What To Say To Your Boyfriend When He Calls You Beautiful (23 Things To Say)

Last updated on July 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you wondering what to say when your boyfriend calls you beautiful?

Do you struggle to find the right words? 

It can be tough. After all, it probably seems inappropriate to call a man ‘beautiful’, even if he is devilishly good-looking.

So what should you say? I’ve listed dozens of ideas in the guide below.   

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23 Things To Say When Your Boyfriend Calls You 'Beautiful'

While some people are still searching for good relationships, others are already in one, enjoying it, and looking for ways to maintain it. This means that relationships with romantic boyfriends still exist and many women are enjoying them. The problem here is, most women don't know how to reciprocate this love.

Romantic guys have a way of giving nice compliments to their partners. They will say cute things to her to make her smile, feel happy, or feel special. The truth is, women love to know cute compliments, but not all of them compliment their partners. Sometimes, it's not their fault. 

Some girls are clueless about what to say when a guy calls them beautiful or says anything cute to compliment them. If you fall in this category, you should know that the word beautiful means many things. So, any romantic response you say to him would make everything fine.

You may be shy when your partner calls you sweet names. But, you could always find a way around it. You may be wondering how to go about it or what to say to your boyfriend when he calls you beautiful. Here are 23 sweet things to say to him.

1. You are so kind

A guy calling you beautiful when he's not referring to your general physical appearance could be a way of him appreciating your inner beauty. He could be trying to say you're beautiful inside out and he's lucky to have you as a partner. You may see this in his expression or hear it in his tone.

You could respond by telling him he's kind. That phrase is enough to tell him how much you appreciate his compliments and kind gestures toward you. Guys like it when their girl says something nice to them. So, you could say this to him when he calls you beautiful.

2. I’m all yours

Telling a guy you're all his when he says you're beautiful is a reassuring statement to him. You're telling him not to be afraid of losing you. It means you accept that you're beautiful and anything good he sees in you is all his. 

In a way, you're appreciating his compliment, your beautiful self, and telling him you belong to each other. Guys love to know this. They want to be sure they won't lose a girl they love so much for any reason. So, when your man calls you beautiful, tell him you're his.

3. You’re the perfect person for me

If you're together on a date night and your guy calls you beautiful, you already know what your guy means. You know the word beautiful here means he's proud to be your boyfriend. When he does this, the best thing you can say to him is how perfect he is for you.

It means you were both designed for each other. Try saying this to your boyfriend and observe his body language after you say it. It will get to him in a very positive way. This is one of the things to say to your boyfriend when he says something cute.

4. I love you for your kind words

Not all guys are nice enough to say kind words to their girlfriend. Some don't care about her feelings or how bad the words could sound to a girl. They talk as it comes. So, if your boyfriend says cute words like beautiful to you, tell him you love him for that action. 

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Even if you're a shy person, this is a way to keep it simple with your boyfriend when he calls you beautiful. Simply say “thank you for your sweet words” or “I love you for your kind words.” This could sound minor, but it's something good for him.

5. You’re the most handsome man I know

According to many people, it's strange for a guy to be called beautiful. The appropriate word for guys is handsome. So, it's okay to call your boyfriend a handsome guy when he calls you beautiful. It balances it all. It shows you're also interested in his physical appearance. 

When you hear your guy calling you a beautiful woman, one good thing to do is to appreciate his beauty, too. Talk about his cute smile, laugh, and how he looks at you when you're both talking. It's a way to give him hope that you're also attracted to him.

6. I’m glad to have you in my life

im glad to have you in my life

Being called beautiful by your boyfriend is one the best things that could happen in your love life, especially when you love him so much. Your positive response shows how much you care and appreciate the cute words. The least you could do is to reply to him with nice words, too. 

“I’m glad to have you in my life” could be those cute words. They're words you can say when your guy calls you beautiful. And as minor as it may seem, this act could even be a stepping stone in your love life with him. 

7. You’ll always be my priority

Everyone loves to be the main priority in a relationship, whether they're conscious about it or not. The truth is, you may not know it until your boyfriend says it in a cute way to you. If your guy calls you beautiful and it uplifts your spirit, act in that way.

