23 Ways Not to Love Someone Badly As It Hurts

Last updated on January 30, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Even though someone can fall in love and have the right to, not everyone deserve it. There are a lot of people who doesn't appreciate love and the one who love them by being unfaithful and cheat. More than that, there are also some traits inside someone that make them doesn't deserve to be love.

Even if it hurts, here are the reasons not to love someone who doesn't really deserve it:

1. Make Sure You Want to Love Him

Before loving someone, you have to make sure first whether you really want to love him or not. Love is not a game, so if he doesn't show the Signs When Guys Fall in Love with someone, think about it twice. It's never nice to have one sided love, not to mention getting hurt from it.

2. Why Should You Love Him?

If you really need a reason not to love someone, ask yourself why should you do? Think about what he has to make you fall for him. If he's not that worth, give your love to someone else.

3. You Deserve Better

There's a saying that love is blind, and it is true. Sometimes you can't see that someone doesn't deserve your love but you still give it to him only because you do. You deserve better than him, so if he doesn't have the signsthat a man love you unconditionally, you better left him out.

4. He Does Not Love You Back

As said above, no one sided love is good. On the contrary, it only makes you feel hurt and hard to move on. So if you know that he doesn't love you back, never let yourself got carried away and love him more. It's not worth the risk if you already know his feeling.

5. You are Better Than Him

Never love someone who doesn't make you a better person. If he has a crap personality, love with him is not love. You'll end up being the one got hurt. Find someone who is better than you (or him) so you can be happy and becoming a better person at the same time. If you ask what qualities are considered bad, you will know if you had to use the Ways to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend someday.

6. Look at How He Treat You

A man is all about his manners. Manners maketh man. The way he treats you is very important. Did he appreciate every little thing you do? Or he never thankful because you are always there beside him? Never be in love with someone who doesn't know how to treat a woman in a good way.

7. He Only Consider You As a Friend

Okay, everything started out as friend but not all friends ends up as a lover. Some of them prefer to keep their friendship and not to risk it out. There are many reasons of Why You Should Not Date Your Best Friend, one of them is you might lose him once you break up.

8. He Never Consider Your Feeling

He never worries about you. He never know how you feel. He easily do something that disappointed you and turned you down. Simply put, he never care about your feeling. He's the center if his world and that is what he's care about. Someone like this doesn't really deserve to be loved by you. Loving is about two person with the same feeling and considering each other's.

9. He Already Loves Someone Else

You may say that it's not a big obstacle if you fall for someone who's already in love with someone else, but it will be though. Even though there are many Ways to Make Him Leave His Girlfriend and choose you instead, there are no guarantee it will work.

10. He is Not Your Type

Actually you prefer someone who is neat and clean, with short hair and shirt. While in fact, the one you're about to love is a hip hop hard-die fans who seems thinks that over sized T-shirt is his life. Or you wished for someone who is romantic while he is cooler than the fridge. Don't be too easy to fall for someone who is far from your type.

11. He is Not a Good Person

It's not good too judge someone too soon, but it's important for you to know whether he's a good person or not. Ask his surroundings, from his squad to his classmate that barely knows him. Their opinion may vary, but if he's a good person rumors would fly and vice versa.

12. He is Selfish

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How could a selfish person love someone. All he thinks about is only himself, as long as he's happy and content, nothing else matters including you. You will get hurt many times if you fall for that selfish person. You'll be the one who is love and in a relationship

This is important. Do not love someone because you feel lonely and need some company. It's not him who is bad, but you. You are not true to your heart nor to him. If you only going to hurt someone, do not love or fall in love.

13. You are Going to Take Revenge on You Ex

Similar but somehow different from the previous one. One sure thing is, you don't really love him at all. All you care about is to take revenge on your ex who is probably dating someone else already at the moment. Get over your ex in the right Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship, and find a new love once you're ready.

More Reasons Why You Shouldn't Love Him

Check more reasons ways to not love someone badly as it hurts:

  1. He is a doucebag
  2. You deserve someone better
  3. Yes, you will find someone better who will absolutely love you the best
  4. He doesn't see the way you shine
  5. He doesn't care about you
  6. He doesn't care
  7. He is not that good
  8. He doesn't worth any love, not from you or somebody else
  9. He is ugly
  10. He is just so ugly

After reading down all the list, you must have feel better now. Don't risk yourself to a love that is unworthy. Instead, find someone who loves you truly and have a good relationship together.

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