How to Get What You Want from a Man without Nagging

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If there is a thing to tell men and women apart, it would be nagging. It seemed to be in every women genetic to nag on almost everything. Your boyfriend is no difference. How many times you have told him to clean up his room, which he never did? While women love nagging, many find it annoying.

In particular, nagging your boyfriend won't do any good for you as well. The more you nag, the more he won't even move a bit. And even worse, he doesn't see that you have all the signs she is a girlfriend material that he always wish to have because all that you do is nagging on him.

How to Get What You Want from a Man without Nagging

Men think it's almost impossible for a women not to nag on them. Sometimes they missed it, but other times they are sick of it. Nagging won't help you to get anything you want from a man. Try to go on his way so that he finally gives.

Without having to ask a million times, here are how to get what you want from a man without nagging.

1. Leave Clues to Him

Men are not sensitive with clues but you got to do a light start. Tell him that you don't want to go home alone today or that you don't have anyone to lunch. You can even send direct clues like how dark your room is because he has't change the light bulb.

2. Hold It Down Until He Realizes

It's hard for a woman not to nag when something is wrong. However this is the strength game. Don't nag and doing what he should do. Other times he'll choose to keep up with your nag instead. Hold on and wait for the time he realizes that you won't do it no matter what.

3. Show Your Appreciation

Saying thank you is the simplest ways to make someone feel appreciated. Those two words can leave a big impact on someone since it means you are acknowledging his hard work and encouraging him to be better. Say thank you after he changes your light bulb, after helping you cleaning the house, or after taking you home.

4. Let Him Take All the Consequences

If you nag him for good, then there will be consequences he has to deal with if he doesn't follow what you say. Well, let him deal with it though. If he didn't take his dirty clothes to laundry or wash them, then he will have nothing to wear on Monday.

5. Be Careful When You Ask for a Second Time

Nagging and reminding are two different things. If he didn't hear you at the first time (or pretended not to) you may remind him for the second time. But be careful not to say "I have told you" or "you never listen to me". It will be nagging then.

6. Pick the Right Time to Talk

Somebody could get really pissed off and easily annoyed by little thing when he's having a hard time. So the best way how to get what you want from a man without asking or nagging is by telling him in the right time. When he's not doing anything else or having problems.

7. Tell Him the Importance

How to get what you want from a man without nagging is not wrong as long as it brings good to him and not benefiting you alone. Tell him how important than thing is for you (and maybe for him) so that he won't postpone any longer to get it for you. Going in the nice way like this is much better than nagging and annoy him at some point.

8. Ask in a Nice Way

You may have it enough with him and you can't help but sarcastically tell him about what you want. It doesn't help. Less nice you ask him, less chance your wish will be fulfill. Since he can get offended by your words, he will be ignoring you instead of going with what you want.

9. Don't Beat Around the Bush

Women like to throw codes and clues to their man, which he doesn't get anything out of it. Your man will never figure out what you want if all you do is nagging and accusing him of being a bad partner. He'll like it more if you are being straightforward with anything you want.

10. Straight to the Point

Straight to the point means you need to cut the time you use to talk to him. He doesn't need your 30 minutes speech on what you want to get from him. Just say it shortly, so you get your answer quickly.

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11. Create a Wish List

Never expect your man remember every little things you ask him. He could forget them right after you finish talking. So get him a wish list of what you want (either things or doing stuffs) so that he won't make up any reason in the future. It's works best when you're trying to find how to make your boyfriend to give you money.

12. Stop Criticizing

Getting him to get whatever you want is not easy, so you better not criticize him and finding his flaws. So you want him to cut his hair short but he still leaves some length in it. Throwing endless critics is not how to tell your boyfriend you don't like something he does. Be grateful instead.

It's clear that how to get what you want from a man without nagging is not impossible. All you have to do is holding it back. Don't let him get sick of you because of your nagging. At some point, when he become too sick to stay with you, you may break apart.

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