Tell him how much of a priority he is in your life. Guys love to know how valuable they are in any relationship they find themselves in. The best you can do is to tell him how high you've placed him in your heart. That should do the trick for you until the next compliment.

8. I love how you make me feel

One way you can appreciate your partner for saying a compliment to you is to tell him how you feel whenever he says these nice things to you. It's refreshing for your partner to know how positive you feel whenever he calls you beautiful.

A cute response could be you telling him how great you feel when he appreciates your natural beauty. It's you telling him you know he's still attracted to you as his girl and you love the feeling that comes with it. This is a nice thing to say when your guy calls you beautiful.

9. You always melt my heart

It's amazing to let your partner know that he touches your heart whenever he compliments you. Guys love to know this. Telling him his cute words melt your heart is a way of complimenting him also. It shows you're in a relationship with him for real.

This would encourage him to say more cute things to uplift your mood and make you happier. The good thing with this is that it's simple and straightforward to say. It's also something that doesn't need a continuous verbal response. It's short, sweet, and you should mean it.

10. It’s a good thing to have the most charming man

A good thing to do is to respond to your man with sweeter words. You should beat him to his game, positively. Tell him how attractive he is and how handsome he is, too. As long as it's a genuine compliment from your heart and you mean it.

You don't even have to wait for your boyfriend to call you beautiful before you tell him how charming he is. You always have to let him know how attracted you are to him. Tell him how cute he looks, but don't compare his beauty with another guy’s except it's a smoking hot celebrity.

11. You’re an inspiration to me

Sometimes, cute words motivate and inspire people to love life. If he says anything nice to you, including calling you beautiful and his words do this to you, this is a perfect response for it. Tell him he inspires you.

That's because positive words uplift the heart. Don't accept the goodwill in silence, say it out to him, so he knows he has done something good, and impacted positively to your life. This is how to reply to your guy calling you beautiful. It's neutral enough to cover many nice words from him.

12. I need your love

i need your love

“I need your love” has many interpretations to it. It could be that he's all nice with words, but doesn't show his best when it comes to nice gestures. So, this is a way of saying you appreciate him and need more of his love.

It's not negative, it's only a wake-up call to him to improve more when it comes to your love life together. It would change things, but it's one of the nice responses for a guy who calls you beautiful. Try using this phrase to his reaction. Make sure it's the right time and atmosphere to say it.

13. You’re so warm and kind-hearted

Not all guys are warm and kind-hearted. Some of them believe in tough love, which is only accepted and appreciated by a few women. If your partner is the warm one who is empathetic, you should tell him that, especially after a kind and warm gesture from him.

Whenever your partner goes as nice as calling you beautiful, that's a new level of love. It means he adores you so much that he can't help but be warm to you even when you give him attitude. This is one thing you should say to your living partner to boost his happy mood.

14. You sweep me off my feet

“You sweep me off my feet” means he has done a lot of positive things. It also means he makes you feel like a queen whenever he says or does nice things to you. Tell him this whenever he says any cute thing to you, whether you're on a date night or not.

It would go as far as melting his heart. He would see you in a different light. He would also see you as being a good and appreciative girlfriend. This is one of the things to say to your partner when he calls you beautiful. It will make things more romantic.

15. I’ll always be here for you

This is another assuring phrase to your partner. It means that no matter what may be, you'd always be there for him. These words could be said at any time. It could be said after his cute comments to appreciate you or randomly when you know you need to say it.

Let him know you'll always be there for him, in good health, financially unstable times, or sick times, whether you have a major role to play in his life at that time or not. This assurance after his nice words is enough to settle every uncertain feeling, consciously or not.

16. You’re so adorable

Guys are adorable, too. People could say this to them every day, but it's more special when it comes from their girl. If you have a boyfriend who makes you blush for some special reason, tell him how adorable he is.

Take about his nose, eyes, face when he smiles, and how much his face glows when he laughs. It's a good way to reply to any nice words he says to you. This is how to talk to your partner when he uses sweet words to admire you. 

17. I’m lucky to have you as my boyfriend

One thing you can do to spark up your relationship is tell your boyfriend that you feel so lucky to be with him. This shows that even if you've met numerous men out there, you're still happy to have decided to date him. 

Let him know how happy you are to be with him. It shows you're proud of him. Make it sound as natural as possible, and not because of his compliment. This is one of the things to say to your boyfriend calling you a beautiful woman. It will gladden his heart hearing you say this.

