the responsibility including the consequences it means that you're well prepared for it.

Since we know other people too in our lives, it is also best when we can be there for them when they needed help, company, or advise. Just know how to communicate it well for example knowing how to tell your brother when his girlfriend is cheating, and convincing him about the truth without hurting his feeling that much.

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