How To Keep Your Aquarius Man Happy

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Are you squandering your way in the maze of an Aquarius man?

If you are planning to attract an Aquarius, you should find out about how to know that you are making the right moves so you're not wasting your time.

It takes a very long time for Aquarius to truly love someone. However, if you already know how to deal with an Aquarius man in the right way, your date will surely fall head over heels for you.


Here Are How To Keep Your Aquarius Man Happy

Discussing Aquarius, the man carried under this sign values his independence and freedom. Thus, at the beginning of the relationship, you should not set the pace or you'll probably lose him.

Not only that, there are things that you should do according to make your Aquarius man stay. So, here are how to keep your Aquarius man happy.

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1. Take Care Yourself

First thing first, you should know how to take care of yourself if you want to make your Aquarius date happy.

2. Engage In Intellectual Discussion

engage in intellectual discussion

The most thing that Aquarius likes is to engage in an intellectual discussion. He'd love to talk to someone on his level of knowledge.

If you want to make them happy, you can try to start a conversation with a prominent topic.

3. Give Him Mystery To Solve

An Aquarius tends to like something that keeps his brain working. Maybe you may want to give him a couple of mysteries to solve so he won't get bored.

Like, where did your neighbor lost cat go? It probably picks up his interest.

4. Shower Him With Surprises

Here are how to keep your Aquarius man happy. Aquarius love surprises!

You should plan to give him even a little thing that he likes so it would make him happy.

5. Give Him More Attention

Don't even think in a second your Aquarius man would love your attention or not, because he does!

It is actually what makes him happy even though sometimes he finds it hard to express his emotion. Learn about this too How to Tell If An Aquarius Man Has A Crush on You.

6. Let Him Indulge In His World

Here are how to keep your Aquarius man happy. We all know that Aquarius is a special sign and tend to be different.

When he is content with what he has been doing, then let him and don't be bothersome.

7. Spend The Weekend Outside

You probably know that your Aquarius man tends to be more an outside person. Therefore, often ask him to spend the weekend out from home would make him happy.

8. Listen To His Favorite Songs

listen to his favorite songs

Here are how to keep your Aquarius man happy. You've got some recommendation song from him and that's probably his favorites.

Go and listen to them! Definitely going to make his day!

9. Trust What He Says

An Aquarius is rarely cheating on his lover. If you fully trust him, he would appreciate that and glad to have as his girl. Check this one to know signs Your Aquarius Man Is Cheating on You.

10. Always Want Him

Here are how to keep your Aquarius man happy. Everybody loves the feeling of being needed.

So does the Aquarius. Show him how much you want him and it simply makes him happy enough.

Signs Your Aquarius Man Is Happy

Here are signs your Aquarius man is happy with you. Check also What to Do When Your Aquarius Man Becomes Distant.

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1. More Passionate

Somehow you see that today he's being more passionate. And that's the sign you make him happy from what you do.

2. He Is Smiling All Day

You can tell that he has been smiling all day. Cute, isn't he?

3. Tell You Something Sweet

You might hear him tell you something like so glad to be with you or others sweet words.

4. Gives You Surprise

It is so Aquarius that pay your kindness. If he gives you some surprises then it is to settle down the other day.

More Tips To Make Aquarius Happy

Here are more tips to make Aquarius happy. This also can help you Ways to Win Aquarius Man and Make Him Fall for You.

1. Be Real

Your Aquarius man won't be happy if you try to be somebody that he doesn't recognize. Be real with yourself first to impress him.

2. White Lie Doesn't Work

Never lie to an Aquarius even a white lie won't work!

3. Don't Be So Extra

The Aquarius tends to love simplicity. If you want to make him happy, try not to be so extra.

4. Cook For Him

cook for him

Maybe you want to bring him lunch that made by you. It definitely lights up his day.

5. Buy Him More Books

Lots of Aquarius are bookworms. Therefore, buy books for his next surprises.

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