18. You have the cutest smile

you have the cutest smile

Guys love to know you observe little details about them. A random girl could tell them how handsome they are or how nice their outfit is, and it would sound normal to them. But, if it comes from you, especially when he compliments you, it's a deal-breaker.

You could reply to his cute compliment by telling him you love how he smiles. If you think his laugh is also cute, you can say that to him, too. This is one of the things you can say to capture your boyfriend's heart after receiving a cute compliment from him.

19. I can’t trade you for anything

Being called beautiful by your boyfriend should touch your heart enough to make you love him more. Even if his cute compliment makes you shy, you could try to utter some nice words to him like, “I can't trade you for anything.” 

Don't be afraid of how it will sound. If it sounds bad, you could both laugh about it and have fun with the whole situation. This is what makes dating someone fun and interesting. The ability to relate with your partner without stress even when there's a little bit of tension.

20. Let’s be together forever

A cute thing you could do is involve your boyfriend in your future plans. You may not necessarily say this immediately when he calls you a beautiful lady. You could say it as a compliment when he least expects it from you.

It means you want to keep hearing his cute compliments without a break. You can’t get enough of it and it has to be from him, not any other guy. You’re trying to tell him that you want to be his one and only girl. This is another cute thing you can say to your boyfriend when he calls you a beautiful lady.

21. You’re the hottest man I know

Don't let another girl do this for you. Let your man know how hot he is. You could even exaggerate it a bit to make him laugh. Tell him some celebrities can't even compete with his hotness. If you're not rushing anyway, keep talking about the things he does that turn you on without much stress. 

Let him blush just like he made you blush with his compliment. Let him know how proud you are to date him. If you don't do nice things like this, he could feel bad being the only sweet person between you both.

22. You’re so sweet

When guys call their girl beautiful, they don't only say it from their heart, but try to make her feel happy. Even if you have nothing to reply with, say “you’re so sweet” to your boyfriend.” That doesn't only cover his recent compliment, but the past ones he's been saying.

This is something that will encourage him to do and say more cute things to you without holding back. If you have issues, he will have something good to reminisce about your moments together. This statement covers everything good and it's something you should try saying to him in a time like this.

23. This is the most amazing relationship I’ve been in

This is one of the sweetest things you could say to your boyfriend after receiving cute comments about yourself from him. Let him know how amazing he is and has been as a boyfriend to you since you both started dating. These are cute words to say to your lover.

You could say this alone or combine it with other caring words to make him feel special. Telling him it's the most amazing love life you've ever had is you saying he's the best compared to the guys you've seen, spoken to, and even dated. This is something you consider saying.


What does it mean when your boyfriend calls you beautiful?

When your partner calls you beautiful, it could mean many things. It could mean you're beautiful inside, physically attractive, he loves your outfit or just a sweet compliment to cover everything he loves about you. It could also mean you have a beautiful personality and he's happy to have you in his life.

What to say when a man says you're beautiful?

If it's a man you don't have any emotional connection with or plan to be in a relationship with, you could just say “thank you” or say a platonic statement to appreciate him and end it in a friendly way. But, if it's someone you want to date, you could call him handsome, too.

How do you respond to your boyfriend when he compliments you?

When your boyfriend compliments you, thank him with a smile, and let him know how much his sweet words mean to you. You could also reciprocate the action by telling him how sweet he is to you or complimenting him. Depending on his love language, there are numerous ways to respond to your boyfriend’s compliments. 

How do you respond to a beautiful text?

Start by appreciating the text and telling the person how much the sweet things they sent made you smile and made your day. Let them know you feel happy about the cute things they said. If it's your partner, try your best to respond with cute words too, so he feels energetic for the day.

Is he in love with me or not?

You'll always know when a guy is in love with you. You feel it in your guts and from the way he talks and behaves with you, whether you're with him or not. But, when he's not, you'll be confused. You'd have mixed feelings about it even when you're in a relationship with him.

In Conclusion

There are numerous things to say when your boyfriend calls you beautiful. To avoid saying the wrong thing, use the 23 ways I've mentioned to guide you for a start. I hope you enjoyed this article. If you did, please feel free to drop a comment and share it with others.

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