What Not To Do When Dating A Virgo Woman And How To Attract Her

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You’re currently in love with a Virgo woman. The last thing you want to do is make the wrong move.


What Not To Do When Dating A Virgo Woman

The Virgo woman can be very particular with her date. Here is a list of things to avoid:

1. Cursing


This is your top what not to do when dating a Virgo woman. She hates it when her date curses. Most of the time, it’s just bad manners for her.

2. Being Rude To Other People

A Virgo woman also dislikes it when you’re rude to other people. So try to treat everyone nicely when you’re dating her.

It shows a good character and it’ll impress her. Get to know the Reasons Why You Should Date a Virgo.

3. Asking For Help Too Many Times

Also remember this for what not to do when dating a Virgo woman in the very beginning of the relationship. Don’t ask for help or favor too many times. It will look like as if you’re just using her.

4. Show Off Your Wealth

What you need to know about the Virgo woman is that she’s not superficial. She doesn’t care that much about your wealth or possessions. Showing off the things you have is such a turn off when you’re dating her.

5. Put Her In The Spotlight

The next thing on what not to do when dating a Virgo woman is to put her in the spotlight. Never ever do that.

She doesn’t like it when all the attention is on her. Your dating life with the Virgo woman will be so awkward when you do this.

6. Make Her Feel Ignored

make her feel ignored

The Virgo woman loves it when you give her attention. So try not to make her feel ignored.

Once she feels that way, she’ll start to pull away from you. Here are some Reasons Why You Need A Virgo in Your Life though.

7. Being Too Controlling

Here’s also what not to do when dating a Virgo woman because it will make her upset. Being too controlling over her life!

Never tell her what to do with her personal life or even her job. It’s rude and she will not be hesitant to leave you.

8. Asking Too Many Personal Questions

Careful when you’re not in the serious stage yet at dating the Virgo woman. Asking too many personal questions could seem very creepy. She’ll start to wonder if you have a hidden motive.

9. Look Down On Their Friends And Family

What’s another what not to do when dating a Virgo woman? Looking down on their friends and family. They mean so, so much to her.

Get to know other Virgo Woman Traits Characteristics. If your words or actions hurt any of them then the Virgo woman will dump you instantly.

10. Invalidate Their Feelings

invalidate their feelings

Never make a Virgo woman’s feelings unimportant. Invalidating how she feels is a red flag for her.

She won’t think twice of leaving you. This is the ultimate thing to avoid when you’re with her.

How To Attract A Virgo Woman

Other than knowing what not to do when dating a Virgo woman, get to know how to attract her. Make her like with these tips:

1. Be Compassionate

A Virgo woman loves it when you’re compassionate. It makes you look very human and kind.

It’s the kind of energy that she wants to surround herself in. Your compassionate trait is How to Make A Virgo Woman Obsessed with You.

2. Befriend The People In Her Circle

Remember about the friends and family part in what not to do when dating a Virgo woman before?

It’s good to never look down on them but it will be even better if you can befriend them. Get ready to be a bit social and making yourself approachable.

3. Be Trustworthy

How exactly can you attract a Virgo woman this way? Well, being trustworthy means keeping her secrets to yourself.

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4. Work Hard

work hard

Being lazy is definitely what not to do when dating a Virgo woman. Hard workers are extremely attractive to her.

She feels as if she can rely more on them. It also motivates her to do better.

5. Take Things Slow

Take the things slow. Never rush. A Virgo woman finds this attractive because she gets to know you better.

Rushing things could end up badly. She doesn’t want to invest in a relationship like that.

Now you know what not to do when dating a Virgo woman. Avoid most or all of these things and she will see you as an attractive person.

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